Get ready for this combine Upper Body Blast straight from your Inspired To Be Fit Trainers, Jen and Jill! We decided to join forces and create the ultimate combine upper body blast workout. You are going to LOVE it!

Get ready for this combine Upper Body Blast straight from your Inspired To Be Fit Trainers, Jen and Jill! | Burpees for Breakfast

20 Min Inspired To Be Fit Upper Body Blast

Hi Ya’ll! Happy Monday!

Welcome to Inspired To Be Fit! We made it to the LAST WORKOUT of the month! Have you enjoyed a month of upper body workouts? Even the workout full of burpees!? If you are a desk dweller like me, I shared 5 chest stretches for people that sit at a desk. For you kettlebell lovers, I featured a Reverse Kettlebell Back Focused Workout, perfect for getting a sculpted back for summer. And last week we chatted supersets!

Today, Jill and I have a special workout – a combined trainer workout!! We each decided to create a 10 minute HIIT workout, that when combined, created a 20 minute upper body hiit workout! Ya’ll are going to LOVE IT!! Both workouts are on a :40 sec WORK | :20 sec REST | 10 rounds timer. Read below to grab my workout (and pin that graphic!) then head over to Jill’s blog to grab the details for her workout. And then get started!

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Set of Dumbbells (I used 10# – go for mid-weight)
  • Mat


Set your timer for :40 sec work | :20 sec rest | 10 rounds. You will alternate between the two moves, for a 10 minute workout. Each move will be completed 5 times.


Head to to get the rest of the workout! You can do her workout first or mine – either way, the workouts flow together!

Get ready for this combine Upper Body Blast straight from your Inspired To Be Fit Trainers, Jen and Jill! | Burpees for Breakfast


  • ROMANIAN DEADLIFT TO REVERSE FLY: Feet hip width apart. Shoulders back and down (think putting them in your back pocket) and lats engaged. Pelvis slightly tucked and core muscles engaged (imagine I’m coming to punch you in the gut). Knees slightly bent and dumbbells in hand. You will hinge at the hips, keeping knees slightly bent and back as flat as possible. As you hinge, your butt is going to go back. At the bottom, engage upper back muscles and squeeze together your shoulder blades as you lift the weights up and to the sides, keeping elbows slightly bent. When you rise, drive through your heels and squeeze the glutes and hammy’s to stand.
  • PLANK RENEGADE ROW TO PUSH-UP:  Assume hand plank position with weights in one hands (on one hand if it hurts to use both). Feet should be wide. Row the weight up, leading with elbow, engaging back muscles, until weight is to your ribs. Repeat on the other side. After a row on each side, perform a push-up. Here are tips for push-up mastery.

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Don’t forget to check out Jill’s post to get the WHOLE workout!

Have you been having a fun holiday weekend so far?! It’s been blazing hot, but so nice here! Friday, I left work a little early to start the weekend. The Hubs and I went out for Mexican and I got to eat ALL the chips and salsa, plus a margarita…or 2! I’m pretty sure the bottom fourth of the glass had all the alcohol in it, because I was feeeeling it with the last sip, but I’d already ordered another. The Hubs had to help me finish the second one and I proceeded to fall asleep at 8pm. #lightweight.

Saturday, I woke up later than I wanted too, but ended up spending the morning at the coffee shop getting some blog work done. Dave from BlogRite came to my rescue last week, after my site was going down at least once a week. He fixed it up, but I need to redo most of my recipes. I made a plan to update recipes and graphics, which was great…but I haven’t executed any plans yet! If you need a blog optimization guy, go to Dave. He’s thebombdotcom. The Hubs and I hung out the rest of the day, running a few errands and going on walks/reading outside.

Sunday, I was scheduled to set up and do check in at church, but I got pulled into being in the pre-school class. Even though the kids were SO LOUD and literally, running around the room, it was still pretty fun! I did some grocery shopping, anniversary present shopping and had my mom make me a few pictures for my office before meeting up with The Hubs for food, after his long canoe tip! It was a good weekend and I PUMPED to have another day off!!! I’m planning on taking workout photos and FINISHING MY DESK!

So, tell me:

What did you do this weekend!?
Do you enjoy combo workouts?
What do you want to see on Inspired to be Fit next?!



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