This Travel Friendly Full Body Workout uses minimal equipment and your bodyweight to deliver a quality workout, that will have you sweating in no time, while still allowing you to enjoy your vacation!


Hi Friends! Happy Friday!

I’m hopefully in Texas by the time you read this. Our flight left at 7:15am today! I am so ridiculously excited to be in warm weather! Like, seriously. It has been a stressful week and I just need some warmth and sun.

Even though this will be a bit of a working vacation, I want to make some time for workouts. Since I am not about checking a bag to fit my kettlebells and other fitness equipment, I’m packing light and just bringing my jump rope and loop resistance band. These two pieces of equipment PLUS your body weight AND your timer will give you a solid workout.

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Five Move Friday seems to flow quite well, so you can expect the extra workout per month to be 5 moves! Clever, eh.



Set up timer for :50 sec work | :10 sec rest | 5 rounds | 5 sets. You complete all the moves through once – that will give you 1 round. You want to complete 5 sets of this workout. Rest :30 seconds between each set.


If you don’t have a jump rope, do invisible jump rope or another cardio exercise like jumping jacks or burpees. If you do not have a resistance band, you can get a set HERE. Or you can pretend you have a band around your foot or legs and go slower to increase the resistance.




  • BANDED LATERAL WALKS & SQUATS: Place band around ankles, calfs, or quads. Get low in a squat. Take very small steps to the left/right, grounding through heels, keeping glutes tight, and pushing off the back foot. After taking 10 steps in one direction, perform 5 bodyweight squats. Focus on driving through heels and pushing knees out against the band.
  • PUSH-UPS: For tips and tricks, check out my 5 tips for push-up mastery!
  • BANDED SUPINE KNEE DRIVE:  Place band around flexed feet – band should be even with the arches of your feet. Lay on your back with pelvis slightly tucked to keep back flat on ground. With flexed feet, slowly drive right knee up towards your head pause for 2 counts, then release. One side per set. On the last set, alternate legs.
  • REVERSE LUNGE w/BANDED TWIST: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked, core engaged and feet about hip width apart. Hold band in both hands and press out in front of you (shoulder should still be down and back). Step right foot back and bend both knees to come into a reverse lunge. As your right leg goes back, rotate your torso to the left, keeping arms in front of you, and twist. Hold for 2 count. Then return to start. One side per set. On the last set, alternate legs.

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What are you doing this weekend?
What are your favorite pieces of equipment to take when you travel?