Do you do warm up exercises before a workout? Find out why a warm up is so important and try out a new dynamic warm up before your next workout, in the latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit

Do you do warm up exercises before a workout? Find out why a warm up is so important and try out a new dynamic warm up before your next workout, in the latest installment of this month's Inspired To Be Fit.

The Best Dynamic Warm Up Exercises You Should Be Doing

Happy Monday!

How are you doing?! Happy March! This month for Inspired To Be Fit, Jill and I will be talking all things Warm-Up & Cool Down. Essentially, we are doing 2 Learn & Burn’s this month and today, we are covering Warm-Ups.

Do you warm up before you workout? Why or why not? Personally, I NEED to warm-up before a workout because trying to move with tight muscles is no fun. I always make my clients and online bootcampers do at least a 5 minute warm-up before beginning any workout.

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The benefits of doing a warm-up are numerous:

  • warms body temperature and muscle temperature
  • increases blood flow
  • helps improve range of motion
  • studies show that warming up and stretching help improve physical performance and help reduce the risk of injury

There are a couple different ways to warm up the body before exercise: a static warm-up, dynamic warm-up or myofascial release.


Characterized by static stretching, which includes stretching a specific body part for roughly 30 seconds, then moving to another body part.

I tend to refrain from this type of warm-up. I like to get my body a little warm and loose first. I recommend static stretching be saved till the end of the workout or be done after a short dynamic warm-up.


Characterized by performing moves in your warm-up, similar to the movements you will be completing in your workout. The warm-up below is a dynamic warm-up, consisting of squats, walkouts, skaters, range of motion exercises and more. This is the workout my online bootcampers do and snippets of what I do in my bootcamp class. Moves are done for either a RX time or RX rep range.


I’ll be talking more in depth about MFR later this month, but MFR is characterized by the hurt-so-good foam roller. Often times, I’ll incorporate MFR into my dynamic warm-up!


Depending on the workout and how long it’s been since my last workout, my warm-ups tend to last anywhere from 5 – 10 minutes. This is usually enough time to get the blood flowing and muscles ready for the work ahead.


  • Mat
  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)


Complete moves for RX time or RX rep range, back to back with little to no rest. Complete all moves one time through.

Do you do warm up exercises before a workout? Find out why a warm up is so important and try out a new dynamic warm up before your next workout, in the latest installment of this month's Inspired To Be Fit.

Do you do warm up exercises before a workout? Find out why a warm up is so important and try out a new dynamic warm up before your next workout, in the latest installment of this month's Inspired To Be Fit.

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  • CLAP.BUTT.GROUND: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Reach hands overhead and clap. Clap both hands on side of hips and then tap finger tips on ground and you crouch down into a squat. Rising up, tap hips and then clap hands overhead again.
  • SHOULDER COMPLEX: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. (1) Bring arms up with biceps parallel to the ground and fingers pointing up – you should look like a goal post. From the rotator cuff, ‘press’ the hand and forearm down parallel to the ground, then return to start. (2) Keeping arms in that goal post position, press arms up overhead, just like in a shoulder press. (3) Move arms out parallel to ground (you should look like a cross) and move them towards the midline, then away. (4) Keeping arms out parallel, move arms straight up overhead and down. ** BONUS: do these moves against a wall – aim to keep ENTIRE BACK against the wall, feet out from the wall about 6 – 8 inches.
  • SKATERS: Coming into an athletic stance, ball at chest, jump from right to left, ‘rainbowing’ the ball back and forth as you move, landing in heel. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. Once you get a rhythm down, try to pick up the pace.
  • SQUATS: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Bring feet hip width apart, lower into a squat, while sitting butt back. Drive through heels to stand.
  • MULTI-PLANAR LUNGES: Perform a front lunge, side lunge and reverse lunge.
  • BUTT TAPS: Stand upright, feet hip width apart, slight bend in knees, pelvis tucked with core engaged, shoulders back and down, head up, eyes looking straight ahead. Stand a foot or so in front of a wall. Tap butt towards the wall – knees will bend slightly. Keep back flat and hinge at the hip.
  • BIRD DOG: Come into tabletop position, wrists under shoulders, knees under hips. Press through palms, and lift leg leg, engaging glutes and lower abdominals. When ready, lift right arm straight out, like you are shaking someone’s hand. Maintain a straight line from fingertip to toes.
  • WALKOUTS w/LUNGE & TWIST: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Keeping legs straight with just a slight bend in the knee, hinge at your hip and walk out into hand plank position. Draw left leg up and plant knee, coming into a low runners lunge. Plant right hand on the ground and twist the left arm up towards the sky. Hold for 2-3 seconds, the return to start. Repeat on the other side.

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Weekend! How was yours?! We arrived in Boston nearly 2 hours late than expected (thanks, Delta) and just hung out for a bit before getting Chinese in China Town – SO GOOD. We woke up early and ended up getting The Friendly Toast for breakfast. We got back to the hotel to get The Hubs ready for his bachelor party pub crawl (ain’t he a stud?!). He was laying in bed watching a show around 11:15 and I decided to join him….and then I didn’t get up till nearly 2pm, when I left to walk a few blocks to pick up Clover for lunch. Then I didn’t get up again until I left to meet my old roomie for dinner & drinks! I was so tired and lazy. Plus, it was snow/raining outside, so I just watched The Office & did blog work.

Saturday, we brunched it up, did a little blog work and then went shopping for a suit for The Hubs. We spent all the time looking and he ended up just wearing the business casual outfit he brought! While he helped his bro’s a bit, I spent time in Starbucks drinking coffee and reading a book! I seriously left my laptop at the hotel and just read! It was great.

The wedding reception was SO FUN! I picked the PINK shoes, for those that liked them best!  I hardly ever drink, so because it was open bar, I indulged. A Moscow Mule is my new favorite drink! I made it till about midnight and then The Hubs put me in an Uber for the hotel. Sunday was lots of whining from all the boys, as they partied into the wee morning hours. I got one of my other favorite restaurants – Life Alive – for lunch and we headed to the airport. Somehow, we had no delays and even got into Indy 30 minutes earlier than expected! The Hubs and I watched Psych and ate some food before crashing for the night.

It’s another 4:20am morning today and I’ve got 4 clients booked. Let’s hope I can stay strong all day!!

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So, tell me:

Do you warm-up before workouts?
Dynamic or static or foam roller?
What did you do this weekend?!



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