Tracy Anderson claims a few things in her latest article that I don’t agree with. Find out my beefs. Plus, get a brand new full body AMRAP in these weeks edition of Inspired To Be Fit!

Dear Tracy Anderson, Can We Chat? | Burpees for Breakfast

Dear Tracy Anderson (& Her Followers), Can We Chat?

Hi Friends! Happy Monday!

Welcome to another edition of Inspired To Be Fit the last one of the month! In March, we’ve talked all things Warm-Up & Cool Down. We’ve gone over warm-up exerciseswhether or not we should do a cool down and why foam rolling hurts so good! I’ve got a fun workout for you below, but first I want to give a little response to the latest Tracy Anderson article, as promised.

On Thursday, I found a second article in response to a Tracy Anderson article published on Well + Good (can’t remember where I read the first). After reading the first few lines of the Breaking Muscle article, I ventured over to the Well+ Good article to see if Tracy Anderson really said such things. I was sitting in Panera, at the time, in between clients, noshing on some overnight oats.

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If anyone happened to be watching me read this article (uh, creeper) they would have seen wide eyes and some of the most disgusted looks I’ve ever given. Had I spoke what I was thinking in my head it would have sounded like ‘I can’t eve…n. What?! What? How? Why? Wha…I can’t. I can’t even…’

I sent a text to The Hubs and made him read it. He said a few choice things that I won’t mention on the blog. His final comment was ‘Sad.’

Then, I posted the article to Facebook and immediately knew I needed to write a short response. [ Side note: highest reach of anything I’ve posted on the Facebook page so far…Facebook, I don’t get you! ]

Initially, I wanted to bash on Tracy Anderson. How on earth is she allowed to give advice to people? Did the magazine check the validity of what she was saying before publishing? And a few more things…but instead, I want to go over a few of her claims and tell you why I tend to disagree…

You can read Tracy Anderson’s 5 (Surprising) Workout Rules here.

Driving in a convertible burns more calories than driving in a vehicle with a roof…

Um…what?! What?!

Look past the large musclesIf you want to be longer and leaner you’ve got to stay away from 10-pound, 15-pound [weights] and calling to action the bicep, the quad, the glute—the very direct large muscles that know exactly how to work in very specific ways. 

The stronger one muscle gets, the more it shuts up all the other things. As you age, the stronger you make your bicep, the worse your skin [under your arm] is going to sag. You can’t ever get to it because the [bicep] is too overbearing. It’s like your muscles get in an abusive relationship with themselves. The strong ones say “go to sleep” to the smaller ones.

WHAT?! What?

Where is this information coming from?

Larger muscles burn more calories.
Burning more calories can aid in weight loss.
Muscles are the body’s fat burning machinery.
Building more lean muscle mass, through strength training, can aid in the decrease of body fat.

Ya’ll I’ve talked before about the benefits of strength training (here is more and more). We should know that lifting heavy things won’t make you bulky unless you are training to be bulky – aka, being strict with nutrition, supplementation and workouts, and a few other factors. And that ‘bulky’ means different things to different people. Love this Girls Gone Strong article about the topic. Look at all the different body shapes of ladies that lift seriously heavy things! Also, this Nerd Fitness article is great too.

Lifting 3 – 5# weights day in and day out will just make you really good at moving 3 – 5# weights. There is going to be a period where you will build muscles, but there is little thing on called the Principle of Specificity or SAID Principle (specific adaptation to imposed demands). It says our body adapts to the stressor placed on it. Eventually, the body will adapt to the use of 3 – 5# weights.

In a well rounded fitness program, you should be working BOTH large muscles AND small muscles. And the best part is that you can get an effective workout, that works both larger and smaller muscles, in 30 – 40 minutes. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym. Thank you HIIT training.

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I’m constantly telling my classes to evaluate where they are at with their weight. If doing bicep curls with those 2.5# or 5# weights (yes, I know) is getting easy, it’s time to up the weight. We constantly want to challenge our body and get stronger in the process.

I really believe in exercise every single day.

I just want to say that rest is important. We need rest for our bodies to repair and for muscles to grow. If we never take a break, at some point we are going to plateau and progress can be halted. Plus, never taking a day off could cause all sorts of other hormonal imbalances.

I have gotten literally an army of doctors and scientists behind me over the years. The work I deliver is not something that is damaging the muscles; it’s something that is actually good for you to do each day.

WHAT? Lifting weights = torn muscles. Torn muscles that are given time to repair (with rest days) = bigger AND stronger muscles. Strong muscles = more lean muscle mass = (hopefully) a decrease in body fat. Low body fat percentages = better overall health.

I also want to point out that my husband would call her out for an incorrect use of the word, literally.

Your teeth are so tiny, they take five minutes to brush.

Raise your hand if you brush your teeth for 5 minutes, twice a day? <sees no hands raised…but Tracy Anderson>

If one day you take French, one day Spanish, and one day Japanese, you’ll never learn a foreign language. But focus on Spanish and your brain will actually start to grow fatty acids and you get double bonds.

WHAT? Just, please? What?

The better you get, the more you’re able to challenge yourself and get to a new level to achieve physical change, fight disease, [and] fight aging.

Mmk, explain to me, Tracy Anderson, how one will get better by only lifting 3 – 5# weights, everyday, for at least 30 minutes? How will they be able to consistently challenge themselves and get to new levels of physical change? Because I really would like to know. Remember that whole Principle of Specificity? The body adapts. It needs constant change.

Honestly, it seems like she is just trying to say things that are contrary to scientific fact, just to be different. I think my biggest beef is that she isn’t backing up her statements with any kind of research. Likely, because there isn’t any research.

Actually, no, my biggest beef is that she is an authority figure, telling women that they don’t need to lift more than 3 – 5# weights. It perpetuates this idea that women lift light things and men lift heavy things. It makes it seem like if women want to be skinny and ‘toned’, that they can’t lift more than 5#. Or if they want to burn more calories, they should just take a day trip in a convertible…enough long rides in the car with the top down and I just might not ever need to workout again?!

I understand to each her own and that different things work for different people. If you are going to share information that is 1) apparently backed by scientists, and 2) contrary to actual scientific fact, then please share where you found your information.

Ohhhf, I’m just flabbergasted with all her shenanigans.

To Tracy, I just want to urge her to think about the things to says and really understand the role she plays in the lives of so many women. Does what you say and claim, help or hurt?

But also, thank you. Because you inspired me to be a better trainer and coach. One that is well versed in scientific fact when it comes to offering training and nutrition advice. One that takes time to understand each client, their background, any well-being issues that my affect the way their body responds to exercise. One that is an advocate and supports women of all shapes and sizes. One that encourages women to find movement their body loves and workouts that help them thrive. One that tells women that lifting heavy things has the power to make her feel more confident that she ever has in her life. One that desires for all women to truly feel happy and satisfied with their body.

You inspire me to be a better version of myself and to be a role model that all women can look up too. You inspire me to be the type of role model you should be.

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Ready for a workout?!

15 Minute Full Body AMRAP | Burpees for Breakfast

Now, because I’m about ladies being strong. awesome. & confident, I’ve created a workout to make you feel just that! This workout is quick, but effective, and includes 3 of my current favorite moves. I did this workout a couple weeks ago at the gym, in between clients and I was dripping!


  • Kettlebell (I used 25#)
  • Medicine Ball (I used 8#)
  • Timer


Set the timer fro 15 minutes. Complete 10 reps of each move (both sides for the SL RDL), going through as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes.

15 Minute Full Body AMRAP | Burpees for Breakfast

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The Moves

  • SL RDL w/KNEE RAISE: Pick a leg to start with, put weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glute squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Bell should be in the same side hang. Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground (or until tension is felt in hamstring!). Keep core tight and squeeze glute as you come back to stand, raising the knee of the elevated leg. Hold a few seconds, then repeat.
    *** Optional: keep back leg tapped on the ground for extra support. See more tips for an effective hip hinge.
  • PUSH-UPS: Check my tips for push-up mastery!
  • MEDICINE BALL SLAMS:  Hold ball at chest height, feet spread slightly more than hip width apart, feet pointed out slightly. Raise ball overhead, keeping core engaged to avoid a hyperextended back. Throw or SLAM ball on the ground, using lats, upper back and chest muscles. Watch out if the ball bounces – don’t hit yourself in the face!

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How was your weekend, friends? I think my crazy day on Thursday (4:20am – 7pm) just because I did not feel good Friday. I did a little bit of work, but mostly from bed, then I was lazy for most of the day. Saturday, I was still tired, so I went straight to my client session, taught my class, then ran my 5 miles. It was my longest run so far and it felt pretty good. However, my GI tract was not so happy. I need to chat with a couple run coaches to see if they can offer me any advice. After a short date day with The Hubs, I ended up napping before helping set up at church later that night. Sunday, we had an awesome Easter service, spent part of the afternoon with my parents, enjoyed the beautiful weather a bit and enjoyed pancakes for dinner! I fell asleep before 8:30pm and was up bright and early for my 5:20am client this morning!

Off to go make breakfast!!

So, tell me:

Are you a Tracy Anderson fan?
What are your favorite quickie workout moves?
What did you do this weekend?!



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