The line between making excuses & listening to your body is a fine one. What’s the difference? Learn about my experience and tips for drawing your own line.

The line between making excuses & listening to your body is a fine one. What's the difference? Learn about my experience and tips for drawing your own line. | Burpees for Breakfast

Drawing the line between making excuses & listening to your body

Hi ya’ll and Happy Fri-YAY!

There is a fine line between making excuses and listening to your body, when it comes to working out. Really, when it comes to doing things in general. But, working out is the one that’s been on my mind most lately. So, rather than an extra 5 Move Friday Workout, we are chatting on making excuses and listening to your bod!

I’ll be honest, in the past few months, my workout game has been lacking, big time. As a personal trainer, it’s super important to me to be an example, so skipping workouts was tough, but then I realized, I’m just Jen, first. Plus, it’s a great example I can share with other ladies.

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We’ve all had those days when it’s been tough to get to the gym or get a workout started. Whether it’s gloomy outside or you’re tired or you have too much to do. On days like this, I often recommend giving the workout at least 10 – 15 minutes. By that time, your mind is likely more focused on the workout than the craziness of the day, or week. Usually after the workout I feel good and I’m happy I pushed through rather than skipped.

But then there are those days when you are just physically or even mentally/emotionally exhausted and working out in THE LAST thing that you want to be doing…and maybe should be doing. It’s those days when you try and push through the 10 – 15 minutes and you just can’t. When you just don’t have the energy.

Lately, I think I sound like a broken record when I tell people to listen to their body, but honestly, it’s true. I’ve found that when I listen and take some time off, my body tells me when it’s ready to get back into working out. This whole idea of intuitive exercise, if you will. Like this week, my body was ready to get back to working out. Monday, Wednesday and even last night. I knew I couldn’t push myself as hard as I normally do and even my super cut back workouts were tough and left me feeling sore. But I didn’t dread going to the gym. My body wanted to move. It hasn’t felt like that very much over the past few months. However…I will say that I made excuses some days.

So, how do you know if you’re making excuses or listening to your body?

Know yo’self.

It might sound like a bunch of fluff, but you need to be self-aware. You need to know yourself.  You don’t want to workout. Why?

Too busy? Too stressed? Hit a plateau? Really sore from your last workout? Not sure what to do? Physically exhausted? Emotionally or mentally exhausted? What’s going on? Just getting to the root cause here can help you navigate between making excuses and listening.

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In the past few months, in general, I’ve been WAY more tired than usual. I know myself well enough to know that being tired wasn’t normal. Working out in times when you are already tired/stress/low on energy is not always the best option. Remember, working out puts stress on the body. When I did have the energy to workout, I couldn’t do my normal workouts. I would fatigue ALOT faster. And my muscle recovery was not were it should have been; I would be sore for days after doing workouts. For me, these things were not normal and was my body’s way of telling me I needed a break. Now, everyBODY is different. Just because those signs were what told me it was time for a break doesn’t mean that it will be the same for you.

You also need to be okay with taking a break. It was initially hard for me to admit that I needed rest. This Superwoman wanted to be able to do everything. Your body needs time to rest and repair. Often times, you’ll come back stronger if you just take some time.

If you are stuck in an I-Don’t-Wanna rut, a break might alway be necessary. Take some time to breathe and come back refreshed. Another option is to switch up your routine. I love lifting heavy things, swinging kettlebells and doing yoga. Sometimes, though, my body wants to run or do a bodyweight workout outside. Try a new type of workout or new piece of equipment. It might make all the difference in terms of making excuses.

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Linking up with Jill today!

Weekend plans?! We have parent dinner tomorrow and a church carnival/event on Sunday. Plus, we get a new washer on Sunday! We’ve been doing laundry at our parent’s houses for over a year because we don’t have one in our apartment. We were able to get a hook up done last week and now we just need the washer to be delivered. I’m SO excited to be able to do all the laundry at home! Other than that, I’m planning on getting ahead on some blog posts and get some workouts filmed/photographed!

So, tell me:

Do you find it hard to listen to your body?
Easy to make excuses?
Weekend plans?!