At some point in life, everyone has been stressed to some degree. Stress can wreck havoc on our body. It’s so important to have a few stress management techniques in your arsenal to whip out when the tough times hit. Here are 3 of my favorite stress management techniques!

stress management techniques


Raise your hand if you’ve every been stressed.

We’ve seriously all been there, so don’t even try to pretend like you haven’t. Whether it’s acute or chronic, stress is present in most of our lives. And like some of my nutrition coaching clients, maybe you are one to say that ‘you’ve just accepted the fact that life is busy and stressful and that’s just how things have to be.’

I don’t believe for one second that it’s okay to accept a life of stress. Which is why my response is always, ‘Well, let’s try and find some techniques to manage stress that fit with your life.’

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Stress can manifest itself in many different ways. And there are many types of stress, even the ‘good’ stress that comes from working out. Remember, the body can’t differentiate ‘good stress’ from ‘bad stress’; it’s all stress. Women tend to be more susceptible to stress and when left unchecked, it can lead to an increase in belly fat, from elevated levels of cortisol, and adrenal fatigue, among other things.

Many of the ladies I work with either don’t know how to identify stress, don’t think it’s a problem, or don’t know how to deal with it. I’m a firm believer in a holistic approach to nutrition and healthy living, so working with my ladies to find ways to manage stress is a big priority.

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It’s also a huge priority in my life. I’m a type-A, perfectionist, overachiever that can take on more than I can handle at times. Having techniques I can go to when I feel the stress bug creeping in is critical to me not going crazy. And after years of not knowing how to effectively manage it, I’m finally able to identify stress and ease it / get rid of it. I’ve shared a few fun tips on the blog before, but these are my 3 current go-to stress management techniques.

ALTERNATE NOSTRIL BREATHING: The yoga teacher that works out of the gym, just down the street from our apartment, had us do alternate nostril breathing, during one class, a few months ago. I’d heard of it before, but never tried it/didn’t believe it would do anything for me. After a few breaths, I was immediately relaxed and calm. It was like everything just melted away. I tried it again a few days later when I was feeling stressed, and the same thing happened. Since then, when I feel stressed or on edge, I’ll take 1-2 minutes and just breathe. It might be on the mat or in the car in traffic.

Alternate nostril breathing, or Nadi Shodhan Pranayama, helps calm  and clear the mind, improve brain function and sleep, soothes the nervous system and helps boost energy. You might feel a little weird doing it the first time, but the benefits far outweigh how silly you think you might look.

YOGA: When I first started doing yoga seriously, it was tough. My workouts up to that point were strictly high intensity, with a little bit of heavy lifting mixed in. To me, yoga didn’t have much to offer and I certainly didn’t enjoy moving so slowly. But as I continued to practice, I began to see the incredible benefits of yoga, not only in stretching and strengthening my muscles, but also in gaining greater body awareness, being able to calm my mind and melt into poses.

While I don’t practice every single day, I come to the mat a few days a week. There are also times that my body craves yoga and I’ll completely forgo my normal workouts, in favor of focused time on the mat.

STRESS AWAY ESSENTIAL OIL: The first time I tried this oil was at my mom’s house. She put a few drops in her diffuser and let it run. Within a few minutes, I was so relaxed. It was nearly the same feeling as when I first tried the nostril breathing. It contains copaiba and lavender, which help reduce mental rigidity and restore equilibrium. You can actually take this oil orally, but I’ve yet to try it. For me, just a few drops in the diffuser works wonders.

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It’s important to really understand how your body functions best and what techniques will really help you release stress. And make sure to take some time for yourself, even if it’s just a few minutes each day. There are certainly tons of other things you can do. Sometimes I read, drink tea, go for a walk, lay down and watch a TV show, even bake. The possibilities are endless!

What are some of your stress management techniques?