This oblique workout is a game changer for getting strong side abs. Only 5 moves in this stacked workout, but your abs will feel the burn! Check out the workout and all the details in the latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit

This oblique workout is a game changer for getting strong side abs.

An Oblique Workout To Make Your Side Abs Burn

Happy Monday! Did you have a fun weekend?! I’ll share a recap below!

As you know, this month, we are talking all things CORE on Inspired To Be Fit. Last week, I shared a fun stability ball workout with some fun moves that I use for a lot of my clients. Today, I’m sharing an oblique workout, with some of my favorite moves to do in my classes!

The oblique’s, aka: side abs are my favorite to work. I always seem to get a hurt so good feeling the next day. We have internal obliques and external obliques. Both muscles have the same concentric function as the rectus abdominus, aka, 6 pack muscle, which is spinal flexion and lateral flexion. Remember, when we try to brace our core – moving side to side as if you are sandwiched in between 2 walls? Lateral Flexion. Think of spinal flexion as moving forward if you were doing a crunch. The internal obliques are part of our local stabilizer musculature and the external obliques are part of the global stabilizer musculature.

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Okay, now that we got the science stuff out of the way, let’s talk about this oblique workout. I’ve included some of my favorite moves. I did one of Lindsay’s upper body & core workouts a few weeks ago and rediscovered my love of the side oblique crunch. It’s so stinking simple that it doesn’t seem like it will create the burn it does! I tell my classes that this is an easy one to do passively, just moving side to side. DON’T MAKE IT EASY. Think about your side abs with each movement. Are you resisting? Are you using those muscles to help you up and out of the move? I like to put my hand on my obliques to remind me that I need to focus on those muscles.

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The sit through is another move I love, but one that is often performed incorrectly. It’s a toughy that I first found through Jen Sinkler. The key to keep your butt down and return to the tabletop/bear tuck position after each rep. A lot of times, my class participants will keep their butt in the air, like a pyramid or legs back too far, like a mt. climber. Check the video for a complete demo!


  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat
  • Set of Dumbbells (I used 10#)


For this oblique workout, you will set your timer for :30 sec work and :30 sec work, for 10 rounds. You will start with the first exercise and move to the 5th. You will have an extra :30 sec left over after you finish your SUMO PUNCHES. Rest :30 sec – 1 min, then go through the workout again. Focus on ONE SIDE of the body for the first set and the OTHER SIDE for the second set.

Here is a breakdown of how the workout will flow:

  • Complete exercise 1 (oblique crunches) for :30 sec. Rest for :30 sec.
  • Go back to exercise 1 (oblique crunches), complete for :30 sec, followed immediatelyby exercise 2 (plank row to rotation) for :30 sec, then rest.
  • Move through workout adding on 1 new move after each :30 sec rest.
    • :30 sec OBLIQUE CRUNCH, :30 sec REST; :30 sec OBLIQUE CRUNCH, :30 sec PLANK ROW TO ROTATION, :30 sec rest; REPEAT through entire circuit.

This oblique workout is a game changer for getting strong side abs. Only 5 moves in this stacked workout, but your abs will feel the burn!


  • OBLIQUE CRUNCH: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked, core engaged and weights in left hand, held down at your side. Using obliques, crunch down to the left. No need to go down too far on the left side. Use obliques to stand. Repeat.
  • PLANK ROW TO ROTATION: Assume hand plank position with weight held in one hand. Feet should be wide. Row the weight up, leading with elbow. When weight gets to your ribs, pivot on the balls of your feet, twisting up to the side, pressing weight up and ending in side plank. Return to start.
  • SIDE V-UPS: Have a seat and roll onto the left butt cheek. Stack legs and lift, resting on the left elbow and forearm. Extend legs out (as if you are pushing weight away) and bring them back in, using obliques. Continue for RX time.
  • SIT THROUGH’s: Come into tabletop position, curl toes under and come up into a bear tuck. Lift left leg and as you kick it out under the right leg, lift the right arm up (think break dancer). Return to bear tuck. Repeat on the other side.
  • SUMO PUNCHES: With legs wider than hip width apart and feet pointed out slightly, shoulders back and down, weights in hand, come down into a squat. Using obliques, twist side to side, punching weights out to the side.

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WEEKEND! Ya’ll, I took advantage of my ‘day off’ and did a little work, after teaching a class, then relaxed most of the day. I slept nearly 11 hours again on Saturday. The Hubs and I woke up to get coffee and pancakes…although mine didn’t turn out well, so I took a few paleo waffles out of the freezer to eat instead. We picked up my wood for my desk and rather than work on it, I lounged and watched Fixer Upper because…the manner of women decided to start. Thankfully, I was on time this month. I didn’t really have any PMS symptoms, which was a huge change from last month, which was terrible. However, I still had terrrrrrible cramps! We ended up going to my parents for a birthday pizza dinner celebration.

Sunday, I helped out at church in the morning, so no sleeping in. I did set up and check in and decided to head home. The cramps did not subside. A quick run by EarthFare and then home, under the heating pad for the afternoon! I’m planning on working on the desk this week though!

This week is back to being busy. I got 4 new clients last week, so it’s been ‘fun’ trying to figure out how to accommodate everyone’s schedule! So, lot’s of client sessions, a couple classes and more. A new sweet potato noodle recipe is coming at you on Wednesday (along with a health update) and a new workout on Friday!

So, tell me:

Do you use the stability ball in any of your workouts?
Do you have a favorite stability ball ab workout?
What did you do this weekend?!



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