Today marks the end of my third week at my new job…and the end of the third week of wearing a real bra. Get a quick job and life update below!

Today marks the end of my third week at my new job...and the end of the third week of wearing a real bra. Get a quick job and life update below! | Burpees for Breakfast

Reflections on Life in a Real Bra

Heyyo! Friday!

Yes, those are my real bra’s. Thanks Target. Now…

Insert my normal level of excitement about Friday’s here. Actually, it’s a slightly higher level of excitement today because it’s pay day! Yay! The Hubs and I are celebrating with ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI!!!! Anywho, are you curious about the new job?! Yea? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Grab your coffee or morning drink and let’s start.

February 4, 2015 – My official last day at my old job.

February 5, 2015 – The day I started wearing sports bras and yoga pants and fitness clothes…because when you don’t go into an office AND run a fitness business, sports bras and fitness clothes are standard uniform. Amirght?

April 28, 2016 – My new job starts. The real bra takes center stage…because business casual does not include fitness attire.

First things first, real bras…

I think my first issue is that I just need new real bras. Honestly, in the last year, I’ve worn a real bra maybe 10-15 times. You know, occasionally to church and weddings and special date nights. Now that I don one on the regular, it’s high time I invest in a few quality bras. I’m sure quality bras are more comfy, right? Right?! Any recommendations are welcome, please share below!

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All that aside, things have been going well! The first two weeks, I had training, which was ALOT of sitting down and web based training and more. There is so much information to learn, it’s crazy! My brain could only handle so much. You know I trained a few clients the first two weeks, which led to extremely long AND tired days, and lots of coffee.

Speaking of coffee, I’ve been trying to cut back. The office has 3 varieties of coffee made, daily. Which means, that I can just go for cup after cup after cup. The thing is that sometimes I don’t even feel the effects of the caffeine and too many cups does nothing good for my tummy. So, cutting back was the best option. I’ve started drinking green tea, which is okay, but it’s just not coffee. Coffee lovers, you know.

So, I sit down pretty much all day. Even in the last few months with my business, I sat down more than usual, but this is a whole new level. To help with making sure my muscles get some work throughout the day, I aim to go to the downstairs bathroom, at least a few times a day AND take the stairs; I’m on the third floor. I had an ergonomic assessment last week and got my workspace fitted to me properly…and I still don’t love it. But alas, I know there will be an adjustment period.

On the topic of adjustment periods, it’s safe to say, I haven’t kept up my social media game. Not that I don’t have a few moments throughout the work day to post to Instagram, but all social media sites, and music sites like Spotify and Pandora, for that matter, are blocked. Which means, even on my lunch break, when I might want to catch up on my blog loving feed and tweet out a couple posts, I can’t. It’s all on my phone, which does lose battery, if I use it too much. Thankfully, YouTube works and I find Stitcher to listen to podcasts because my phone was crying about halfway through the day. Bring it all back…I’m figuring out how to manage blog and social stuff and work!

My days are pretty flexible. We have some people that work 7-3:30 or 8-4. I’ve been in the office by 8 this week, just because of my client and out around 4ish, which has been nice!

Especially because I cut my two classes. After my initial talk with my dietician, I knew I needed to make sure I was doing the bare minimum each day, to ensure I could make myself more of a priority. One thing I knew I needed to remove were my classes and my in-person clients. Thankfully, my boss where I teach was really understanding about me stepping back for a month and a half and trying to find coverage for me. And my in-person clients were really understanding as well.

The business is still around, but I’m just taking a break right now. And not relying on it as my sole source of income. I’ so thankful for this job and the ability to be able to take a step back and prioritize self-care.

Along with cutting classes and clients, I’m adding in some supplements at the recommendation of my dietician. I talked with her yesterday. My cortisol tests, coupled with the last couple years of health history, confirm that I got adrenal fatigue. My vitamin D levels are not great, but not overly low. Overall, she really recommended cutting back on life stressors, including scaling back workouts, and really focusing on getting more rest. I’m increasing my vitamin D dose, adding in vitamin C and an adrenal supplement. I will say, I’m feeling much much better, compared to how I felt when I initially reached out to her for an appointment!

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Overall, things are good…but different. Next week will be one of the first times in YEARS that I’ve had only 1 job, if I don’t count the blog as a job, although, I do. Since college, so for the last 10 years, the time I’ve only held 1 job would probably all add up to a year, if that. It’s crazy!

Today marks the end of my third week at my new job...and the end of the third week of wearing a real bra. Get a quick job and life update below! | Burpees for BreakfastThe biggest take away from the past few months is simple: listen to your body. It seriously will tell you what’s up.

I’ll be sharing more insights and lift musings that you aren’t gonna wanna miss!

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