Looking for a quickie workout with only 2 pieces of equipment, that will get your heart pumping and build strength? This Barbell Complex + Jump Rope Quickie is one of my favorite workouts that delivers a solid burn!

barbell complex


Friends! It’s Friday! My favorite day of the week!

It’s been a busy week, which is evidenced by the fact that there are no pictures of the moves today, so sorry. Wednesday was busy and yesterday was even busier! I did, however, end up getting all workout videos filmed for my online bootcamp and I’m putting the finishing touches on my nutrition coaching program for January!

Since our Modality of the Month is strength training, today, I’m sharing my favorite barbell complex. We’ve done a few Complexes on the blog before, mostly with kettlebells (1, 2, 3). A Complex is a series of compound, full body moves, strung together, using the same weight, without dropping the weight, kettlebell, barbell or dumbbells, and without resting. Complexes decrease the workout time, improve core strength and functional performance, and increase lean body mass [source, source,source]. I love doing Complexes because they do decrease my workout time, but they also make me sweat like crazy and make my muscles feel like they are working big time!

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I usually make this a 6 x 6 barbell complex or toss in push-ups and/or another move, making it a 7 x 7 or an 8 x8; that’s the beauty of this workout! However, the extra move sometimes ends up breaking the complex, just FYI. You’ll want a weight that challenges you, but still allows you to complete the moves with proper form. I stuck with a 40# for this one, but should be up to a 50# soon. I base my weight on what I can Push-Press, because that tends to be my weakest move.


  • Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax) or Phone/Watch
  • Barbell
  • Jump Rope


Start timer, just to track time. Took me less than 17 minutes, and that’s with show my husband the terrible from a trainer was having a client do for the Romanian Deadlift (oh, it pained me!). You will grab the barbell and start with the Romanian Deadlift. Complete 8 reps and immediately move to 8 bent rows. Keep barbell in hand as you move from exercise to exercise. Drop the bar when it’s time for jump rope. Complete 100 skips and go back to the bar. Complete 4 full rounds.



  • ROMANIAN DEADLIFT: Standing upright with weight in heel, slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Hinge at hip to pick up with barbell and stand. Hinge at hip again, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground (or until tension is felt in hamstrings), chest up. Drive through heels and engage glutes/hamstrings to stand.
  • BENT ROW: Set up just like the RDL, hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground (or until tension is felt in hamstrings), chest up. Row barbell to just above belly button, elbows shooting straight back. Keep core tight and squeeze glutes as you come back to stand.
  • (Hang) CLEAN: I’m terrible at explaining the clean, so here is a video demo instead!
  • FRONT SQUATStand upright with feet shoulder width apart, pelvis slightly tucked, barbell resting on shoulders, elbows up and out (demo). Sit back like you are sitting in a chair, sticking butt and hamstrings back, engaging the glutes, and driving knees out. Keep chest lifted and elbows up. Drive through heels on the way up and ‘spread the floor’.
  • PUSH-PRESS: Stand upright with feet shoulder width apart, pelvis slightly tucked, barbell at shoulders, in front squat position. Ground through heels, bend knees and squeeze glutes as you press the barbell overhead. At the top position, glutes should be engaged to prevent back from excessive arching, barbell behind head (demo). Bring back to starting position and repeat.
  • REVERSE LUNGE:  On your last push-press, bring bar behind head and rest on shoulder. Stand upright with shoulders back and down. Move leg behind and lower straight down, rather than forward or back. Keep front knee in line with heel and pelvis tucked.

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Linking up with Jill today!

Hope you all enjoy this one! I need to get a little video demo up on Insta soon!

What are you up too today/this weekend? I think I’m going to run errands, as in do a big grocery haul at Trader Joe’s and Sam’s Club and maybe get some Christmas presents. We have like 3 presents for people so far, and I just have one present for Mr. Burpee. I need to get on the shopping train! Have you done any shopping yet?!

Have you ever done a barbell complex? What are you weekend plans?