2016 Goals! With just a few days left in 2015, I’m sharing my goals for the new year! Have you created your goals yet?


2016 GOALS

Hi Friends! Happy Monday! How was your weekend and Christmas? Can you believe it’s nearly 2016?! I certainly cannot, but I’m really pumped at the same time. This year has brought many good things – getting laid off, getting married, deciding to jump into being a girl boss, getting my nutrition coaching certification, starting new personal training, bootcamp and nutrition programs, joining Team Inspire and more!

I’ve got all kinds of fun things planned in 2016 and I’m ready to hustle #likeaboss to grow my business! Here are some of my 2016 goals!

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My personal fitness in 2015 was all over the place. With teaching new classes and working on growing the business, I never really stuck with the goals I made for 2014 and never really made any new goals. I realized a couple months ago how important it is for me to have my own workout time and how much lifting heavy things makes me feel so great. In 2016, I plan on focusing in on strength training, as my main form of personal fitness, with some kettlebells, yoga and running mixed in every now and then.

I’m starting 2016 off with the 60 day Hammer and Chisel program. It’s right up my alley with focusing on strength training. I think it will be a good way to start the year off and help me as I transition into increasing my lifts.

After Hammer and Chisel, I’m planning on 3 days per week to focus on lifting heavy, while focusing on the three big lifts – bench, squat and deadlift. I have been toying around with the idea of doing a powerlifting competition at some point and focusing on these three lifts is a great primer. I’m also going to dominate the pull-up bar. Doing pull-ups have been on my list for some time, but I never met the goal. This will be my year. I’m really excited to create my own workouts starting in March and I’ll definitely share my structure with you all!

  • Complete Hammer & Chisel in Jan & Feb
  • Increase deadlift, squat & bench
    • DL: 225#
    • SQ: 225#
    • BN: 135#
  • Do 5 unassisted pull-ups
  • Complete 30 unbroken double unders
  • Lift 3 days/week & yoga 2 day/week
  • DREAM GOAL: Compete in a powerlifting competition


I’m really excited to hustle in 2016 and build my business. The end of this year ended quite well and I learned so much from my business coaching. In 2016, I want to focus on Building My Tribe. In the past few months, I’ve built lots of great relationships and have just loved helping people. I want to do more of that in 2016.

Because I want to work on monetizing the Blog this year, I’m combining my goals for the blog and The Biz into one. I’m also trying out the idea of setting aside at least 1 day per week to focus on a different topic. There is so much research I want to do on nutrition, but I also love listening to biz dev podcasts. Rather than do a bunch of little things each day, I want to focus a couple of hours each day to one topic, like nutrition research, fitness research, etc. I’m working on continuing to flush these out a bit more, but here are the basic goals:

  • Increase newsletter tribe by 50%
  • Increase daily views to 1,000+/day
  • Focus on Instagram and Pinterest as top traffic drivers:
  • Build 4-6 solid relationships each month
  • Go to at least 1 in person networking event per month
  • Dive into Team Inspire and build the business/relationships
  • Dedicate a topic to each day (Monday – nutrition research; Tuesday – biz dev…)
  • DREAM GOAL: Teach a class at local Lululemon or Athleta

** I’m treating my DREAM GOAL as one that I’d love to accomplish and one that can happen, if I meet all the other goals.


Honestly, it was a bit hard trying to figure out my personal goals. My business and fitness is such a part of who I am, it was tough to separate certain things out. But, I managed to come up with a few important personal goals.

I’ve let my time with Jesus take a back seat the past few months and I don’t like it. I’m planning on making my devotional time part of my morning routine. Reading a book each month – these days, I’m lucky to read a chapter a month. This is going to be a challenge, but I’m so up for it.

And my guts. Lesbehonest, I didn’t eat for my gut much in the month of December. I let the fact that I no longer become ill when consuming gluten and dairy as an excuse to indulge. The thing is that my stomach is still not happy when I eat gluten or dairy, it just takes a bit longer to let me know. And even after eating said things, my body CRAVES whole foods – all the veggies and protein. If there is one thing I’ve learned since my first elimination diet, it’s that gut healing is a continual process. When my guts are doing well, I’m feeling great and I want to go back to feeling great, all the time.

  • Jesus time errrr morning
  • Take a week long vacation with the Boo for our 1 year anniversary
  • Build savings account
  • Prioritize gut health
  • Read 1 book each month


Last year, I picked a phrase of the year. For 2016, I’m choosing DISCIPLINE as my word. My pastor actually talked about discipline and said this quote back in the fall and it just stuck with me. It applies to every area of my life and fits so nicely with each of my goals. If I’m not disciplined, none of the goals will be met.


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With the new year and 2016 goals comes some updates and changes to the blog – all good things, of course.

The biggest change will be a switch up from the (somewhat) normal posting schedule.

  1. Posts will go live on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. There might be an occasional post on another day of the week, but it will just be an additional post.
  2. Wednesday’s are dedicated to Nutrition. I have so much info I want to share with you all and I am not always in a recipe sharing mood (because I may not have a recipe!). I plan to share at least 1 recipe per month, likely the 3rd or 4th Wednesday. Other than that, we will be talking about nutrition basics, in a fun and new way! hint: expect infographics!
  3. Friday’s will now be a free day. This means I’ll either be sharing some favorites, an extra workout, a fun guest post (I have a handful of emails going out to potential guest bloggers today!) or Girl Boss musings. Perhaps in that order as well….
  4. Rather than posting new workouts on Friday, workout posts will be moved to MONDAY. This is due to my AWESOME partnership with Jill Conyers. We are seriously both so excited to start this brand new series AND link-up! Each Monday, we will be dropping some personal training knowledge and sharing a custom workout! Each month, we will focus on a broad topic. And we want YOU to link-up with your fitness posts each week (the link-up will be open from Monday to Saturday!) You are getting two personal trainers each Monday! 

Mark your calendar’s because the Inspired To Be Fit Link-Up starts next Monday, January 4, 2016. Spread the word by tweeting or sharing the image below! We would LOVE to see you there and can’t wait to read your posts!itbf

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So, tell me of your Christmas!! Our’s was just so wonderful. We spent about 8+ hours with my family on Thursday to celebrate. The highlight (other than spending time together) was giving my Omi a first edition book in German, my brother a skateboard and fooling The Hubs into thinking I got him new shoes (which I gave him the next day). We spent Christmas Day with The Hubs’ parents. The highlights were learning to play Kinasta, getting a sweet Lego Wonder Woman keychain and drinking coffee all day!

I cleaned up pretty nicely in the fitness gift department. My cousin got us a STEEL CLUB (!!!!) and The Hubs got me a sweet slam ball and new speed rope (for practicing double unders, of course!)

This week is BUSY! All the planning, redecorating and winter cleaning – can’t wait! Here’s to 2016 goals!

What are your 2016 goals? What is your word for 2016?