The medicine ball is an extremely versatile fitness modality. From upper body to core, I’m sharing my top 13 favorite medicine ball exercises!

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In honor of the Modality of the Month and Friday the 13th, I’m sharing my 13 favorite medicine ball exercises today! Remember all the benefits of medicine balls from last Monday?! I’ve been loving incorporating them into my own workouts. Kettlebell swings and slams have been my go-to warm up all week. It’s the perfect full body warm-up.

As I was thinking through my favorite moves to share, I honestly had a few more than 13. There are seriously so many.  Then I realized I was writing a description and doing pictures for all of them, so I cut it down. Save me some time and my photographer aka Mr. Burpee some time. I even decided combined a few into a compound move so I could sneak in some extras!
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  1. WARRIOR 3 TO REVERSE LUNGE CHOP: Stand upright, with shoulders back and pelvis slightly tucked, medicine ball at chest. Bring right knee up and hinge at hips, lowering into a deadlift. Move arms out overhead, with ball in hand, and lift leg up, so body is nearly parallel to ground. Slowly lower leg and arms. Leg should move into a reverse lunge, as arms chop medicine ball to the outside of the left leg. Return to start.
  2. PENDULUM PASS THRU’S: With shoulders back and down, abdominals engaged, and ball at chest, perform a forward lunge, while bringing ball from the inside of the front leg to the outside of the front leg, in a circle. Immediately move into a reverse lunge, using the same leg, not letting foot touch ground through the transition, circling the ball around the standing leg. Return to start.
  3. SQUAT W/SHOULDER TO SHOULDER PRESS & KNEE DRIVE: With medicine ball on the left side of your head, resting lightly on the shoulder, roll shoulders back and down, keeping pelvis slightly tucked. As you perform a squat, move the ball from the left side of your head to the right. As you stand from the squat, bring left knee up as arms bring the ball to touch in the middle. As you lower into a squat again, ‘rainbow’ the ball over to the left side. Bring right knee to left side as ball touches knee.
  4. MEDICINE BALL BURPEES: Standing upright, with shoulders back and down, and ball at chest, come into a squat. Bringing ball in front of you on the ground. Either step or jump both legs back into a plank position, immediately lowering down, touching chest to ball. Push back up, keeping core contracted, snap hips and jump or step feet back up towards hands, ball at chest, coming back into squat position. Drive through heels and jump up.
  5. UNEVEN PUSH-UPS: One hand on the ball, one hand on the ground, perform push-ups. Roll ball to other side and repeat. For tips and tricks, check out my 5 tips for push-up mastery!
  6. MEDICINE BALL ICE SKATERS: Coming into an athletic stance, ball at chest, jump from right to left, ‘rainbowing’ the ball back and forth as you move, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.
  7. OBLIQUE THROW: With ball at chest, stand perpendicular to wall, a few feet out, with shoulders back and down and pelvis slightly tucked. Straighten arms as you move ball out in front of you. Throw the ball to the wall, with force, using obliques to brace yourself.
  8. SUITCASES: Lay on back, core engaged, with arms folded behind head and ball in between knees. Crunch up, tucking in core. As you release shoulders back down, bring knees down and tap toes on ground. Return to start and repeat.
  9. FULL CRUNCH: Lay on back, with feet flat on the ground, arms overhead with ball in hand. Bring ball overhead, scoop down and reach up, to sit all the way up. Return to start.
  10. RUSSIAN TWIST: Come onto butt, into a V position with heels slightly raised. Grab ball, rotate shoulder girdle from left to right, while maintaining a slight lean back, keeping abdominals contracted. ** For variation, lift feet higher or pedal feet.
  11. SINGLE LEG HIP BRIDGE TO CRUNCH: Lay on back, knees bent and feet on the ground, arms lifted straight up, holding medicine ball. Lift left leg in the air. Press through heel and squeeze glutes and hamstrings as you bring your hips off the ground (maintain a diagonal line, rather than hyperextend back). Return hips to ground and lift shoulders off ground, while contracting core to bring the ball to touch the left toe. Repeat.
  12. SINGLE LEG HIP BRIDGE: Lay on back, knees bent, one foot on the ball and one on the ground, arms down at your side. Lift left leg in the air. Press through heel and squeeze glutes and hamstrings as you bring your hips off the ground (maintain a diagonal line, rather than hyperextend back). Return to start.
  13. B-BALL JUMP SQUAT: Stand upright with pelvis tucked, shoulders back and down, and ball at chest. Jump down into a squat, touching the ball to the ground, as if you are dribbling. Jump up out of the squat, lifting ball overhead, as if making a jump shot. Return to start and repeat.

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Stay tuned for 2 special workouts filled with medicine ball exercises for the next 2 weeks. And a special Black Friday Quickie! In the meantime, you can check out a few other medicine ball workouts.

Guys, I’m taking the day off-ish…today!! I have a few things to do this morning and spent a little time at the gym. Then it’s a hair cut later this morning, getting my nails done this afternoon and watching some Christmas movies with my mom (while likely Pinteresting a bit)!

PS. I have 7 spots open for the 25 Days of FITmas Challenge available. Are you interested?

What are you weekend plans? Do you have a favorite medicine ball exercise?!