These Berrilicious Vegan Protein Bars pack a nutritional punch! Loaded with healthy fats and protein, if you are looking for an easy snack on the go that will keep you fuller longer, whip up a batch of these guys today!

Easy No Bake Berrilicious Vegan Protein Bars

Easy No Bake Berrilicious Vegan Protein Bars

Happy Hump Day!

I’m so pumped to be sharing ANOTHER recipe with you guys. I was looking through some of my old posts, from when I first started this blog, and I mostly shared recipes. At the time, I was going through a candida detox and needed an outlet to share some of my recipes (and struggle with eliminating sugar). Somewhere along the lines, I started sharing workouts and that ended up taking over a bit!

But, I’m glad to be sharing some new recipes! I just need to up my food photography game a bit, which means learning how to actually use my The Hubs’  DSLR.

Today’s recipe, Berrilicious Vegan Protein Bars.

Berrilicious Vegan Protein Bars

So, the week before we were leaving for Boston a couple weeks ago, I made big plans to try out some new homemade vegan protein bars to take on the trip. I knew I’d likely need some healthy snacks. What ended up happening was me waiting 2 days before we left to make snacks. #typical

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I looked through my Pinterest feed to see if there were any simple vegan protein bars or balls that I could make with the ingredients in my pantry. I remembered that I made Lindsay’s Superfood Chocolate Fudge Red Velvet Cake Bites back in February and they were a hit. Of course, I didn’t have all the ingredients, so I took a little inspiration from her recipe and created my own vegan protein bar.

If you remember from last week, I mentioned I’m not always the biggest fan of mixed berry protein powder and the Manitoba Hemp Protein Smoothie Chocolate flavor wasn’t my favorite to start with, so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to MIX the flavors! Berry and chocolate is usually a match made in heaven.

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Toss in a little coconut flour, hemp seeds, dates and love and you get a tasty and nutrient dense vegan protein bar. Don’t forget to check out the benefits of hemp seeds AND protein from last week. I made the batch, took about half with me and froze the rest. The following week, I took a couple out the night before my early morning clients and ate them during my coffee break. And they still tasted good!


Thank Mrs. Cotter for the trick of mixing the dough with your hands. I normally use the food processor, which tends to make me add too much liquid and then my ingredient ratio is off. Think of it as cutting butter into flour for pie dough! One note – these bars are sticky! Sticky Shoes, Sticky Shoes…any Friends fans here?! I recommend getting your hands slightly wet before you mix by hand and then wet again, as you press the dough into the glassware.

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Today is my last day teaching my late night bootcamp class. It’s a little bittersweet because that one of the first classes I started teaching at LA, about a year ago. I’m excited for the extra break for a bit on my Wednesday nights. I’m talking to my final school choice about their Dietetics program this morning! Hopefully it’s good news.

Ya’ll, yet ANOTHER delicious recipe is coming at you on Friday. It’s another edition of Fierce Female Friday and this Fierce Food Blogger has a killer recipe to share!

So, tell me:

Are you a fan of vegan protein bars?
What is your favorite combo?
Any guess on the recipe for Friday?!