Modality of the Month is a new series from Burpees for Breakfast. Each month learn about a new fitness modality (equipment or workout structure) and receive a new workout each week, utilizing that modality. This month we are all about using a MEDICINE BALL!

MedicineBallModalityA new month means a new Modality of the Month! For November, we are focusing on one of my favorite pieces of equipment, the:


Did you know that the medicine ball was considered one of the Four Horsemen of Fitness?! It shared the spotlight with dumbbells, the Indian Club, and weighted wands. Personally, I love the medicine ball because it can deliver a solid full body workout, even if you are just looking to target one body part! Medicine balls are unique because they allow for the building of explosive power, because of the velocity of the movement and it’s ability to be thrown or caught. Many exercises in the Power Phase of training utilize the medicine ball, which are some of the moves I’ll be sharing in 2 weeks!

This month, I’ll be sharing some of my favorite medicine exercises, an upper body medicine ball workout and a medicine ball tabata workout! Just three workouts for November, because I have a fun little giveaway this Friday!

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How was the weekend?! Did you have a good Halloween? I was up early, taught class, and then spent the afternoon finishing my bootcamp program. We took a quick break to go to our town Halloween event and then Kroger, to get some dinner. We each wore a lululemon item, but we both didn’t do a full outfit! Next year, I’ll be more prepared!

Sunday, I got some cleaning done before church thanks to Daylight Savings Time. After church, I finished up cleaning, went on a little walk with The Boo, got the rest of my work done, and did a little shopping, before having a sushi & The Originals date with the Hubs.

Oh, I also set up a YouTube station on Saturday. Initially it was just going to be for my bootcampers to share a demo of the moves in their workouts….but I really had fun editing the videos. So, I might be posting some workouts soon. Keep you eyes peeled. You can subscribe here!

Tell me about your weekend! Are you a fan of a medicine ball?