A Reader Survey. What better way to learn what is and is not resonating with readers, as well as what can be improved! The survey takes about 1 minute and you’ll be entered to win a $20 Amazon Giftcard!

A Reader Survey. What better way to learn what is and is not resonating with readers, as well as what can be improved! The survey takes about 1 minute and you'll be entered to win a $20 Amazon Giftcard!BURPEES FOR BREAKFAST READER SURVEY, WIAW & GIVEAWAY!!

Well, Good Morning and Happy (WIAW) Wednesday!

How is your week going so far? Hopefully it’s splendid! I’ve been so uber productive, it’s crazy! But super awesome. I’m getting ahead on things and fitting in new things that need to get done.

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I’m incorporating a couple posts into one, including a giveaway (!!) at the end. First up, WIAW:


Morning Lemon Water
Lemon – Gelatin Water + Devos to start the day.
Foamy BulletProof Coffee! I’ve made BP Coffee with just coconut oil. I happen to have some grassfed butter, so I tossed in a TBSP. I had a cup on Monday and it was a little bland – I’m a black coffee drinker. I added a TBSP or so of coconut cream to this cup, with a sprinkle of cinnamon and it was on point!
Cup 1 of 2 – Yogi Skin Detox Tea – love the cinnamon-y flavor. Experimented with a little intermitted fasting on Monday and decided to keep it up on Tuesday. 
My dad makes THE BEST pea soup. It so simple that I figured I could make a good batch. It sadly did not turn out as I hoped it would, but it was still good. Had a few spoonfuls, along with leftovers from Monday dinner – turkey, sun dried tomatoes, spinach and coconut cream – a slice of bacon and sriracha!
Shortly after lunch, I decided to catch up on my Bloglovin’ feed a bit, with a handful of almonds, pistachios and gogi berries. Cup 2 of Skin Detox Tea and my remaining 4 gummy vitamins.

While I was doing work, writing letters and planning workouts, I drank yet ANOTHER cup of tea – this time Trader Joe’s Candy Cane Lane. And had one chocolate nut butter coconut oil cups.wiaw
The Hubs convinced me to workout with him, so I ate my fav snack: rice cake, half and banana & spoonful of pumpkin seed butter. I warmed up at the gym and started to run on the treadmill. A few steps in and my left calf was NOT having it. Tuesday as the first day, since my 3 mile run on Thursday, that my calves haven’t been sore. I even foam rolled and stretched in the morning. I couldn’t even jump rope without the left side screaming in pain. Sad day.

Dinner after class. Plantains, the last of the broccoli slaw, zoodles and scrambled eggs! Dessert was a few sips of a protein smoothie I planned on having and a fish shaped (mini fish ice cube trays from IKEA) chocolate nut butter coconut oil cup.

I iced my calf for a bit, did some coloring and hit the sack early!

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