Ready to build a better butt? These 6 exercises are my go-to moves for building a better butt. I’ve combined them all into a tough 13 minute workout. Check out all the details in the latest installment of this month’s Inspired To Be Fit

These 6 exercises are my go-to moves to build a better butt. | Burpees for Breakfast

Build a better butt in 13 min with these 6 exercises

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

Welcome to Inspired To Be Fit! Are you ready to build a better butt? If so, you’ve come to the right place because for the month of June, we are focusing on lower body workouts! Last week, I shared a fiery lower body giant set workout. Today, I’m giving you 6 of my favorite moves to build a better butt. And combining them into one workout makes for a sore tushy and a sweaty workout!

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Why train your butt? Why the heck NOT?! Your gluteals are the largest muscle group in your body. Your butt is composed of three different muscles, gluteus minimus, gluteus medius and gluteus maximus. Your glue med and min both concentrically accelerate hip abduction (moving away from the midline). The medius also concentrically accelerates external rotation, along with the maximus. The minimus concentrically accelerates internal rotation, while the maximus accelerates hip extension. All kinds of personal trainer talk, right? Basically, the glutes help our hips and legs move.

  • Strong glutes aid with increase strength when it comes to lifting heavy things.
  • Strong glutes help control lower body movements
  • Strong glutes help improve posture

With constant sitting down all day and other posture distortions, our glutes can become very weak. It’s important to properly train glutes, at least once a week, to build a strong foundation. Remember, glutes are also part of our core musculature.

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Heavy Kettlebell
  • Loop resistance band (optional)
  • Set of dumbbells or lighter kettlebell (optional)


The setup is the same as a stacked workout. You will set your timer for :30 sec work and :30 sec work, for 13 rounds. You will complete 1 round working from the first move to the 6th move.

For an EXTRA BURN: After you’ve completed the circuit once, go back UP the pyramid. Start with all 6 moves, :30 sec each, then remove an exercise after each :30 sec rest.

Here is a breakdown of how the workout will flow:

  • Complete exercise 1 for :30 sec. Rest for :30 sec.
  • Go back to exercise 1, complete for :30 sec, followed immediately by exercise 2 for :30 sec, then rest.
  • Move through workout adding on 1 new move after each :30 sec rest.
    • Ex. :30 sec SL RDL, :30 sec REST; :30 sec SL RDL, :30 sec HIP THRUSTS, :30 sec rest; REPEAT through entire circuit

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I forgot my band when shooting this workout. For extra, use a loop resistance band around your calves for the low lateral walks and a band around your quads, for the hip thrusts. You can also do weighted hip thrusts, if you have access to a barbell. The SL RDL can also be regressed to use no weight.

These 6 exercises are my go-to moves to build a better butt. | Burpees for Breakfast



  • SINGLE LEG ROMANIAN DEADLIFT: With weight in heel with a slight bend in the knee, glutes squeezed, pelvis slightly tucked, shoulders back and down. Weight in left hand, balance on right leg. Hinge at hip, bracing core to bring back parallel to the ground. Keep core tight and squeeze glutes as you come back to stand.
  • HIP THRUSTS: Sit on butt, just in front of a bench, feet should be hip width apart and knees bent. Spread arms out and should blades just on top of the bench. Like in a hip bridge, press through heels and squeeze glutes as you come up  into a table top position, with knees at 90 degrees. Lower down and repeat.
  • 4 SKATERS to 4 SPRINTERS:  Coming into an athletic stance, jump from right to left, landing in heel – 4 repetitions total. Squeeze glutes and inner thighs. On the fourth rep, balance on the foot you landed on, the outside foot, stay low in an athletic stance and perform 4 sprinters. Your elevated leg will move back and forth, along with arms, while standing leg remains in squat position. Repeat and switch leading legs each round.
  • LOW LATERAL WALKS: [OPTIONAL: Place band around ankles or calves.] Get low in a squat. Take very small steps to the left/right, grounding through heels, keeping glutes tight, and pushing off the back foot. Focus on driving through heels and pushing knees out against the band.
  • SPLIT LUNGE JUMPS:  Come into a lunge stance and lower, bending knees. Explode up out of the split lunge, switching legs, and landing back in a lunge position. Jump up again, this time, back into the squat jump.
    ** Both legs count as 1 rep.
  • KETTLEBELL SWINGS: keep the bell up in your lady/man part area, hinge at the hip, power through the hips to almost ‘snap’ the kettlebell up, squeeze on the up.

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How was ya’ll’s <– seriously, can one word have that many apostrophes? — weekend?! It was BLAZING hot all weekend, but sunny, which was wonderful. Friday, The Hubs and I hung out a bit after work, had dinner, went mattress shopping…then bought a bed. We’ve both been wanting a new bed for almost a year now. Last weekend, we looked and decided that we should shop around a bit and maybe wait a few months. We ended up at a mattress store Friday and through some chatting with the sales guy (thanks to my husband, as he could have a good conversation with a rock), we ended up getting an Temper-pedic for half off and free delivery. The model was got was on the less expensive side and they ended up having one on clearance, so we went for it. It comes on Thursday and we can’t wait!

Saturday, I got up and did some blog work at my favorite coffee shop and stopped by the farmer’s market (2 twin eggs!!). My Moon time FINALLY come – a week late – while I was out. The Hubs wanted to look at glasses and I’m always up for a Target trip, so we went out….and took the car with no A/C, in 90 degree weather….It was hot. We ran all over town running some errands, trying to find blueberry wine from last weekend, and looking for marbled contact paper for me. We finally made it home and before I spent the night in bed, watching moves and nibbling on doughnuts, be not excited about the cramps that followed my period, I did a photoshoot for 2 different upcoming blog posts! It was a pretty productive day.

Sunday, I was at church all morning, ran a few errands, WE PUT TOGETHER PART OF MY DESK – aren’t you impressed – and then hung out the rest of the day, reading and blogging. At church, I saw an old bestie from high school that I haven’t seen in nearly 10 years. He was leading worship and found out he opened a music studio 3 blocks from my house. It’s so crazy, but seriously so good to see him!

Another week ahead and I’m looking forward to it. Our cruise is soon, I’m feeling good about getting back into working out, work is going well and don’t tell my husband, but I’m going back to short hair tomorrow!! I’ve been growing it out since our wedding and I just can’t take it anymore! It’s gotta be short. The Hubs wants me to grow it out so bad, he says it only look good long, even though he’s never seen me with it long! I’m just going to get it done after work tomorrow and not tell him!

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So, tell me:

Favorite exercises to build a better butt?
What did you do this weekend?!
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