Fierce Female Friday is a brand new series on the blog where you get the chance to meet some amazingly Fierce (and Fit) Female Bloggers that are sharing what they do best. Tune in the last Friday of each month to learn more about these awesome ladies!

Fierce Female Friday is a brand new series on the blog where you get the chance to meet some amazingly Fierce (and Fit) Female Bloggers that are sharing what they do best.

Fierce Female Friday: Strong Girl Fitness Wellness & Biz Tips

Happy (Fierce Female) Friday Friends!

It’s sunny and warm and Friday and then weekend is just around the corner! I’m pumped, not only for all those things, but for today’s post, another edition of Fierce Female Friday. I met Molly through her AWESOME Facebook group, The Fitpreneur Life. I’m part of a few different Facebook groups and this is BY FAR one of my favorites – Top 3, hands down. This lady is a rocking fit girl boss and from Boston, a place I love oh, so much! She’s sharing some health and biz tips with us today!

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Hi! My name is Molly and I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Health Business Coach over at Strong Girl Fitness. I help women create, build and live as the strongest, healthiest, most successful versions of themselves, through my personal training and coaching programs. I am both a FitFluential and Sweat Pink ambassador, a regular contributor to Biz Woo Magazine, a tattooed Bostonian, and lover of caffeine, sarcasm and books.

Five years ago this month, my mom was unexpectedly diagnosed with ovarian cancer. We have no family history and she does not carry the BRCA gene. So, how did she become sick? During a time of incredible distress and helplessness, I began researching the correlation between products we use, fitness/nutrition and diseases. What I was learning was shocking. At first, I went a little overboard and threw out anything and everything in my apartment that I thought could contain even a trace of toxins. When I look back, my extreme behavior was an act of desperation on my part…to avoid what my mother was going through – sickness, chemotherapy, hair loss and depression.

I also took it upon myself to give everyone around me the knowledge they needed to protect their health too. I told everyone about what I was learning, tips I’d read about how to protect themselves, how to eat better and how to incorporate long-term and safe healthy habits. After awhile, I didn’t have to seek people out to share this information; they were coming to. What exercises should they be doing? Is this safe to eat? What are some reputable green products and where can I buy them?

Fierce Female Friday is a brand new series on the blog where you get the chance to meet some amazingly Fierce (and Fit) Female Bloggers that are sharing what they do best. What started out as an act of desperation turned into a true passion. Shortly thereafter, I became a certified personal trainer and began working with clients in an all-women’s facility. And as for my mom? She’s been cancer-free for years! We believe that her cancer was caused by talcum powder that her generation used to use during their periods for freshness (TMI?) That’s the problem…we don’t know about the potential long-term adverse affects of a lot of the products we use these days. I fear there will be more situations, like my mom, cropping up for our generation down the road. That is why I’ve made it my mission to provide TRUE, accurate and helpful information within the health/fitness community.

When I began Strong Girl Fitness in the beginning of 2015, that was still my mission – to educate women, and to help them be the strongest and healthiest version of themselves. I had no idea how to create or run a business, but I learned as I went (trial & error was key!), and then people started coming to me again – how did you find the courage to start your own online business? What kind of program should I be offering my clients? How can I promote my services without feeling like a giant sleazeball? So, I built out the business coaching leg of Strong Girl Fitness! I found myself SO lit up to help my fellow fitpreneurs (fitness entrepreneurs) create and grow these amazing health programs, that had the same goals as mine; I was helping grow a community of health advocates to spread the good word! I’m honestly getting exciting just sitting here at my computer typing this. I feel so lucky and so humbled that I’m able to make any markable difference in this community, and that I’m able to help other trainers and coaches in the industry do the same 🙂

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Fierce Female Friday is a brand new series on the blog where you get the chance to meet some amazingly Fierce (and Fit) Female Bloggers that are sharing what they do best.

Molly’s Tips & Tricks for Success:

With that said, I want to share a few health & biz tips with you all, to hopefully ignite some excitement in you, too! Happiness loves company.

  • Healthy Tip #1 – Balance is KEY. I know you read this everywhere and it’s almost cliche at this point. But I can’t stress it enough. I don’t deprive myself of ANYTHING. I’m dead serious. I’m drinking a 500 calorie Starbucks coffee right now. Why? Because I wanted it and I can. No food or drink product is pure evil. But if you eat an entire cake in a sitting or drink frappuccinos all day, then I can see where there’s a problem. Depriving yourself of something you want doesn’t have much of a positive impact; you become resentful, hungry and are more likely to cave and binge (I’m talking from personal experience). I use what I consider my 80/20 approach. 80% of the time, I’m eating clean, wholesome meals, but then 20% of the time? GIVE ME THE CHEETOS! This honestly also makes me appreciate the treats that much more. I enjoy them rather than scarf them down mindlessly.
  • Healthy Tip #2 – People always ask me why I’m so committed to this “healthy lifestyle.” It seems to time consuming and restrictive. That is why it’s so important to know your WHY. My WHY is my mother and her cancer story. Whenever I get asked that question, I just turn to my mom. She battled chemo like a BOSS. And I know that is an experience she’d never want me to live through. Maybe I’ll still get sick down the line, BUT I’ll know that I did what I could on end to protect myself. That feeling of reassurance is what keeps me going. So, what is your WHY? What is your driving force behind your health journey? Did you lose a lot of weight? Do you want to be around your kids and/or grandkids for a long time? Everyone has a unique story. Use it to remind yourself what you do this every single day.

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  • Fitpreneur Tip #1 – “It’s a race, not a sprint.” If you’re anything like me, you go a little balls-to-the-wall and want immediately results in your business. I get it, I really do. I convince myself that I have to everything PERFECT and out there ASAP. My biz coach always had to remind me that I don’t need to be sprinting to the “finish line” (having my Web site completely perfect, agonizing over graphics or pulling my hair out trying to create the best program ever.) Everyone grows their businesses at their own pace; there’s no penalty if we don’t have something created within a certain time limit. And the only person who has set this “time limit” is you.
  • Fitpreneur Tip #2 – Be confident, even if you feel like you have NO idea what you’re doing! Be confident, even if you don’t know what you’re doing! Taking action can be SCARY. Acting secure in yourself and your message can sometimes make you nervous (maybe because you feel like a fraud). But honestly, you don’t know you can do something until you actually do it. And then, without even realizing it, you’ve then become someone who does it.. Does that seem too simple or cliched? Maybe. But amazing change and confidence in yourself happens when you shove yourself way outside of your comfort zone. It can be messy and feel really uncomfortable. But honestly, that just mean shit’s getting real. And really, if you don’t have this confidence in yourself, how do you ever expect anyone else to have it in you?

Thank you so much to Jen for giving me the opportunity to share my story and tips on Burpees for Breakfast today! If you have any questions about what I’ve discussed above, or just want to connect (yay!), do not hesitate to find me here?:

Instagram: @StrongGirlFitness
Facebook Group:
Facebook Biz Page:
Twitter: @MKPappas

I LOVE love love Molly’s tips. Balance has been my motto the past few weeks. The adrenal fatigue exhaustion has been taking a toll as I’m training clients AND working the new job. I made the decision this week to cut all my in-person clients and my classes (2) for the month and a half. I have a couple online clients, but they are on month long plans. It’s just not worth it being exhausted all the time! More to come on that next week. I have a few fun posts in the works and an update on the new job!

As for the weekend: I have work today, planning on (hopefully – lots of fingers crossed) working on finishing my desk Saturday, along with getting ahead on some posts for the week and enjoying the sunny weather! You?!

Oh, before I forget…and I almost did…the winner of the Amazing Grass Superfood Protein Powder Giveaway IS…Amy Lauren Scott! I’ll shoot you an email shorty with more details!

So, tell me:

What is your healthy living story?
What are your best wellness or business tips!
What are you doing this weekend?!