Do you need help figuring out how to incorporate vegetables into your routine? The number 1 question from my coaching clients is how to incorporate MORE vegetables and today, I’m sharing my top 3 tips!

incorporating vegetables


The number 1 question I get from my coaching clients has to do with vegetables. Ladies don’t like them. They aren’t sure how get in more servings. They want to know how to incorporate them into their diet. I get it, veggies are a tough one. Some honestly just taste terrible.  Salads are only delicious for so long. And some days, it’s difficult to get in a 6-10  serving of vegetables, even for me!

Here’s the thing though, you need to eat vegetables. Let me say it again, you need vegetables in your life, to be able to live a healthy life. If you are my client, it is very highly unlikely that I will ever say it’s okay to not eat vegetables.

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Not only do vegetables supply our body essential vitamins and minerals, but also fiber, which supports healthy digestion. Vegetables can help reduce the risk of certain diseases and aid in weight loss. There are so many benefits, but rather than go into that, I want to share some tips for incorporating vegetables into all your meals!

  • SUCK IT UP: Really, though, I don’t say that to a client. But, I do give a little tough love. And sometimes I just want to say ‘suck it up!’ No matter how much ladies complain, I will pull out every trick in the book to help them learn to enjoy vegetables. It can be done.

Okay, real tips now!

FILL HALF YOUR PLATE: One habit that Precision Nutrition encourages us to share with our clients is to fill half you plate with veggies. This is something I’d been doing for a while already, but for people that are new to eating healthy, it can be tough to gage how many veggies should be eaten in a day. To start, it might be most helpful to break your plate up, based on fats, carbs, protein, and veggies. Fill up half your plate with vegetables for each meal. Whether they are steamed, raw, stir-fried, roasted or pickled.

plate_incorporatingvegetablesMIX THEM IN: I know people will think it’s weird, but hear me out: green eggs. I love an omelet as much as the next person. And I absolutely love greens. However, I am not always a huge fan of a TON of greens in my eggs. About a year ago, I experimented with blending greens into my eggs, in my beloved Vitamix. Not only did it make my eggs fluffier, but I got in the perfect amount of greens, without a ton of chopping and without having a little eggs in my greens. Doing this in a high speed blender allows for a smooth consistency and not really being able to tell it’s blended with greens. If you have a regular blender, just think of a scrambled omelet!

You could also make stir-fry’s, add some spinach or kale to a pasta dish, toss some frozen peas and broccoli into a sweet potato soup. The possibilities are endless, you just need to be creative!

eggs_incorporatingvegetablesDRINK THEM: I just wrote a little article for our town newsletter (it was on the front page!!) about drinking your greens. This is probably the number 1 tip I give clients just starting out. Honestly, getting in 6-10 servings of vegetables a day is tricky, especially when you are not used to consuming that many servings (remember the fiber factor?!). My favorite ‘insurance policy’ is a superfood green supplement.

I usually get in a serving of a supplement every day, normally in my protein smoothie. I tend just want to get in all my superfoods in one swoop, getting the most bang for my buck, which is why I am addicted to my VegaOne Nutritional Shake right now. I even got the Hubs hooked on it! Vega is even has just a Greens & Protein Powder as well.

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There are a ton of awesome green supplements out there. Skoop A-Game Sweetgreens is one of my favorite straight greens powder, along with Amazing Grass Superfood Greens and Arbonne Green Balance.

Looking for smoothie recipes? Most smoothies on the blog are contain a green powder or green protein powder!

Please note, consuming a superfood green supplement DOES NOT MEAN that you do not need to eat vegetables. It is a supplement. Eat your vegetables!

Just in case you need a quick reference, I made you a fun infographic!

incorporating vegetables infographic

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How do you incorporate vegetables into your meals? Are you a fan of a green supplement?