What better way to kick off 2016 than with a new AMRAP Workout!? I’m using the new pieces of equipment I received for Christmas in this 20-16 HIIT AMRAP! Get ready to ring in 2016 with a serious sweat sesh!



Good Morning and Happy Friday and HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Can you believe it’s 2016? I’m seriously pumped for this year, ya’ll. So many good things in the works. Remember, Inspired To Be Fit starts on MONDAY!! Get ready because it’s going to be LEGENDARY!!

I realize I am using ALOT of caps, but as I write this (Wednesday), I’m feeling so bloody good. Monday & Tuesday of this week were tough. I didn’t feel great, I was tired, I struggled to get work done. It wasn’t fun. But I woke up ready to go on Wednesday, completed this workout at the gym and now I’m enjoying a peppermint chocolate chai with almond milk – perfection.

Anyway, this workout. This was my first serious workout in a little over a week. I taught a class the Tuesday of Christmas and did a super short workout the day after Christmas, but nothing else. I just wasn’t feeling it and apparently my body just needed the rest, because I crushed this workout. Remember friends, always listen to your body, it knows best.

We celebrated Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve and my super stinking awesome cousin got The Hubs and I a steel club!!!!! I was so bloody excited. I’d been wanting one for some time, but never said anything. It’s like he read my mind. Then I got home and opened a gift from The Hubs and it was a 14lb slam ball!!! And to top off awesome bounty of gifts, The Hubs got me a sweet green speed rope! I may have hinted to him that I wanted one a few times…

As soon as I opened the Club, my cousin was ready for a blog workout. So, I had to deliver. If you don’t have a slam ball laying around, go for a medicine ball, just watch that it doesn’t bounce up and hit you in the face (because it’s happened to me before!).

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If you don’t have a steel club laying around (how many people actually do), you could sub with a dumbbell or even a kettlebell. The beauty of the steel club, like the kettlebell, is that you are working strength, balance and stability. The uneven weight distribution really challenges your core. So, ideally, you want another piece of equipment that offers the same benefits. However, I’ll offer a few mods in the moves description.

In honor of 2016, you’ll notice the workout is 20:16 long. Fun. And because I decided a workout with 2,016 reps would be just a little bit too much, I added a jump rope challenge – complete 2,016 skips! Which I completed!! It was tough, but man, a good workout!


  • Steel Club (20lb)
  • Slam Ball (I used 14lb)
  • Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Jump Rope


Set up timer for 20 minutes and 16 seconds of work. Complete 16 repetitions of each move, cycling through the moves, doing as many rounds as possible in the 20 minutes. Rest when needed.

If you decide to complete the jump rope challenge, you can work the skips into the workout wherever you like. Before I hit the timer, I completed 200 skips. Then did 100 more for each round of the circuit. I completed the last 1,200+ at the end of the workout.


I made it to the Mt. Climbers of round 4 before my timer buzzed. If I cut out the 300 skips, I could have gotten in more rounds. Choose how you want to incorporate the skips. I did: lunges, slam ball, 50 skips, squats, mt. climbers, 50 skips.




  • ALTERNATING FLAG PRESS LUNGES: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Clean the club up so that it is in front of you. As you perform a reverse lunge, BRACE CORE as you press the club out in front of you, holding it like a baseball bat. Return to start and repeat. ONLY 8 REPS on EACH SIDE. ** Alternately, if you don’t have a club, hold a kettlebell, bottoms up. No KB or club, use a dumbbell.
  • SLAM BALL SLAMS: Stand upright feet spread slightly more than hip width apart, feet pointed out slightly. Raise ball overhead, keeping core engaged to avoid a hyperextended back. Slam ball on the ground, using lats, upper back and chest muscles, coming into a bit of a squat on the way down.  ** Alternately, use a medicine ball, if you don’t have a slam ball. 
  • CLOCK SQUATS: Hold steel club with both hands. Using hips, glutes and quads, swing the club up to your left shoulder. Perform a squat. Swing club from left side of body to the right shoulder, perform a squat. The hip movement should be similar to a kettlebell swing (snap it). See demo here. ** Alternately, if you don’t have a club, use kettlebell, keeping it in the rack position during the squat and performing a lateral swing to move it from side to side. No club or KB, just perform squat with two dumbbells at shoulders. 
  • SLAM BALL MT. CLIMBERS: Assume plank position with hands on the slam ball. Perform mt. climbers. ** Alternately, do mt. climbers with hands on med ball, bench or ground. 

Get more steel club moves here. And my other favorite slam ball workout here.

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Linking up with Jill today!

So, The Hubs has been sick the past few days, so I had to brave the cold yesterday afternoon and take pictures with my laptop! They are a bit shaky, but they do the trick! Why doesn’t a photographer come with the purchase of a domain name or the setting up of a wordpress blog? I mean, for real, right? If only!

What are you up to this weekend?! Today, I sub a bootcamp in the morning and then planning on doing various work/office redecorating things. Tomorrow I teach and Sunday I take on a new class at the gym within walking distance of our apartment!

Be sure to come back Monday AND link-up for Inspired To Be Fit with Jill!


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Did you get any fun fitness equipment for Christmas??!