This Reverse Kettlebell Pyramid Burner is perfect for building a sculpted and sexy back for summer. With warm weather just around the corner, add this burner to your workout routine over the next few weeks for a killer back, just in time for for the pool or beach! Check out the workout and all the details in the latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit

This Reverse Kettlebell Pyramid Burner is perfect for building a sculpted and sexy back for summer. | Burpees for Breakfast

Sculpted & Sexy Back Focused Reverse Kettlebell Pyramid Burner

Hi Ya’ll! Happy Monday!

Welcome to another month of Inspired To Be Fit ! This month, Jill and I are focusing on UPPER BODY Workouts, exercises and the like. Last week, we talked about chest stretches for people that sit at a desk most of the day (hand raised). Did you try out any stretches? And the week before, I shared a super fun burpee focused workoutDon’t let the amount of burpees or your hatred for the move make you shy away from the workout. Give it a try first.

It’s all about the back today! When I started strength training and noticed muscle definition in my back, I LOVED it. I seriously love showing off my leg and upper body muscles, but there is something about a strong and sculpted back that I love. I’ve rolled some of my favorite moves into this powerhouse reverse kettlebell pyramid burner and I think you are going to LOVE it!

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First, let’s talk about our back muscles. Remember, we want to stretch the tight/overactive muscles and strengthen the weak. Last week was stretching, this week is strengthening. The back is comprised of a group of different muscles, including the Lats, Rhomboids, Traps, Erector Spinae, Multifidius and Quadratus Lumborum. These grouping serve many functions, ranging from spinal extension & flexion, spinal rotation and contralateral rotation, shoulder extension and rotation, scapular retraction, protraction, depression, elevation and downward rotation. Whew, a mouthful of functions.

If you remember from our discuss on the core musculature, you’ll notice that some of the muscles in our back are part of our core musculature, which means they are also incredibly important for balance, stability and posture. Personally, I think training our back muscles are essential to a well rounded fitness program. Want to be able to pull and lift things and have good posture – you train your back.

With this workout, of course! My trust kettlebell makes an appearance, along with my battle rope. I fully intended to incorporate the battle rope into this workout, but Indiana decided to be 50 degrees and windy outside this weekend, which means I had to recruit The Hubs to take my photos for me. I order to do a few quick shots, I opted to lose the battle ropes for this workout. However, they will make an appearance in the future, just be on the lookout!


  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • 2-  Kettlebells (or dumbbells) – I used a 25# for all moves and added a 35# for the rope pull
  • Mat


Start at the top of the pyramid, completing RX reps for each move. At the end of the first round, complete the rope pull for 45 seconds. Move on to the 2nd round (10 reps each), followed by a 45 second rope pull. After each round, do a 45 second rope pull. Go back up the ladder, if desired.


  • See the video for a demo on what not to do for the bent row.
  • You can sub out a dumbbell in place of a kettlebell. Make sure it is heavy enough!
  • If you don’t have a kettlebells, you can type a dumbbell to a rope. OR anything heavy, really!

This Reverse Kettlebell Pyramid Burner is perfect for building a sculpted and sexy back for summer.  | Burpees for Breakfast


  • SA BENT ROW: Grab kettlebell, standing upright with weight in heel, slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back to a 45 degree angle/parallel to the ground (or until tension is felt in hamstrings), chest up. Row up, elbow shooting straight back, squeezing at the top. Return to start.
  • KETTLEBELL HIGH PULL: Set up like the swing, but rather than let bell float up, bring arm to shoulder height, elbow back. Keep core braced tight, along with glutes, to get the bell up.
  • GOOD MORNINGS: Feet hip width apart. Shoulders back and down (think putting them in your back pocket) and lats engaged. Pelvis slightly tucked and core muscles engaged (imagine I’m coming to punch you in the gut). Knees slightly bent. Weight up by your chest. You will hinge at the hips, keeping knees slightly bent and back as flat as possible. As you hinge, your butt is going to go back. When you rise, drive through your heels and squeeze the glutes and hammy’s to stand.
  • PLANK PULL THROUGH: Assume plank position with kettlebell on left side, next to left hand. Reach under left arm with the right, to grab the kettlebell and pull it through to the right side of the body, by the right hand. Reach left arm under right and pull kettlebell through to the left side again. This is one rep. Repeat.
  • KETTLEBELL ROPE PULL: Tie rope around kettlebells. Kettlebells should be at one end and you at the other, with the rope pulled out. Crouch into a squat position, engage back muscles and pull the kettlebells to you. Pull until the rope ends, then run to the other side and pull again until rope runs out.

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So, tell me about your weekend!!! Mine was actually pretty great. Friday, The Hubs met me after work and we went for all you can eat sushi. Because of traffic, it look nearly 1 hour to get there and by that time, The Boy was super HANGRY. In all, we got edamame, a miso soup for the The Boy and 9 rolls for $54. Not bad at all. However, the sushi was just average. We are kind of sushi snobs in that we will pretty much each sushi at any place, but we judge it based on our favorite place, and no other places seem to add up. Next sushi outing will be at our favorite place.

Saturday, I spent the morning at my favorite coffee shop and got so much done. I felt like I’d had an espresso or something, but no coffee at all! I did a little house cleaning and blog updating. The Hubs had a party Saturday night, so I hung out at home, catching up on blogs and watching Parks and Rec…such an introvert! Sunday, I did some grocery shopping, food prepping, blogging and more on my todo list. We are leaving in 7 weeks for our cruise and I COMPLETELY spaced that I need to get my passport renewed! I finally got my picture taken yesterday and I’m hoping it arrives in time!

This week, ya’ll, I have NOTHING to do in the morning or evening. No classes. No clients. I’m so excited to take my mornings and evenings slow.

Oh, and, I’m thinking I need to cut my hair. You know I’ve been growing it out since the wedding last year, but I’m getting so sick of it and honestly, I feel like I rock short hair so much more than bob length. Thoughts? The Hubs wants to me to grow it long, so badly. I’m also contemplating coloring it, maybe. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts?

So, tell me:

Do you like showing off your back? Favorite back focused moves?
What did you do this weekend?!



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