Find out ways to simply your workout routine from SarahFab! She is our guest blogger for Fierce Female Friday this month! Find out more about her and tips for how to do less at the gym and get better results!
Find out ways to simply your workout routine from SarahFab! | Burpees for Breakfast

Simplify your workout routine: Do Less, Get Better Results

Happy Friday Ya’ll! I’m featuring another awesome blogger this month for Fierce Female Friday! I met SarahFab a while ago when she was still blogging at Shhh…Fit Happens. Such a fun name. Since then she’s continued her journey as a personal trainer #girlboss, started a new blog and became a new mom! Sarah is so knowledgeable about the fitness industry and delivers quality content. Today she is sharing ways to simplify your workout routine. I love that she is all about doing less and gettingbetter results. It’s my philosophy too! Hope you enjoy meeting her and reading her post!

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  • TELL US WHO YOU ARE, WHAT YOU DO, WHERE YOU ARE FROM: Hey there, Sarah here from Eastern Pennsylvania!  I am a personal trainer, group fitness instructor, fitness director at a county club and health/fitness blogger!
  • WHAT IS YOUR MISSION? WHAT ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT? WHAT GETS YOU OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING? I love working in the fitness industry because I get to help people every day and share my passion of living a healthy and happy life. What gets me out of bed? Well I could say all the amazing things I am going to conquer today and all the awesome people who inspire me, but let’s be honest, coffee gets me going! 🙂
  • WHAT IS THE #1 HEALTHY LIVING TIP THAT YOU SWEAR BY? Ooh that is a great question! I think the number one thing that is consistent in my personal health and that I try to instill in my clients, it to just MOVE. Do something, anything, everyday!
  • WHAT IS THE BIGGEST CHALLENGE TO HEALTHY LIVING AND HOW DO YOU DEAL WITH IT? Eating properly!!! Oh so hard! I struggled back in college with gaining the freshman 25 and then dropping way too much weight my sophomore year. Now my philosophy is life is to short to not enjoy what you love, but don’t lose control. If I want a big ol’ piece of chocolate cake after dinner, I enjoy that delicious thing, but then tomorrow I will try to eat a really healthy breakfast and lunch. Or if I enjoy a donut with my morning coffee, I will try to not eat any more sweets the rest of the day. Just got to keep a healthy balance… which is sometimes easier said than done. 🙂
  • SHARE A RANDOM FUN FACT ABOUT YOURSELF WE SHOULD KNOW: I just had a baby boy about 3 months ago! Well the actual birth part was not so fun, like none at all, but it’s a lot of fun and giggles and smiles now! I also had no idea how difficult it is to get kids to go to sleep at night… boy do I miss the days of a good solid 8 hours of shut eye.
  • FAVORITE PIECE OF FITNESS EQUIPMENT / FAVORITE WORKOUT STRUCTURE / FAVORITE BODY PART TO WORK: I LOVE working out my shoulders! And I think my fave piece of equipment is just a set (or a few sets) of dumbbells. You can do so much with them and pretty much use them anywhere! One of my fave quickie shoulder workouts is to grab a set of 5 pound dumbbells and do 10x front raises, 10x lateral raises, 10x circle arms all the way over head and back down to sides, 10x bi curls with arms out to side, 10x shoulder presses…shoulders hurt so good when you are done!

Find out ways to simply your workout routine from SarahFab! | Burpees for Breakfast

Simplify Your Routine: Do Less, Get Better Results

Seems like an oxymoron, right? Do less, get more…
But it rings true in so many senses.

In the business world, a small company opens, tries to do too much too soon, is unable to perform valuable work, eventually runs out of resources and money, and then has to close it’s door.

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Take “Kitchen Nightmares” for example, the failing restaurants offer too many choices on their menus and one of the first things Gordon Ramsey does is trim the menus down. He focuses on making less work better. (Rework)

Writing experts advice to “write just enough to get your point across. No more. No less.”

When it comes to your fitness routine, doing every program out there (which with the internet now is probably impossible!) or working out hours on end each day doesn’t necessarily produce the BEST results… physically or mentally.

Here is the thing…

It is unrealistic to think we can “do it all.”
It is unlikely “doing it all” will get better results.
Let me break it down in super simple terms:

  • The body needs rest to recover and restore. Muscles grow when they rest. Why do you think babies sleep so much? They are growing, like, a lot!
  • Doing too much for too long will lead to burn out, eventually.
  • Continuously putting more stress on muscles than they have previously adapted to will help them grow stronger.

That last one scares and confuses some people (“I don’t want to get big”).

Your body is great at adapting to the loads placed on it. Lifting 3 pound dumbbells for 2 hours will not make you stronger nor change your body much. It will, however, waste a lot of your time that could be spent doing more productive things!

Keep It Simple

There is nothing wrong with trying different workouts. In fact, it is great to change it up and challenge your body and mind in new ways. My point here is not to STOP doing new things, but to do them wisely.

Look at each exercise you do and ask yourself, “is this the best choice to meet my goals right now?”

If your goal is to lose weight, will those 3 sets of 15 squats get you the best results in the 5 minutes it took you to complete them? Or would that time be better spent doing 2 sets of 10 squats holding two 15lb dumbbells?

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If your goal is to workout 30 minutes each day, does it really benefit you to spend 10 minutes walking around the block to warm up? Or would doing a few active stretches and jumping jacks to get your HR up be a better use of your time?

If your goal is to enjoy your workout as much as possible and you freakin’ love walking around the block and doing squats with no weight, then by all means, DO IT! Enjoying what you do and finding something you can will do long term is super important!!

Ok, so you think this is great info but still not sure where to start or what is the most beneficial exercise for you?

Focus on 3-6 exercises at a time.

These exercises should focus on major muscles (chest, back, quads, glutes…) and recruit a variety of muscle groups at once (squats require the hip and knee joint to work together and target the legs, glutes, and core).

Work on these exercises 2-4 days a week, continuously increasing your weight, reps, and/or intensity every few weeks.

Here is what your week might look like if you focus on compound exercises and do upper and lower body splits:

Monday and Thursday: Lower Body 3x 8
Single Leg Step Ups
Tuesday and Friday: Upper Body 3×8
Chest Press
Single Arm RowsPush Ups

Depending on your goals and time, you could add some accessory exercises for the biceps, triceps, abs, booty, etc…

Most people want to work on their abs, so throw in a few sets of leg raises or planks in the workouts above.
The possibilities really are endless. There are a million ways to write a workout plan. So pick something and just start doing it. You can perfect it as you go.

One last thing I would recommend is including some cardio into your week. That could be in the form of  high intensity interval training (HIIT) or steady state exercise like walking, running, biking, swimming, or hiking. Or, ideally, a little of both!

If you like this idea of less is more and including compound exercises in your workouts, I encourage you to check out my free ebook: 101 Technique Tips that is PACKED with tips to help you master and perfect some of the exercises mentioned above (squats, deadlifts, push ups, pull ups, chest press, planks, etc.)

What do you think?
How do you keep your workouts short and simple yet effective?


Your weekend: anything big and exciting going on? I’m planning on a Saturday morning filled with blog work at a coffee shop. I’m helping at church on Sunday, but The Hubs wanted me to go on an ALL DAY canoeing trip with him and his [mostly] bros. They are starting the trip a little over an hour from where we live AND they are are just going to drink and float. It just does not sound very fun to me at all, and I don’t think I’ll be able to go thanks to helping out at church. I’m also hoping to get an anniversary present for The Hubs. Next weekend, we are spending the weekend downtown to celebrate, since I can’t take time off work and we are going on our cruise in just a month! I think it’s still going to be a fun and relaxing weekend!

Two things before I sign off:

  1. Be sure to check out Inspired To Be Fit on Monday. Jill and I are sharing combined workout and it’s going to be awesome!
  2. If you haven’t used the 30% off code for Amazing Grass yet, do it now! The code expires on the 31st of May – just a few days left! The code is SweatPinkJenE16!

Okay, bye! Have a good weekend!!!

So, tell me:

Do you spend alot of time at the gym or are you in and out?!
What are you doing this weekend?