Goal Setting & 2,000 Piece Puzzles. Do they really have anything in common? Oh yes! Find out how this Girl Boss relates goal setting and finishing attempting to finish a 2,000 piece puzzle.

Goal Setting & 2,000 Piece Puzzles. Do they really have anything in common? Oh yes! Find out how this Girl Boss relates goal setting and finishing attempting to finish a 2,000 piece puzzle. | Burpees for Breakfast

4 Tips for Goal Setting & Finishing Attempting to Finish A 2,000 Piece Puzzle

I like puzzles.

I did them as a kid. Around Christmastime last year (a few months ago), my family had a giant Christmas themed puzzle that took up the entire coffee table. I loved putting it together. It was so relaxing.

Speaking of Christmas, when The Hubs and I decided to get his sister a 1,000 piece puzzle as a present, we purchased a 2,000 piece puzzle for ourselves. The Hubs loves map things and I liked the relaxation a puzzle brought me, so I figured it would be a good option and fun for us to do together…

Goal Setting & 2,000 Piece Puzzles. Do they really have anything in common? Oh yes! Find out how this Girl Boss relates goal setting and finishing attempting to finish a 2,000 piece puzzle. | Burpees for Breakfast

‘Bout to get into some puzzle troubling.’

Turns out, that 2,000 pieces is alot. Plus, a majority of the pieces are a tan-ish color, ie. all the pieces look nearly same.

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In order to establish some rhyme & reason, I logically got out all the edge pieces. #onlywaytodoit. Then tried to separate the darker colored pieces and the lighter colored/map pieces. This took a hot minute. Then came time to put together the edge pieces…

Again, they all looked the same. Multiple pieces could have fit together, giving multiple possibilities for creating the edge. I STILL haven’t figured out if I accidentally lots an edge piece to the vacuum or what, because the perimeter of the puzzle still isn’t connected.

There are 2,000 pieces, ya’ll.

So, puzzle trouble and goal setting. What do they have in common. Let me just explain.

1. Understand you are likely going to be overwhelmed. Break it down & figure out where to start: Ya’ll 2,000 pieces…With any goal, whether it’s Girl Boss related or health/wellness related, at some point along the way, you are going to feel overwhelmed (or nervous or scared). It might be before/when you start. It might be a few weeks or few months down the road. Realize that being overwhelmed is going to happen. We need to break it down and figure out where to start.

Are you an do the edges first kind of person, or do you just start assembling? With any goal, you need a starting point. This sets the stage for how you will progress your goal. Want to be a big time Girl Boss – what are some tips to get started. Ready to meet that health and/or fitness goal – how are you going to get in your workouts AND eat healthy?

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I tell all my training clients in their first session to think of small behavioral goals they can do on a daily and weekly basis, that will help them reach their big outcome goal. For my weight loss clients, I let them know that weight does not magically fall off overnight. It takes work. It means showing up for your workouts. It means keeping your nutrition in check. It means owning excuses.

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2. Everything looks ‘similar’, but you have to find what works for you: This point might take some time. Remember how all the puzzle pieces looked really similar? I could have taken 1 piece and put it together with 10 other pieces. Which one was the right one?!?! The same thing happens with a business goal or health/fitness goal. There are alot of people telling you to do certain things with social media or with branding or with x,y,z. Sometimes it can all sound the same. Which way is the right way?!?! You can’t do the exact thing someone else did and expect it to work in the exact same way for you.

You gotta find what works for you. Maybe people you know are singing praises of Paleo. You tried it and enjoy it, but find you function a bit better when you include more carbohydrates or some white/brown rice. That works for YOU and YOUR BODY.

Goal Setting & 2,000 Piece Puzzles. Do they really have anything in common? Oh yes! Find out how this Girl Boss relates goal setting and finishing attempting to finish a 2,000 piece puzzle.Take social media. I swear something new comes out everyday. I don’t have enough hours in the day or week to be on all social media at all times. So I picked what works for me and my business: Pinterest and Instagram. Sure, I still spend a little time on others, but my efforts are focused on those 2. It works for ME and MY business.

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3. Giving up when you don’t see progress is easy. Get ready for hard work & be prepared (find a partner in crime). When we got the puzzle, I was ready to get it done. I bought a big poster board, put my game face on and went to work. Then it got hard. I got overwhelmed! And I didn’t want to do the puzzle much. Sure, I’d get spurts of energy and would whip out the puzzle, ready to get it done in one afternoon. But overall, the excitement faded when I wasn’t moving through the puzzle as quickly as I wanted. Then I enlisted the help of The Hubs and I was much more willing to spend time working on it.

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Progress. You need to have realistic expectations of what type of progress you can sustainably achieve. Coming to me, expecting to lose 30# in a matter of a couple months: not sustainable. Coming to me, expecting to lose 30# by October, with a few days of exercise per week, enjoying your life and getting a better handle on your nutrition: sustainable.

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Alot of times we want things to happen quicker than they can, realistically. I launched online bootcamps and only had 3 – 4 people in my first few sessions. I wanted more. I created a program, why didn’t ladies just join me right away? It takes time. It takes work. It takes hustle. It means you need to be prepared when you don’t see the progress and find ways to move past the plateau.

4. You might need to change your approach, so be willing to adapt, if needed.  A couple weeks ago, The Hubs helped me do the puzzle a bit one afternoon. He got frustrated with it a bit before I did. See, I’d been using both boxes (top & bottom) to hold all the pieces. This made it tough to keep eyes on the picture as we put it together. To me, this didn’t seem like a huge deal because…2,000 pieces. I was going to split them up into smaller groups, put them in baggies and then I’d be able to keep the top with the picture available to look at. Instead, we ended up just putting all the pieces into one side of the box and flipped the top picture up.

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The organizational, detail oriented part of me cringed as we dumped all the pieces together – it took a hot minute to separate them. But, sometimes you need to be willing to adapt. To change things up. To try a different approach. It might be unconventional, or it just might be exactly what you need.

Let’s review:

  1. Anticipate feeling overwhelmed. Create a plan.
  2. Everything will look similar. You have to find what works for you.
  3. Progress won’t happen overnight. Be prepare to push past the plateau.
  4. You might need a change. Be willing to adapt.

One of my FAVORITE episodes of New Girl just so happens to be when Winston is putting together a puzzle. I feel his pain. I seriously cry from laughing every.single.time.

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Linking up with Jill today!

Guys, I’m subbing a bootcamp for a friend this morning and then, I’M STARTING TO BUILD MY DESK! Eeeek! Can’t even wait. Be sure to check Insta for progress pictures!

No big weekend plans ahead. I created nearly my entire media kit in Canva on Wednesday and somehow it didn’t save properly! So, I’ll be creating that and doing more blog work. This week has been great in that I’ve been able to sleep a little more and take it slow. My body just needs it so badly. I have a full week of clients coming up and then the week after, I have to figure out how to add in an old client that I have to travel to their house for our appointment. It’s going to be a challenge, but I’m up for it.

So, tell me:

How do you approach goal setting? Strategies? Tips?
What are your tips for finishing my puzzle?!
Can I actually make a desk?!!