This Thighs & Butt EMOM Bodyweight Workout will make your lower body burn! These are some of the best lower body moves to give you a solid lower body workout!

This Thighs & Butt EMOM Bodyweight Workout will make your lower body burn! | Burpees for BreakfastThighs & Butt EMOM Bodyweight Workout

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Inspired To Be Fit! I’ve been loving the extra lower body loving these days! This month, we’ve been talking lower body. Two weeks ago, I shared a lower body giant set workout. Last week, we worked on building a better butt with a fun 13 minute workout. Today, I’ve got a thighs & butt EMOM bodyweight workout for you, sure to make that lower body burn!

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Now, I’ve shared a couple EMOM workouts on the blog before. It stands for Every Minute On the Minute. Or in this case, every  2 minutes. These 4 exercises are killer and after 4 rounds of each move, your legs will be toast! What I like about an EMOM workout is that you can control your rest periods…or lack of rest.

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat
  • Set of Dumbbells (Optional)


Set timer for 2:00 work | 0:00 rest | 32 rounds. You will have 2 minutes to to complete 8 reps of each move. Any time left over is rest. Ex: 2 minutes to complete 8 Bulgarian Split Squats on each leg. If you get done before the timer beeps, you rest. When the timer beeps, move to 8 reps Lunge Lunge Squat. Continue through all moves. Complete 4 rounds for each move.

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This Thighs & Butt EMOM Workout will make your lower body burn! | Burpees for Breakfast


  • BULGARIAN SPLIT SQUAT: Place one left foot on box or step and move right leg in front of you so that when you perform the lunge/squat, your front knee comes to 90 degrees. You might need to readjust a few times. Weight are optional here. Shoulders back and down, pelvis slightly tucked. Perform a lunge, bending both legs, aiming for 90 degrees on the right leg. Repeat.
  • LUNGE LUNGE SQUAT: Perform a lunge jump on each leg, driving through heel, landing softly in lunge position. After the second jump, jump both feet out into a squat and perform a squat jump. Repeat.
  • REVERSE LUNGE OFF STEPS w/DONKEY KICK: Stand on a box or step with dumbbells in hands at your side, shoulders back and down with pelvis slightly tucked. Perform a reverse lunge off the box/step, aiming to get a 90 degree angle on the leg that is on the box. Come back to stand, slightly, and perform a donkey kick, squeezing glute at the top. Return to a reverse lunge.
  • PRISONER SQUAT w/CALF RAISE: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked, in the middle of your mat. Place hands behind your head. Lunge back with the left leg, until the knee touches the ground (right knee should be at about a 90 degree angle). Move right leg back until knee touches the ground. Move left leg back up (at 90 degrees), then right leg. Drive through heels and keep glutes tight. At the top, raise up onto feet for a calf raise. Switch leading leg each ROUND.
    ** If this move hurts your knees, fold over mat for extra padding. You can also perform a regular squat or squat to box, with hands behind head.

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How was your weekend?! Friday, I ended my work day with a chiropractor appointment. And the promise of a doctor’s note for a standing desk at work! The Hubs and I went to see Central Intelligence that night. It was so funny and Dwayne Johnson…mmm. That is a fine looking man. Saturday was the Farmer’s Market, putting up some shelves in our laundry room and doing a little cleaning, blog work, dinner with both our family’s and a night of relaxing! AND, we went to the Human Society because we are getting a dog soon!! The Human Society was so sad, for one thing and we found a few dogs we liked, however, since we are going on the cruise in 2 weeks, we decided to wait a few weeks before we get one.

Sunday, we took the in-laws to an early movie, Now You See Me 2 (super good!), and I did a little shopping after, while The Hubs saw Warcraft. It was one of those shopping trips where nearly every single thing I tried on looked good. Of course, I wasn’t in the market to buy much! Even 3 pair of jeans fit me. It’s SO tough to find jeans that fit my calves, quads and waist. I also painted my desk!!!! I’ll share photos soon. It’s been a long time coming. Finally finished!

So, tell me:

Ever done a thighs & butt EMOM bodyweight workout before?
What did you do this weekend?!
Favorite butt & thigh moves?



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