Your Holistically Hot Transformation by Marissa Vicario is the perfect guide for those just starting their healthy living journey and those that have been traveling already. Packed with valuable steps to help you become your most holistically hot self, this book is a must read!

Your Holistically Hot Transformation by Marissa Vicario is the perfect guide for those just starting their healthy living journey.

Your Holistically Hot Transformation Review & GIVEAWAY!

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Friday!

Have you been having a good week? Ready for the weekend? I’m totally ready for a weekend at home to hopefully finish my desk – yes, I’ve been saying this for weeks, maybe months by now – do a little cooking, get ahead on some blog work, hang with the Hubby and spend some time reading!

With all the time I have on my hands these days, one thing I’ve loved spending time reading a book outside. Sometimes with a summer bevvy. One book that ranks at the top of my list as of late is Your Holistically Hot Transformation, by Marissa Vicario.

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I found Marissa via Facebook and instantly fell in love with her mission. I am all about living a healthy lifestyle in a way that works best for your life and makes you feel amazing. Marissa is on the same mission. She is a lover of all things health and wellness and is passionate about inspiring women everywhere to transform their relationship with food. She is a Board Certified NYC Health Coach and graduate of IIN, a Healthy Living Expert, creator of the online meal planning service, The Total Reset Plan, author of  Your Holistically Hot Transformation: Embrace a Healthy Lifestyle Free of Dieting, Confusion and Self-Judgment, among other things! She’s one awesome lady, guys!

When Marissa reached out and asked if I’d be interested in reading and reviewing her latest book, I jumped at the chance. Your Holistically Hot Transformation follows Marissa’s journey from unfulfilled corporate professional to purpose-driven women’s lifestyle aficionado committed to teaching women how to trust themselves to make slimming, nutritious and energizing choices without resorting to fad diets that eliminate whole food groups, impossibly intense workouts, obscure foods with high price tags and the ‘eat this, not that’ approach.

Your Holistically Hot Transformation by Marissa Vicario is the perfect guide for those just starting their healthy living journeyWhat I love about this book is that it’s for those just starting their healthy living journey, as well as those that have been on it for a while. This book takes it back to basics. In every chapter, Marissa tackles a topic and breaks it down step by step, from healthy foods to add to your pantry, kitchen staples every kitchen needs, and self-care practices you can incorporate without much effort. Even though I’ve been living a healthy lifestyle for years now, this book was a wonderful refresher and even presented some new ideas that I hadn’t considered.

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Some of my favorites from the book:

  1. Marissa gives a big of background on the science of nutrition. I’m a science nerd and I think having that background is so important.
  2. Curious about Marissa’s Top 10 Foods? Many of her favorites are on my list too!
  3. Upgrade your day: Marissa goes over some fun tips to upgrade your day from playing with your food, scraping your tongue, drinking a warm bevvy mid-day and dry brushing, to name a few. Got a few good ideas from this section!
  4. Create a Nourishment Menu: Write down all the things you love to do, that keep you happy and fulfilled. Marissa suggests you keep this list handy for when the craving strike! Pick something from the list instead of that sweet treat.
  5. Tips for Dinning Out + Travel: This is such a great addition to any healthy living guide. I don’t know about you, but I am always a little more cautious when I travel and eat out. Sometimes, it’s not possible to eat exactly as you would at home, but Marissa provides great ideas to make the most of each experience.
  6. 30 Day Calendar: If you are ready to start implementing some of Marissa’s ideas/strategies, she provides a calendar with a daily step. It’s a 30 Day Healthy Journey JumpStart.

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Alright, are you ready to get your hands on a copy of this awesome book? There are a few ways you can do this:

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Your Holistically Hot Transformation Review

This book was such a fun read. I think ya’ll are going to love it! So ready for the weekend. I just wanna relax and enjoy a couple days off! Linking up with Jill today!

So, tell me:

What are your weekend plans?
Tell me about your holistically hot transformation