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Many thanks to NBC for sponsoring today’s story and encouraging me to catch-up on The Voice!

Happy Monday, friends! Today’s post is a Friday Monday Favorites meets Well Hello Monday…! I could pass up the opportunity to share today’s post with you, just in time for holiday travel!

Now, if you’ve been a reader for any length of time, you know I’m a fan of a few choice TV shows, The Voice being one of them. You might also remember that The Husband and I tend to watch binge watch certain shows together. While I rarely miss a season of The Voice, he was never really into it, except this season. He accepted my invitation to watch with me one night and hasn’t missed an episode since.

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These days, I’m wearing the Girl Boss headband (seriously, my mom is going to make me one that says Girl Boss!) alot. This means that I don’t always have time to watch my favorite shows in a timely manner, including The Voice some weeks.

I was SO PUMPED when I found about NBC TVEverywhere. With NBC TVEverywhere, you can watch the latest full episodes of NBC shows the day after they air, plus a live stream of your local NBC station (in select markets). With my laptop, I can watch The Voice anywhere. Not that I would pick a coffee shop to watch, but with the cold weather already here, grabbing a warm chai tea, snuggling in on a comfy chair and watching The Voice doesn’t sound so bad. Plus, I’m traveling to my parents house for Thanksgiving, so I could even catch up early one morning because let’s face it, I can’t sleep in these days anymore. If anyone else is traveling, especially via the airport, and you have your laptop, try out NBC TVEverywhere and catch up on full episodes of your favorite shows.

The Husband and I are currently looking for a new show to watch together, in addition to The Voice. Because you can watch full episodes of Heroes Reborn and The Blacklist, we are thinking of checking those out over Christmas!

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Speaking of The Voice, one of The Thugs, Kristen, gets to go today! She is in LA with her fam and got tickets! #jealous!

How was your weekend? It was so busy with all kinds of work. The e-book is coming out this week, friends! So many awesome food prep tips and a step by step guide! I’ve got a busy Monday & Tuesday, but Wednesday, I’m planning on taking 3/4 of the day off to help my mom with Thanksgiving cooking! And a half-ish day on Friday. I’ve got a couple client meetings, but I’m hoping I can recruit The Hubs to go to a few stores on Black Friday! Oh, we also bought a couch this weekend and made plans for completely redecorating our office. It felt like we were real adults on Sunday afternoon!

In typical Monday fashion, don’t forget to make your day LEGEND…wait for it…DARY!

Are you a fan of The Voice? Which Team?