Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! What are you eating? Need ideas? Today, I’m sharing a few of my favorite breakfast recipes! Plus, it’s the launch day of my brand new e-book!


Good Morning! It’s a pretty exciting day over here at the Burpees headquarters, I’m about 85% done decorating the front office windows for the holiday’s. I woke up this morning and hung ALLLL the paper snowflakes.

AND, it’s E-BOOK release day!!! More details at the end of the post!!

First up, we are talking healthy breakfast recipes!

Alright, show of hands, who does not eat breakfast? I used to fall into this category for one reason or another. Among the different ways to nourish you body, there are different ways to approach breakfast. For me, I eat it on the reg. Mostly, because I am hungry and also because eating breakfast sets my day up for success by fueling my body first thing in the morning. I also encourage my Nutrition Coaching clients to start incorporating breakfast into their routine when we start working together.

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There are usually two response I get when my clients and I talk about breakfast:

  1. They are not sure what to make aside from cereal or toast or oatmeal
  2. They are not hungry or don’t think they can stomach something so early.

I get both points. Growing up, I remember eating Toaster Strudels, Pop-Tarts, and Cheerios with sugar. Talk about sugar and carb overload. Starting the day with a protein & fat will help keep you fuller longer and prevent that crash from carbs. In addition to all the eggs, I also love making a batch of Paleo Waffles, freezing, then taking out on mornings when I’m on the go or short on time.  Now, for some, starting with oatmeal, or something more carb heavy, does just fine to keep them satiated and provide them with enough energy til lunch.

Quick oatmeal tip: load it up with some coconut oil or chia seeds, along with some nut butter or even a sprinkle of protein powder for a filling nutrient dense breakfast!

Find what works for your body. Experiment with a protein/fat heavy breakfast. Then try out a carb/protein heavy breakfast. Switching it up just might be better.

Some of my favorite protein & fat heavy breakfasts include:

healthy_breakfast_RecipesCOLLARD GREEN BREAKFAST TACOS



(I know plantains are carb-y, but this breakfast was so good!)

Check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas! PS. This idea is genius!

TIP: Don’t be afraid to eat leftovers or even ‘dinner’ food for breakfast. It took me a hot minute to accept this idea because I am one that likes to eat breakfast foods for breakfast. But, this idea works great if you can’t have eggs or other breakfast-y foods.

Now, let’s touch on the not hungry/can’t eat something heavy in the morning. My top recommendation is to enjoy a Super Smoothie. Some mornings, solid food does not sound appetizing. Having a Super Smoothie allows me to sip slowly, get in a decent amount of nutrients and my stomach handles it much better than solid food. A Super Smoothie (for me) contains at least 1 quality, plant based protein, a healthy fat, and a small amount of carbs. Here are some of my favorite recipes:




Don’t forget to add greens to your smoothie! It’s a perfect way to sneak them in!

Check out my Pinterest boards for more ideas!

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I think another reason some people overlook breakfast is due to the time to takes to make it. I’m sure I’m not the only one that sleeps past their alarm, especially on cold winter mornings, only to realize they don’t have enough time to make breakfast. But, what is there was a way to ensure you had breakfast each morning – and a quality breakfast at that? Enter,


ultimate food prep guide

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I am SO stinking proud of this e-book and SO pumped to share it with you. I’ve taken all my best tips and tricks and complied them into one awesome e-book. It’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate through successful food prep. This book is 45 pages, filled with a follow along meal plan, recipes, weekly and daily menu templates, my Ultimate Grocery List and more!

Here’s a sneak peak at a few pages

Healthy_Breakfast_RecipesIf you have a desire to create healthy meals at home, but don’t know the first thing about food prep, this book is for you. If you know food prep basics, but need to figure out a way to make it fit with your life and your schedule, this book is for you.

Because it’s Launch Day (and Christmas shopping season), I’m putting the book on sale for the next week! You can snag a copy for yourself and/or a friend for just $15!

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This is the perfect gift and just in time for those New Year’s Resolutions to start eating healthier!

Stay tuned in the month of December – I’ll be sharing healthy lunch, dinner and snack ideas over the next few weeks, including recipes from some of my favorite bloggers! Friday is another edition of Friday Favorites and I have some good ones to share with you!

Off to make breakfast, actually. Then some blog work, filming videos for my online bootcampers (they are so awesome), more Christmas decorating, work and then teaching! It’s been a full, long, tiring week already, thank goodness I did food prep earlier in the week, right!

Favorite breakfast ideas? Do you food prep?