Stress Free Meal Prep. Sounds like a dream for some right? In the month of February, I’m going to share my top tips for effective and stress free meal prep that you will want to incorporate in your own life!

Stress Free Meal Prep: The Important First Step. Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life. | Burpees for BreakfastAN IMPORTANT FIRST STEP FOR EFFECTIVE & STRESS FREE MEAL PREP

This past year, I realized how big a role mindset plays in our day to day activities. Our mindset helps determine how our day will go, it shapes the goals we set for ourselves, pushes us to try new things, and more. 

Now, you all know I’m a big fan of food prep. I honestly think it is key to those individuals that desire to live a healthy life. Having healthy, nutrient dense meals on hand can curb temptation for not so healthy options and it can help keep the full on Hanger Monster at bay.

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Back nearly 3 years ago now, when I went through my first elimination diet, I had to do a bit of food prep if I didn’t want to waste away. I had to eliminate so many things that I had to be prepared. In the past 3 years, food prep has played a role in my weekly routine, to some degree. There have been weeks when I spent my 2 hours in the kitchen each Sunday and it saved a huge chunk of time during the week. At times, I’m either too busy to get in that 1-2 hours or I just don’t want too, and those weeks I find myself eating out more and turning to unhealthy snacks instead of real food.

I can tell a big difference the weeks where I take time, even just an hour, to do food prep and the weeks when I don’t put it as a priority.

I’m pretty excited about food prep, or better yet, stress free meal prep, so much so that I wrote a fun little e-book and I’m giving you an exclusive discount at the end of the post.

For me, the first step to approaching stress free meal prep is to get my mind in the right place. Change your mindset, change your life.

Some comments I’ve received about why people don’t do food prep range from not having time, not knowing where to start and just not feeling like ‘food prep is for them’. I get it. In the span of 3 years, I’ve likely felt all those things. Which is why an important first step to effective & stress free meal prep is…change your mindset.

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If you go into meal prep with the idea that it’s going to be terrible and you will spend hours in the kitchen and things will go wrong and excuse, excuse, excuse…it’s likely all that will happen.

Let’s think through this: If you spent 1 hour doing stress free meal prep on Sunday afternoon, that’s 1 hour out of your ENTIRE WEEK. Now, let’s say you were able to make some quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, chop some veggies, cook some meat and make up a few smoothie bags. If we just use what you created for a meal, you have 1 dinner or lunch and breakfast. But you made a few smoothie packs, so that’s breakfast for the week. And you have some frozen veggies and chicken sausage in the freezer that you can add to the quinoa to make another meal. And wait, you have some sauces in the pantry, so you take some of the meat you cooked, with some of the veggies you chopped and make a curry. In 1 hour, you could make at least 4-6 meals for the week!

Now, think through the time it would take you to drive to a restaurant and eat out. Or how much money you are going to spend eating out for 4-6 meals each week.

If you reframe the issue, you can see so many new possibilities. And plus, by doing a bit of food prep each week, you are GUARANTEED to know exactly what you are consuming. This is perfect for individuals with food sensitivities or allergies. You also have the option to control your portion size, salt content and more.

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You are also building healthy habits, which are essential in the long run for a healthy life. It’s not to say you need to prepare every single meal for the rest of your life, or that you can’t ever eat out. Just understand that healthy eating is part of a healthy life.

If you are ready to start creating healthy, nutrient dense meals OR you want to rethinking the way you do food prep to make it more stress free, you need to grab a copy of The Ultimate Food Prep Guide!

For the next 4 weeks (February 3rd – February 24th), The Ultimate Food Prep Guide will be on special sale for $10! It’s already been marked down, so no need for a special code. Grab it while you can!

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When you start reading the guide, you’ll notice that after the Table of Contents, the very first step I discuss is Mindset!!

Over the next 4 weeks, we will be talking about Multitasking, Your Kitchen Setup and more!! Stay tuned!

I had a pretty darn good #FoodPrepSunday this week. I’m switching up my eating a wee bit this month (sign up for the newsletter to get all the dets), so I didn’t prep my usual things. However, I still go so much done, in less than 2 hours and we are having some delicious meals this week!!

So, I’m up super early today, hanging out at a coffee shop all morning, working on getting ahead on blog posts and whatnot. I had that urge to just go for it, so I’m listening to what my body is telling me and enjoying an Almond Milk Chai right now.

What are you up to today?!

What are some of your stress free meal prep tips?
Do you incorporate meal prep into your week?