Every curious about the day in the life of a girlboss? You’ve come to the right spot! I’m sharing a busy day of training clients, blogging, cooking and more!

Every curious about the day in the life of a girlboss? You've come to the right spot! I'm sharing a busy day of training clients, blogging, cooking and more!


Happy Friyay! Any big weekend plans?! Oh, it’s Valentine’s Day Sunday too!

Ya’ll, can I share something with you? Yesterday, I realized midday that I totally didn’t get a blog post written for today. Yes, I knew I had one due, but I wrote down the topic ‘ Fitpreneur Tips for Surviving Winter’ but could not remember what I intended to write about. I tried to think of a couple ideas, but I just wasn’t feeling anything. I thought about writing a workout or something, but I wanted to stick with the blogging schedule for the month. I debated talking about 3 inspiring ladies, adding to my list of GirlBoss podcasts and more.

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I finally decided to just share about my day! I wanted to do a ‘Day in the Life of  a Girlboss’ post a while back and wrote out my entire schedule in a day – it was long and packed with things – but I missed writing it. And then I couldn’t find the paper. And I couldn’t remember what happened earlier in the week…so I picked Thursday! Can you tell it’s been a long week?! Really, this post shouldn’t be titled A Day in the Life of a Girlboss, but A Totally Random Day that The Girlboss Just So Happened To Remember Because She Was Writing As She Went About Her Day.

Hope you enjoy!

4:25am | Alarm buzzes, but I’m already half awake. I took on a client at 5:20am (yes, I do realize how early that is), so I’ve been nervous all week that I’ll miss my alarm and in turn miss her session. I woke up at 1:18am and again at 3:00am.

4:32am | Finally get out of bed after scrolling through email. I know the bright light isn’t good in the dark or first thing in the morning, but I need something to get my eyes open.

4:48am | I laid my clothes out the night before and everything I’d need for the day. After getting dressed, wetting down my hot mess of a head of hair (it only gets worse as the day progresses), I decide I have time to make a cup of tea and get out the door by 4:50am.

4:55am | The time I actually get into my car and get ready to pull away. I realized then I was already 5 minutes late and needed to book it to the gym where I train.

5:20am | I get in just on time and my client is already doing her chair squats. We have an awesome session and she makes great progress.

6:05am | My first client has just a 30 minute session, so after changing into some leggings and a tank, I turn on Bon Iver and head back onto the floor to do some stretching/yoga. My hips and hammies have been SO TIGHT, so I’m prioritizing yoga/stretching to give them a little extra loving.

6:50am | Finish stretching just in time to publish my morning motivation to Instagram.  I also head back into the locker room to use the restroom before my walk. My next client comes in a 8am, so rather than spend a couple hours sipping tea at Starbucks and working on blog stuff, I opt for a little extra ME time.

A day in the life of a (fitness) girlboss!

7:55am | Finish my 2+ mile walk around the track at the gym, while listening to an episode of The Model Health Show. I’ve been listening to this podcast like crazy lately. I listened to one on Diabesity and it was awesome.

8:00 – 8:35am | New client session. She is a yoga instructor that teaches at the gym and she is going to be super fun to work with!

8:40am | Walk out the gym and head home for a protein shake. I ended up eating my Apple Cinnamon Hemp Hearts Bar in between my yoga and walk. It was so good!

9:00am | Get home and make a smoothie with VegaOne French Vanilla, maca, turmeric, gelatin, homemade pumpkin seed milk and blubs. Wake up the Husband – yes, he sleeps til after 9am, nearly every morning. Perks of being a ManBoss, right?

9:45am | This is probably the time I’m done checking out a few blogs, answering a client text and checking emails. I took on 2 new clients overnight, which was cool. And I responded to my Online Bootcampers. I finished my second cup of tea, as well.

10:30am | After checking over the workouts I planned, I head to the gym just down the street from our apartment to film a week’s worth of videos for my Online Bootcamp. I can move through all the workouts pretty easily and get all 5 done in about 45 minutes or so.

11:35am | Get back home, grab water, get 3 clients folders to start working on their month long workouts and turn on the latest Balanced Bites Podcast. I get to almost the end of Liz & Diane’s intro before I realize I’m hungry.

12:10pm | Make lunch and talk to the Hubs while we eat. I made something similar to what is below – plantains, zoodles, sweet potato noodles, spinach and canned salmon, topped with nooch and tahini.

A Day in the Life of (Fitness) GirlBoss1:00pm | Realize I need to start writing a blog post for today and that I don’t have much time if I want to edit videos as well, before I  have to leave a little before 3. Sometimes I have no concept of time….

1:20pm | After trying to decide on an idea and feeling like my brain is completely empty, I start writing the post you are reading. And tweak the numbers this morning, just to make sure everything is correct.

1:30pm | Go to check MailChimp, since I have a newsletter going out at 2pm, that I set up Wednesday. Then realize I have to pause the campaign to go in and check it again, so I just hope everything is fine.

2:30pm | ‘Finish’ this post and start checking on the videos I need to edit and wonder if it’s worth it to edit or finish up client plans. I opted for client plans.

2:50pm | I finish packing up my bag. I have a client sessions, I’m taking a class and then I teach a class. I take along a small snack and a bottle filled with Berry SOS – I rarely teach a class without it!

3:25pm | Get to the gym a few minutes early this time and have a client session. I also randomly see my youth pastor from high school.

4:30pm | I make it to the LA Fitness where I teach just in time for a Pilates class. Normally, I’d get to the gym 20 – 30 minutes, at least, before my class and do my own workout. However, I’ve been in a funk and not felt like working out, so I opted for a Pilates class. I’ve never taken a Pilates class before, so I was definitely a first.

4:39pm | Made it to Barnes & Noble which is right next to LA, because I left the first gym at 4:11pm and would have been nearly 15 minutes late to the class. I worked on this post a bit and worked on videos.

5:27pm | Realize I need to stop editing videos (I got 1.5 done) and get to class!

5:45pm | Class Starts! On Thursday / Saturday / Sunday, I teach Jillian Michael’s BodyShred format. My classes sometimes enjoys more ab work, so occasionally, I’ll switch it up and do 3 min of core, 2 min strength and 1 min cardio. Today’s workout has my triceps screaming!

6:30pm | Finish up with class and head home.

6:58pm | Get home to find The Husband playing computer games – not surprised doing the dishes – surprised. I hop in the shower so I can get dinner started.

7:15pm | I start on dinner. Normally, I’d have something prepped or an idea of what I wanted to cook. BUT, I didn’t get much food prep in on Sunday and even though I made spaghetti squash & roasted sweet potatoes on Wednesday, I wasn’t feeling it. I had a pack of chicken sausage from Trader Joe’s and even though we’ve I’ve cut back on my grains significantly, I was craving some oatmeal. So, The Hubs had some sushi rice to have with veggies and chicken sausage, while I put it in oatmeal. Strange, yes, but good.

7:30pm | Our hodge podge dinner is complete and we sit down to eat and watch Psych. Yes, we’ve both just watched the entire Psych series (actually, this time last year), but we both like the show and keep it on as background while we chat.

A Day in the Life of a Girlboss8:00pm | The Hubs leaves me to go finish playing his games. I regret my idea to straighten my hair because I’m just so tired. But I blow it dry anyway. Then, I start in on making sure this blog post is going to be shared on social media today. And work on editing videos, with New Girl on in the background.

9:00pm | Hootsuite reminds me it’s time to do my last Instagram post for the day. Keep editing a video.

9:18pm | Take a break to straighten my hair…blah, just wanna sleep and eat chocolate.

10:15ish | CRASH. Because I’m exhausted and did you see what time I woke up?!

Whew, it was a long day and didn’t seem like it until I started writing it out! Today, I’m up early helping my parent’s move into a new house. Then a little work before The Hubs and I search for a new car. He wants one that goes fast and has turbo. I want on that is a good quality car, that will last a while and not have too high of payments. Can you guess the sensible one in the relationship?!

No Valentine’s Day plans yet. We both are not big V-Day people, so I assume I’ll maybe get some candy from The Hubs. I’ll let you know on Monday. Don’t forget to tune in Monday for a brand new workout for Inspired To Be Fit. This is DEFINITELY my favorite workout of the series so far and I think you will like it too!

Inspired To Be Fit (#ITBF) is not only a fun way to share your posts and make new friends! It’s also a resource for at least 8 kick-butt workouts a month! Wait there’s more, you’re also getting a fitness education component. As certified personal trainers, Jen and Jill provide a challenging and effective workout each week, along with tools, tips, tricks and resources to help you make the most of your workout program. Each month will focus on a different aspect of fitness, which will be the theme of the month.

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into a day in the life of a girlboss!

What are you doing this weekend?
What does a day in your life look like?