Happy Black Friday! This Full Body Medicine Ball Amrap this the perfect workout to get in before a full day of shopping! Grab your medicine ball and let’s get started!

medicine ball amrap


Happy (Black) Friday Friends!

For those that celebrate, did you have a great Thanksgiving?! I hope so! Ours was great, as usual. Lots of delicious food, time with the fam, plus, I got to watch the parade and White Christmas!

Any Black Friday shoppers out there? Anyone already been out shopping?! I normally don’t venture out, but I’m in need of some new workout clothes and office accessories, so The Hubs and I are headed out this afternoon to shop a bit (he is not excited about it).

If you are looking for a quickie workout to do on this busy day, look no further than my full body medicine ball amrap. This workout is only 20 minutes long, and if you wanted, you could break it up into 2 10 minute workouts. You will complete each circuit for 10 minute, doing as many rounds as possible in that time. The beauty of this medicine ball amrap is that you can make it as easy or as difficult as you would like.

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This is the last workout in our medicine ball series, but I’ve got something new for December and something WAY cool for January. I mean WAY WAY cool!


  • Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax) or Phone/Watch
  • Medicine Ball
  • Mat


Set timer for 10 minutes. Complete as many rounds of Circuit #1 with the RX reps, as possible in the 10 minutes. Once the timer beeps, rest 30 sec – 1 min. Reset timer, complete as many rounds of Circuit #2 with the RX reps as possible in 10 minutes, then rest. Rest when needed during each 10 minute circuit.

medicine ball amrap
full body medicine ball amrap


  • WARRIOR 3 TO REVERSE LUNGE CHOP: Stand upright, with shoulders back and pelvis slightly tucked, medicine ball at chest. Bring right knee up and hinge at hips, lowering into a deadlift. Move arms out overhead, with ball in hand, and lift leg up, so body is nearly parallel to ground. Slowly lower leg and arms. Leg should move into a reverse lunge, as arms chop medicine ball to the outside of the left leg. Return to start.
  • FULL CRUNCH: Lay on back, with feet flat on the ground, arms overhead with ball in hand. Bring ball overhead, scoop down and reach up, to sit all the way up. Lean back slightly, lift feet off ground, and rotate shoulder girdle from left to right, while maintaining a slight lean back, keeping abdominals contracted.
  • UNEVEN PUSH-UPS: One hand on the ball, one hand on the ground, perform push-ups. Roll ball to other side and repeat. For tips and tricks, check out my 5 tips for push-up mastery!
  • SKATERS: Coming into an athletic stance, ball at chest, jump from right to left, ‘rainbowing’ the ball back and forth as you move, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.
  • MEDICINE BALL BURPEES: Standing upright, with shoulders back and down, and ball at chest, come into a squat. Bringing ball in front of you on the ground. Either step or jump both legs back into a plank position, immediately lowering down, touching chest to ball. Push back up, keeping core contracted, snap hips and jump or step feet back up towards hands, ball at chest, coming back into squat position. Drive through heels and jump up.
  • SQUAT W/KNEE TWIST: Hold ball in front of you and come down into a squat. As you come up from a squat, bring up one knee and twist ball to tap knee. Repeat on other side.
  • SUITCASES: Lay on back, core engaged, with arms folded behind head and ball in between knees. Crunch up, tucking in core. As you release shoulders back down, bring knees down and tap toes on ground. Return to start and repeat.
  • MED BALL SLAMS: Hold ball at chest height, feet spread slightly more than hip width apart, feet pointed out slightly. Raise ball overhead, keeping core engaged to avoid a hyperextended back. Throw or SLAM ball on the ground, using lats, upper back and chest muscles. Watch out if the ball bounces – don’t hit yourself in the face!

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Linking up with Jill today!

What do you have going on this weekend?! I’m teach, filming some workouts, and doing a little work on the e-book between today and Saturday. Hopefully taking Sunday off. And speaking of Sunday, that’s when the 25 Days of FITmas Challenge starts!! Can’t wait!!

What are you doing for Black Friday? What are you weekend plans?