Modality of the Month is a new series from Burpees for Breakfast. Each month learn about a new fitness modality (equipment or workout structure) and receive a new workout each week, utilizing that modality. This month we are all STRENGTH TRAINING!

strength trainingA new month means a new Modality of the Month! In December, we are focusing on one of my favorite modalities:


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It’s no secret the I love lifting heavy things. And I am a huge proponent of other ladies lifting heavy things. Remember that time The Now Hubs challenged me to strength train for a few months, and I ended up loving it!

Strength training, or resistance training, offers so many benefits that range from decreasing the risk of heart disease, lowering blood pressure, improving cholesterol, increasing lean muscle mass, improving bone density, which leads to strong joints, assisting in weight loss, and boosts confidence is crazy awesome ways.

This month, we are focusing on dumbbells and barbells, however, kettlebells, medicine balls and even bodyweight fall into the strength training category! Because it’s the holiday’s and I have some other fun things planned for you this month (and in the coming months!!), we are just going to touch the very basics of strength training.

You can expect at least 2 awesome strength training workouts, one focused on endurance and one focused on hypertrophy!

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Is anyone else listening to CHRISTMAS MUSIC?!?! Gah, I love this time of year! Did you have a good weekend? I did a tiny bit of decorating of our office windows, along with some shopping with The Boy. There were other random things sprinkled in there ranging from teaching a class, to cutting paper snowflakes, to almost finishing the e-book! Speaking of e-book, it’ll be ready for you on Wednesday!!!

New things coming this week! Don’t forget to make your Monday LEGENDARY!!

Tell me about your weekend! Do you like lifting heavy things?