The Upper Body & Core Workout will challenge your balance and stability. Plus, you’ll be dripping in sweat! The latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit. Grab your equipment and let’s get sweaty!

This Upper Body & Core Workout will challenge your stability by utilizing a kettlebell AND a steel club!


Happy Monday Friends!

Back again for another awesome workout for you! Be sure to link your fitness posts to the Inspired To Be Fit Community! This month, we are talking progressions! The first week, I went over acute variables and how we can take 4 – 5 moves and make a multitude of workouts, just by switching up the acute variables. And last week, I shared a quick and easy bodyweight workout!

Today, I’m talking progressions with different pieces of equipment. My initial thought was to incorporate the Bosu, because that’s an obvious choice when it comes to progressing a move. When we talk about acute balance training variables, remember we go from stable to unstable, and the Bosu is certainly unstable.

But, I wanted to be a little creative, incorporate some upper body moves and help you understand how important core strength comes into play when we progress acute variables AND progress with different pieces of equipment.

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Now, you will notice, there are no traditional ‘core exercises’. My group fitness classes always want to do like 45 minutes of just ab work. Ladies, 45 minutes of bicycle crunches and planks will not get you a six pack! If you are doing compound exercises, with increased load, outside your limit of stability, you WILL work your core. If you don’t, we need to go back to basics and talk about how to properly brace your core.

New post idea!


  • Imagine me there when you are doing your workout. Now, imagine I’m going to come punch you in the gut – you are going to contract those core muscles, amiright?
  • Stand upright. Tuck your pelvis and squeeze your glutes. Without moving your hips, move your torso from side to side, as if you are standing in front of a wall. You can do that, right? Now, move your torso forward and back, like you are sandwiched between 2 walls. Not bad? Twist your torso. Okay, now, try to move in all directions at the same time. Not so easy, right? Pretty impossible. THAT is the feeling you want when you brace your core.

Okay, back to the workout. These pieces of equipment will challenge your core like none other. IF you are not ready for these moves, do not attempt them. IF you cannot do the moves with the RX weight, drop your weight down slightly. Take ownership. Listen to your body. And have fun.


  • Kettlebell (I used 25#)
  • Steel Club (I used 15#)
  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)


Set up timer for the 1st & 2nd sets as follows: :45 sec work | :30 sec rest | 10 rounds. Set up timer for the 3rd & 4th set as follows: :45 sec work | :15 sec rest | 10 rounds. Rest ~1 – 2 min between 2nd and 3rd round (as you reset timer).


If you do not have access to a steel club, you maybe sub a Kettlebell Halo for the Steel Club Pullover. You may sub the Steel Club Shoulder Squat with a Racked Kettlebell Squat.

Are you ready to get strong? This Upper Body & Core Workout is a combination of HIIT and Stability Training. Using non-traditional pieces of equipment, you will challenge your core and build strength! Are you ready to get strong? This Upper Body & Core Workout is a combination of HIIT and Stability Training. Using non-traditional pieces of equipment, you will challenge your core and build strength!

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  • STEEL CLUB PULLOVER (KB HALO): Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked. With bent elbows, hold steel club in front of you. Reach the club back behind your head, keeping elbow up and CORE ENGAGED (squeeze your butt). Do not let the lower back arch. Use the lats and core to bring the steel club back to the starting position.
    KB HALO: Goblet clean kettlebell up to chest. Holding at the bottom of the horns, with forearm perpendicular to the ground. Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked. Keeping bell close to your head, rotate the bell from just under your chin, all the way around from right to left and back to start.
  • STEEL CLUB SHOULDER SQUAT (KB RACKED SQUAT): Clean club up to right shoulder. Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked. Perform a squat with club on shoulder. Repeat.
  • KETTLEBELL HIGH PULL: Set up like the swing, but rather than let bell float up, bring arm to shoulder height, elbow back. Keep core braced tight, along with glutes, to get the bell up.
  • KETTLEBELL FIGURE 8:  Pick up bell with your left hand. Hinge at the hip and swing bell from left hand behind right leg, transferring it to the right hand. Snap hips to stand, as you draw the bell up to meet the left hand, just in front of your chest.
  • KETTLEBELL PUSH-PRESS: Clean + rack kettlebell. Ground through heels, bend knees and squeeze glutes as you press the bell overhead. Bring back to racked position.

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How was your weekend?! Friday, I didn’t do much work – we looked at cars and I was helping my parents move most of the day. The Hubs and I had our Valentine’s Day dinner and ate ALL the French Fries! Because we had to help my parents move, I got a sub for my class. We ended up spending nearly the entire day helping them and then I ended the night finishing up some videos for my online bootcamp.

Sunday, I helped with check-in at church, did a little grocery shopping before tossing in a load of laundry and booking it to teach a class. I spent the afternoon doing work and laundry, while The Hubs played games. We are not super into Valentine’s Day, but we did have dinner (sweet potatoes, coconut lemon cod and lemon broccoli!) and watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Even though it’s President’s Day, I have two clients bright and early this morning and one this afternoon. Planning on some meal prep and getting some stuff done for the week!

Do you challenge your core with different pieces of equipment?
What did you do this weekend?



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