Sweet Potato Noodles, almond butter, broccoli, spinach & anchovies. Six simple ingredients combine together to create one nutrient dense, quick and tasty lunch!

Sweet Potato Noodles, almond butter, broccoli, spinach & anchovies.

Sweet Potato Noodles w/Almond Butter Sauce & Anchovies

Let’s be honest here, these photos are not the best quality. I’m still working on being a better food blogger. It’s hard. Food bloggers, you know where it’s at. Props and pretty plates and good lighting. I wanted to share an almond butter sweet potato noodle recipe for sometime now. Monday rolled around and I knew I needed to make the recipe, so I could photograph it…

And then I made the bowl for lunch. Don’t make a meal you want to photograph for the blog when you are hungry. I snapped a few shots and wolfed the bowl down. I’ve been trying to do better lately and take time to chew my food. But with this recipe, ya’ll it took me about 5 minutes to eat.

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Sweet potato noodles. Swoodles? Spoodles?! I was so in love when I discovered sweet potato noodles. Yes, I love zoodles, but I could eat sweet potato things all day, errrday. Then when my bestie told me I could FREEZE SWEET POTATO NOODLES, it was a game changer. Add spiralizing all the sweet potatoes to my Sunday Funday meal prep day, add to the freezer and Swoodles…Spoodles anytime I want!

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Sweet Potato Noodles, almond butter, broccoli, spinach & anchovies.

Almond butter sauce is one of my favorite things. Making my own almond butter is where it’s at these days – raw almonds + food processor + a hot 10 minutes of waiting and scrapping = the best damn thing ever! All I do is thin in the almond butter out with some water or broth and voila, sauce.

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The anchovies. I know you are turning up your nose. I did when I got them in the mail. I thought I ordered sardines from Thrive for my first order. Turns out, I ordered anchovies. And to my delight, they taste quite similar to sardines. Anchovies are rich in protein (17g), omega-3′, vitamin E, selenium and more. These fish are a nutrient powerhouse, so get over your aversion and start incorporating them into your diet. This recipe is the PERFECT way to try them out!

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Note: I’ve been told that it’s okay to eat the anchovie/sardine bones. Not going to lie, it still grosses me out a bit to remove the bones and chop them. And it weirds me out to think about eating the bones. Baby steps.

This recipe, friends, is so simple, tasty and nutrient dense. If you prep the sweet potato noodles ahead of time, you can get this made in about 10 minutes or less! Hazzah!


Quick health update: If you’ve read  my weekend recaps, you might have noticed that I’ve been sleeping ALOT on the weekends. I’ve also been taking some time off from working out because I’ve been so worn. Well, I met with my Dietician and she pretty much confirmed that I have Adrenal Fatigue.

I’ve been suspicious this might be the cause of my tiredness and overall feeling of ‘blah’ lately. She knows my gut health history and after listening to my symptoms over the past few months, she said it’s very likely what’s going on.

When I suspected I might have adrenal fatigue a few weeks ago, I dropped 3 of the 5 classes I was teaching and tried to back off of other things. Last week, with about half my clients on spring break, I was able to sleep in a bit, which I think really helped. I’m taking things easy, sleeping a bit more, being mindful of bedtime – making some positive lifestyle changes.

My recommends are to increase my Vitamin D and Vitamin C, while starting an adrenal supplement. I have to make sure I’m taking my digestive enzymes with every meal, plus, getting in a good does of Omega’s daily. I’m taking a saliva test to check my cortisol levels and getting my vitamin D tested as well.

On Monday, I actually felt like myself for the first time in a long time, without any coffee. I even wanted to do a workout! Tuesday was another good day and I’m off all day today, which is always good! I’m hopeful that I’ll start feeling more energized and better in the next month or so. The next 2 weeks are going to be a little crazy and stressful (update on that soon! and it’s a gooooood one!), but after that, I should be able to relax a bit more.

So, tell me:

What do you say, swoodles? ?
Ever tried anchovies?!