Do I really even need a personal trainer or coach? Such a common question. Even as a certified personal trainer, I am a proponent of hiring a trainer myself! Find out why I think it’s so important below!



Happy Monday (and Christmas Week!)! Before you say, ‘of course a personal trainer is going to recommend people get a personal trainer.’ just hear me out.

On Thursday, my Hubs threw together a workout for me (he literally wrote it in like 2 minutes). I wrote down a few fitness goals for the rest of this year (I’m doing Hammer and Chisel in January!!). Because I want a break from planning workouts, I commissioned him to create a few for me. His workout for Thursday was:

  • 10 x 10 deadlift @ 135#
  • 10 x 10 push-ups
  • 10 x 10 box jumps (6-8 risers high)
  • 10 x 20 jump rope skips with 2 double unders at the end

I wasn’t so sure I wanted to do this workout, once I saw it. While the deadlift has started to become my favorite lift lately, I still can’t do a very high weight. It took me a while to be able to get my form down on a conventional deadlift and I think I just get in my own head about lifting heavier. So, 135# is my usual weight and it’s heavy enough that I knew using that weight, 10 reps for 10 rounds, would make me sore.

All the racks were full when I started the workout, so I subbed 10 heavy KB deadlifts + KB swings for 3 of my deadlift rounds. When I finally got to the rack and began the rest of the workout, I was cursing him in my head! It was tough and I had to teach a class right after! I knew I’d be sore the next day and took the necessary precautions to ease my muscle soreness. Turns out, I ended up being sore, but nothing unbearable, by any means.

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This got me thinking about why personal trainers and coaches are so important.

To me, a coach (and personal trainer) corrects, motivates, listens, asks questions, makes you think about your goal in a new way (reframes), encourages, pushes you beyond your limits, keeps you accountable and offers support.

Nothing brings a smile to my face faster than when a client or class participant says they hate me or hate a workout. That means I did my job correctly, motivating, encouraging, challenging and supporting. I find that without the support and accountability offered by a coach/trainer, it’s reeeeeeaaaaallllllyyyyyyyy easy to make excuses, especially on those days that we just aren’t in the mood to work toward our goal.

So, do you need a personal trainer or coach? Really, no. But, do you need that extra push and accountability to reach a particular goal? Then yes, you do need a personal trainer or coach. And really, the same applies in business, which is why I hired a coach (Amanda Tress is the bomb dot com. I cannot recommend her enough!) A coach can look at the bigger picture and help you step outside yourself and your goal, challenging you in a new way. This is one of the reasons why I think it’s also so important for TRAINERS to have a trainer or coach.

When I saw that workout from the Hubs, I made excuses for not wanting to do the workout or the weight. He basically told me to suck it up and called me a pansy for not lifting HEAVIER, which in turn, made me want to prove him wrong. What’s even better is that he knew me well enough to know that I needed that extra push. And, he knew that it was very likely the best workout for me to do.

I know how to create workout programs. I know how to work muscle groups and train for certain goals. That doesn’t mean that I always know what’s best. Just because I have the letters CPT behind my name doesn’t mean that I don’t make excuses. It doesn’t mean that I always challenge myself to lift heavier. And it doesn’t mean I don’t second guess my abilities, rather than trying to challenge them! A coach knows when you give that extra push and when to back off.

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Now, what can you do if you are interested in having a coach or trainer?

1. Sign up for an online bootcamp! I just so happen to be launching a new bootcamp on January 4. This bootcamp is for ladies ready to invest in their personal wellness, work hard, see results and be the best version of themselves in 2016! This a 6 Week Program running from January 4 – Feb 13, includes 5 workouts per week (2 weeks bodyweight + basics focus, 4 weeks strength training + HIIT), plus nutrition guidance, tips and tricks. The ladies from my 25 Days of FITmas Bootcamp were so amazing. Here is some feedback:

Jen’s virtual bootcamp exceeded my expectations. I knew that I would be getting workouts, but she went above and beyond in trying to create an environment where we could all communicate and support each other and get added tips and tricks. It’s obvious that she has a passion for helping people live healthy balanced lives and wants them to achieve overall health and wellness. I highly recommend working with her! – Samantha H.


My nutrition goal was to eat healthy snacks and lunches – which I completed most of the time. I definitely learned some new things on how to incorporate healthy fats and veggies into my meals, as well as some good tips for snacks. The nutrition aspect was hard at times because of my own self-discipline, or lack there of at times. It was definitely helpful for me to have a space to tell others how I’m doing with my goals. Completing the workouts were relatively easy for me, as they were already prepared and ready for me to use when I wanted to. Jen’s videos and tips on moves were also extremely helpful. – Georgiann H.

It was SO fun to work with these ladies and I love hosting online bootcamps. If you would like more information about the next bootcamp, leave your email in the comments or fill out THIS FORM.

2. Get a personal trainer! I’ve loved training clients in person and while I want to be able to continue doing that, I am also excited to be expanding to Online Personal Training! Personal Training is great for the individuals that have a specific fitness goal, that might require more individualized support than what is offered in an online bootcamp.

Jen is a great trainer and she really takes time to help you with your own goals. Each week she helped me to stay motivated and on track. – Alyssa K.

If you are looking for a trainer that is passionate about helping you reach your goals, I’d love to work with you! Leave your email in the comments or fill out THIS FORM for more details on program options!

3. #ITBF: Have you been wondering about this hashtag all week?! Are you dying for Jill and I to reveal all the details about our new partnership in 2016?! Gosh, we are SO giddy with excitement to share all the details with you, but, since it’s the season of surprises, we are waiting one more week before we reveal all the details.

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But I can share two things today: LEARN & BURN….any guesses? And THE LOGO:


What did ya’ll do this weekend?! I’m so in Christmas break mode. This is the first year that I won’t have a traditional Christmas break! Even when I was at my Big Kid Job, we took off the 2 weeks of Christmas/New Year’s and it was glorious!

Now that I’m a Girl Boss, I am sadly not in a place to take a full 2 weeks off (I could, but someone’s gotta share new program dets and bring home the bacon. Which reminds me I need to get bacon today…_, but I am getting ahead on things and doing some scheduling, so I can still have time to enjoy the holidays! All the presents arrived and I am doing some wrapping with my mom today, after seeing Star Wars with The Hubs’ family – see what I mean about catching up, scheduling and making time for fun things!?

Can’t wait for all the fun that’s going to be happening this week! Make sure to follow on Insta to see fun pictures of life happenings!

Have you ever worked with a trainer or coach? How was your weekend?!