Another edition of Friday Favorites! This month, I’m loving a variety of things from prAna, VegaOne, my new Chuck Taylor’s and more. Check out Friday Favorites the first Friday of each month!

Friday Favorites #8: prAna, VegaOne and New Chuck Talyor's | Burpees for Breakfast


Hi Friends and Happy Friday!

Are you so pumped for the weekend? Any fun plans?

It’s time for another edition of Friday Favorites! Be sure to read till the end to find out the craziness that happened on Wednesday morning.

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Friday Favorites #8: prAna, VegaOne and New Chuck Taylor's | Burpees for BreakfastIt’s been so fun to participate in the #prAnaspringstyle Challenge all week via Instagram. My body was craving yoga. I realize I go through these phases where my body just wants slow movements for a few weeks, and then other times I want to lift and swing heavy things. This is why listening to your body is important.

I love working with Fit Approach so much and prAna is such an awesome company. Be on the lookout for my review coming in a few weeks!


I haven’t had a pair of Chuck Taylor’s since my high school days. I had a pair of pink one’s and the white part was covered with permanent marker stars and song lyrics. I was such a punk rock wannabe kid back then.

Friday Favorites #8 | Burpees for BreakfastMy MIL was so awesome and got me fitness clothes for my birthday, but they were either too small or too big. Since she got them from a store in Texas, when The Hubs and I were there a few weeks ago, I was able to exchange. Well, I didn’t find any clothes I really wanted, but I did find these babies and some sweet headbands.

Definitely a good choice. And a teaser for an upcoming workout, maybe?!

GoMacro MACRO BARFriday Favorites #8 | Burpees for Breakfast

I’ve been wanting to try a GoMacro Bar for months, but just never did. I was up and at church early on Sunday to help set up and my Shakeology did not keep me full for more than an hour or so. I had to run to Earthfare before I taught a class and picked up 2 of these bars. I was pleasantly surprised! It was like a heartier Lara Bar with a decent amount of protein (10g).

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I am obsessed with this book. I find myself talking to everyone about it and using the principles in my own life. I just think every one needs to read this book because it’s applicable to your life, your partner’s life, the people you work with (especially those in the helping profession). I’ve had so many lightbulb moments.


Because I’m so in love with the book, I started listening to the podcast. If you aren’t sure about the book yet, take a listen to the podcast because she goes over a lot of the topics in the book. It will give you a taste of what you can expect in the book!


I’d been wanting to give away a cool freebie for a while now, but wasn’t sure what to do. I was inspired by my BE AWESOME post and decided to share 10 tips, include a recipe and workout and more! If you aren’t on the newsletter list yet, be sure to sign up and get your freebie!

Friday Favorites - Newsletter Freebie | Burpees for BreakfastPINTEREST

I’m getting quite a bit of traffic from Pinterest, so I decided I needed to spruce up my boards a bit. It’s ben so fun to get everything branded properly and being more involved on Pinterest. If you aren’t following me yet, be sure you do!

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I’m eliminating a couple foods this month to see my gut health improves. One thing I’m trying to cut back on is almonds (because I seriously eat almonds errrday). I cannot accept a world without nut better of some sort, so rather than do a nut butter, I went seed butter. On food prep Sunday, I made a batch of homemade raw sunflower seed butter and raw pumpkin seed butter. I sprinkled both with a little coconut sugar, so as not to have it taste like I am eating dirt.

Delicious homemade raw pumpkin seed butter, with a touch of coconut sugar. Move over chocolate!

Ya’ll the pumpkin butter is on.point. Like, so good that I don’t need any other sweet. I took a small spoonful of the butta and topped it with a smidgen of Big Slice Natural – gah, so bloody good!


No matter how many different nutritional protein shakes I try, I always come back to Vega. It’s got a great balance of nutrients, it’s tasty and affordable. And, the best part, The Whey Protein Loving Hubs likes it and asks me to purchase it.

On Wednesday, I planned to get up early and get lots of work done. I was trying to go quick and not wake The Hubs. I added everything to the blender and picked the GIANT carton of Vega up by the top. The top popped off and it went everywhere. Why The Hubs left his shoes there, I don’t know, but it took a hot minute to get all the powder off. I think I spilled at least 2 – 3 servings worth.

Friday Favorites #8 | Burpees for BreakfastIt woke up The Hubs and I had to vacuum everything up at 6:30am. I blame it on PMS. I get so clumsy when it’s about to be my Moon Time. Luckily, I was still able to enjoy my smoothie – French Vanilla Vega, Turmeric, Cinnamon, Chia Seeds, Banana, Water and Ice. Delish.

Linking up with Jill today!

This weekend is going to be getting ahead on things, doing some research and filming some videos for my upcoming Strong. Confident. Awesome 4 Week Fitness Challenge! I am still taking ladies and we start first thing Monday. Check out all the details or sign up right now!

Sunday, I’m making Chocolate Covered Beer Marshmallows for a chocolate event on Monday. I can’t claim the recipe as my own, as I use How Sweet Eats’ recipe. I just add the candied bacon to make them even unhealthier tastier. This is my family’s absolute favorite thing I make and ask for these guys every holiday. Meaning, HSE’s is a boss and you should make these!

What are some of your Friday Favorites?
What are you doing for the weekend?