January Favorites are on deck today! Find out my favorites in fitness, apparel, books, tech and more! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the read!




Ya’ll know Friday’s are my favorite! I tend to not have any clients or classes. I get the whole day ‘off’ and I can get all the work done. Today, I’m pretty pumped to share some of my January Favorites with you all today!! I’ve got quite a few, so let’s jump right into it!



For my birthday, The Hubs got me a new Qalo ring. As fitness fanatics and trainers, we were so pumped to find Qalo early this past summer. We ordered a pair for after the wedding – a matching green pair. The Hubs only wore his real wedding ring for a day and then switched to his Qalo ring. I LOVE these rings because they are silicon and perfect for lifting heavy things and swinging kettlebells. My newest band is light teal AND IT GLOWS IN THE DARK. #thebest


When I got my iPhone 6, I got a cute pink case from Rifle Paper Co. Then it brokeΒ the Hubs broke it. I got a replacement, but it fit so tightly that I cracked it the first time I had to remove it. I use my phone for music when I teach, so the case always comes off. When that case bit the dusk, I ordered this cute teal and gold one and I’m in love! The bottom slips right off, making it super easy each time I teach a class. And it’s so cute. Are you noticing a color pattern here?


Up until this year, I wasn’t too keep on spending alot of money on gym clothes. I get sweaty and nasty in them and I couldn’t justify spending a ton of money, only to wear the item once before I had to wash it. We all know that I found lululemon and realized how important it is to have quality active wear. I’ve been branching out to new stores and found a few pieces at Athleta over Christmas break that I absolutely love.

The Criss Cross Sweater was love at first sight…and first touch; it’s so soft! I wear it alllll the time. I got a cute tunic tank and a long sleeve shirt (on SALE!) which is super soft and comfy. I like that Athleta has fashionable activewear and to/from clothes. Honestly, I love a ‘workout outfit’ so much more than real clothes, but I feel like I can get the best of both worlds at Athleta. You’ll get to see the the sweater and long sleeve this month in the workout posts!

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I’m finally entering the world of DSLR’s, friends, stand back. Up until Monday’s post, all blog photos have been taken with my trusty iPhone. The Hubs has been sick for the past week and a half, I didn’t have a photographer. Since my goal is to prioritize the blog this year, I didn’t want that to be my excuse. I grabbed The Hubs’ DSLR, figured out the self timer setting and shot all my photos in the cold. And I liked using the DSLR. All workout graphics from this month are taken with this baby too! I just wrapped up filming and photos yesterday!


I broke down over Christmas break and bought a coloring book. Growing up, I was so into art and using that as my form of stress relief. It’s been so long since I did anything creative. Coloring in this book is so soothing! The perfectionist in me hates when my pencils aren’t sharp enough to stay in the super intricate lines. But I love it. Fun fact: any time I paint, sculpt with clay or color, I stick my tongue out. The entire time.


Has anyone else read this book? I’ve known about it for a while, but in the past few days, it seemed every podcast I listened too mentioned her new book. It’s all about habits. I was so fascinated that I had to go buy it. I’ve only read a chapter, but I’m loving it so far. Keep an eye on Instagram for some of my favorite quotes and insights.


Anyone else doing this program? I joined Team Inspire at the end of November and I thought what better way to learn more about the business than do Hammer & Chisel. As a lady that is all about strength training, I was excited to see a structured plan focused on building strength. Today is my off day, but I’ve gotten in my workout at home each morning this week. Honestly, I miss the gym a bit – I’m not the hugest fan of working out at home – but I’m making it happen! Let me know if you are interested in trying it out!


The office isn’t fully decorated yet, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek. My mom helped me and we got this office looking so much better! Our color scheme is cream, light teal (#obsessed), gray and light green – thanks to the pillows from our living room couch. My wedding bouquet is on the table and my little French-y cookie jar on the shelf. I’ll share another few pictures once we get it finished this weekend. I’ve loved working at my desk so far!

New-Office-January-FavoritesINSPIRED TO BE FIT

Jill and I launched Inspired To Be Fit on Monday. I am so excited to see where this link-up goes! Be sure to check out all the details and share your fitness related posts next week!

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I mentioned the change up in my 2016 Goals post. I finally reached out to a few awesome bloggers this week, crossing it off my todo list. There are so AMAZING bloggers lined up for guest posts each month. I seriously cannot even wait! It might end up being my favorite post of the month!! Here is the breakdown:

  • 1st Friday: Favorites
  • 2nd Friday: Girlboss Musings (next Friday is going to be so awesome. Think: Fixer Upper)
  • 3rd (and 4th, if there happens to be an extra week): Workout
  • 4th: Guest Blogger Feature

What are you doing today? I have a coffee/blog planning date with Hollie from Muscles & Munchkins this morning, then I’m doing some work for late morning/early afternoon, then The Hubs are having a date! We have a few things to get for the office, do some lululemon shopping and are taking advantage of our Christmas gift cards to go to dinner. I’m pretty excited!

What are some of your January favorites?
Have you read any good books lately?
What are you doing for the weekend?