Get ready for a sweaty Upper Body Burpee Workout! With variations that work all muscles of the upper body, you’ll be feeling strong and confident once this workout is over! Check out the workout and all the details in the latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit

Get ready for a sweaty Upper Body Burpee Workout! | Burpees for Breakfast

Summer Strong Upper Body Burpee Workout

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

It’s been way too long since I shared a burpee workout on the blog. Get ready for a sweaty upper body burpee workout below!

Welcome to another month of Inspired To Be Fit ! This month, Jill and I are focusing on UPPER BODY Workouts, exercises and the like. Last month, we focused on our core, so why not keep the trend and do an upper body focused month. Plus, summer is just around the corner and I don’t know about you, but I want to wear tanks all the time and I love nothing more than my upper body looking strong and defined.

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For the month, Jill and I decided to split up the main muscle groups of the upper body: Chest, Back, Shoulders Triceps and Biceps. I’m taking over chest and back, so expect some great shoulder/tricep/bicep workouts from Jill!

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Today, we have the Learn & Burn, as usual. For the following two weeks, we will be sharing 2 workouts that focus on our specific muscle group. Week 4 will cover progressions and Week 5, Jill and I have a trainer workout swap. Stay tuned for more on that!

So, upper body. Do you train it? Why or why not? I’ll be the first to admit that I tend to favor training my lower body over my upper body. Which runs true for some of my classes. Training your upper body is important for posture, form, balance and injury prevention.

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I’ll go into more detail about specifically training your chest muscles, next week. Now, let’s get into today’s upper body burpee workout. Each burpee variation combines a muscle group specific exercise.


  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • 1 set mid-heavy dumbbells (I used 15#)
  • Mat


Complete 5 repetitions of each burpee variation, resting as needed. After completing 5 reps of all 5 variations, set timer for 5 minutes. See how many rounds of all 5 varations you can do in 5 minutes. You will only complete 1 repetition of each variation, per round.

EX: ONE Burpee w/push-up, ONE w/5 superman + row, ONE w/5 bicep curls, ONE w/tricep push-up & ONE w/5 shoulder taps = 1 round. ONE rep, for EACH MOVE, per ROUND.


Feel free to perform on elevation, for a regression. You can also step back, if jumping is too much.

Get ready for a sweaty Upper Body Burpee Workout! | Burpees for Breakfast


  • BURPEE: Standing upright, with shoulders back and down, come into a squat, bringing hands in front of you on the ground. Either step or jump both legs back into a plank position, immediately lowering down, touching chest to ground. Push back up, keeping core contracted, snap hips and jump or step feet back up towards hands, coming back into squat position. Drive through heels and jump up.
  • w/PUSH-UP: Instead of touching chest to ground completely at the bottom of the burpee, perform a push-up. Perform on elevated surface (or knees), if unable to do a push-up on toes. Check out my tips for push-up mastery.
  • w/SUPERMAN + ROW: At the bottom of the burpee, after chest touches the ground, stay on stomach, arms and legs stretched out. Actively engage core, glutes, and lower back muscles, as you bring your arms and legs off the ground, row arms, squeeze at the top. Complete 5 Superman + Row combinations, the finish burpee.
  • w/BICEP CURL: Hold dumbbells in hand as you perform the half burpee (no chest to the ground – just stay in plank position). After you jump, perform 5 bicep curls. Repeat
  • w/TRICEP PUSH-UP: Instead of touching chest to ground completely at the bottom of the burpee, perform a tricep push-up or diamond push-up. Perform on elevated surface (or knees), if unable to do a push-up on toes. Check out my tips for push-up mastery
  • w/SHOULDER TAPS: Instead of touching chest to ground, perform a half burpee. At the bottom, while in plank position, with legs wide. Lift right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder. Complete 5 repetitions on each side. Finish burpee.

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How the heck was your weekend?! Ya’ll this last week at work was sooooo tough. I was training clients, while doing my full time job and I was BEAT! Friday night, I got some kind of second wind (tired & wired), likely thanks to my coffee, and it stuck around of Saturday. I was expecting to be super tired, but I was surprisingly upbeat! The Hubs and I had a slow morning, I read part of a book (woot!) and then we watched The 100 for a good majority of the day, on and off, while I got caught up on some things. The 100 is our new favorite show. Both of us were a little skeptical with the first episode or two and now we are hooked!

Sunday, I skipped church to take another slow morning. I ended up getting grocery shopping done, food prepped for the week and photos taken for today’s post! And I even enjoyed more time with a book later in the evening!

This week, I’m training a client 3 days in the morning, but later in the morning, which means no 4:20am wake up calls!! Then just a more relaxed week. It’s my last week of training before I start working with my clients more, so I’m excited to start getting into things. Because it’s been crazy, I won’t be posting anything on Wednesday this week, just Friday. Just want to take a little step back and not be over booked!

Also, you have till THURSDAY NIGHT to enter to win a full size container of Superfood Protein from Amazing Grass!

So, tell me:

What do you think of this upper body burpee workout?
Burpee lover or hater?
What did you do this weekend?!



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