My 25 Days of FITmas Challenge is for ladies that want to get fit and desire accountability over the holiday’s? Online bootcamps are the perfect way to get in shape, learn more about proper nutrition, be in a community of other women that can support you, and have fun.



Happy Wednesday Friends! Workout Wednesday to be exact!

It’s been a hot minute since I posted 2 workouts in a week, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek into my 25 Days of FITmas Challenge! I was a super #girlboss yesterday, filming and editing workout videos for this challenge, along with finishing up creating nearly all the workouts for each day. Mid-day, I was on such a high that I decided I needed to share a workout with you all!

In case you missed it, the 25 Days of FITmas Challenge is my latest online bootcamp. This program is jam packed with 25 unique, high-intensity, strength based workouts, under 25 minutes each, nutrition tips, tricks and recipes to help you eat healthy for the holidays, an exclusive Facebook group with ladies to help keep you accountable, and tons of (holiday) fun!

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It starts on Sunday (the 29th) and runs through December 23. If you are like me, you need a little extra accountability to stay on track with workouts and nutrition over the holiday’s. I do have a few openings left (fees apply), so if you’d like more information about this challenge, send me an email ( or leave a comment below!


So, on Day #3, I lost my creative juices when it came to a fun holiday inspired name for my workout. It took all I had to decide on the name, 25 Days of FITmas Challenge! Even so, this workout is one of my favorites.


  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat
  • Set of dumbbells (optional)


Set timer for 1:00 min work | :15 sec rest | 9 rounds. You will go through this circuit twice, resting :30 sec – 1 min between sets, for a 23-ish minute workout.


This workout is shown as a bodyweight workout. Feel free to hold dumbbells for the side lunge and curtsy lunge.

25 days of fitmas challengeRather than a moves graphic, you get a full video! Do you totally love my leg warmers?!


  • SUMO SQUAT JUMPS: With legs wider than hip width apart and feet pointed out slightly, come down into a squat, and drive through heels to stand. Press knees out at the bottom and use inner thighs to stand, and jump. Repeat.
  • SIDE LUNGE to SL RDL to KNEE DRIVE w/TWIST: Perform a side lunge by moving left foot out to the side, parallel with the right food. Grounding through heel, stick butt back, keeping chest lifted. Push off heel and return to start. With weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Weights in both hands (or on one side). Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glutes as you come back to stand driving knee up and twisting to the same side as the knee that is lifted.
  • SEAL JACKS: Stand with feet together and arms wide. Hop out with feet and clap arms together. Repeat.
  • SL HIP BRIDGE w/THREADS & CRUNCH: Lay on the ground with knees bent. Lift one leg to the ceiling. Drive through heel as you press your hips up, keeping leg elevated. Thread the lifted leg through the opening in the leg on the ground once, then lift again. Return to the ground and come up into a crunch. Return to start.
  • SUPERMAN W/ROW: Lie on stomach, arms and legs stretched out. Actively engage core, glutes, and lower back muscles, as you bring your arms and legs off the ground, row arms, squeeze at the top, and return to start.
  • PLANK TO SIDE PLANK CRUNCH: Assume Hand Plank position. Spread feet wide. Keeping elbow tight into body, row back, shooting elbow to sky. Rotate body, as you lift your arm up to the sky, into side plank. Perform a side plank crunch and return to start.
  • CURTSY LUNGE TO SL RDL TO REVERSE LUNGE: Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, pelvis slightly tucked. Bend left knee and right leg lunges behind the left leg, like doing a curtsy. Drive through heel to stand. With weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Weights in both hands (or on one side). Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glutes as you come back to stand. Immediately perform a reverse lunge.
  • PLANK JACKS: Assume Hand or Elbow Plank position. Engaging core and pushing through hands or forearms, hop feet out like a jack.
  • GOAL POST JACKS: Stand upright, bring arms up at 90 degrees, biceps parallel to the ground. As you jump your legs out, arms follow, remaining at 90. As feet come back together, arms follow.

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I seriously can’t wait for this challenge to start! If you are interested, leave your email in the comments, or email me at! I’d love to have you join. The more the MERRIER!

The Hubs and I caught up on The Voice last night and Jordan CRUSHED it! And since we couldn’t wait, we Googled to find out who was eliminated. I was a little sad to see Evan go; I loved when we sang Overjoyed.

I’m at my parent’s house all day, helping my mom get ready for Thanksgiving! Can’t wait! How many exclamation points CAN I use in this post (said in Chandler Bing style, of course!)!

How do you stay fit over the holiday’s?