A Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Float is the perfect summer treat! Dairy-free vanilla ice cream, bubbly and probiotic rich kombucha root beer and a stripped straw make this a refreshing and healthy summer dessert!

A Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Float is the perfect summer treat! | Burpees for Breakfast

Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Float & Live Soda Review

Whew, it’s hot hot hot and HUMID the past few days. We live a few blocks away from an ice cream shop and I am forever wanting to stop and get a cone. They don’t have any ice cream my tummy likes, but every now and then I’ll go for it and enjoy the cone. Sometimes you just gotta.

I’ve been an ice cream lover all my life. My dad’s side of the family were big ice cream eaters and I think that’s where I got it from. When my parents first go married, my dad would eat ice cream for breakfast. And my sister, can down a bowl in what feels like 1 minute. She chews the ice cream…so weird. All this to say, we are big ice cream fans.

When I grew up, we would make 2 things: hand dipped milk shakes (vanilla ice cream, milk, chocolate syrup) and root beer floats. It’s been years since I’ve actually had one, because I don’t do real ice cream very often AND since soda is pure sugar, I haven’t had any in years.

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When I partnered with Live Soda for a blog review and Instagram giveaway (see details below) and found out that they made a Root Beer Kombucha, I knew a Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Float was in order, like ASAP. The thing, though, is that recreating childhood favorites and making them dairy/gluten/soy/sugar, etc. free doesn’t always work out. But when it does, like with my Mom’s Chicken Rice Casserole (yikes, I need new photos for this recipe!), it can transport you right back to the last time to had said item.

That is exactly what happened when I poured the Kombucha Root Beer over my Cashew Milk Vanilla Ice Cream. Y’all, it was darn good. The best part is that My Husband liked it too. I’ve shared a little bit about his weird food preferences before. He would drink a glass of cow’s milk with gluten mixed in, just to show that he doesn’t have any trouble processesing dairy or gluten. And he openly hates kombucha.

How did I get him to try this vegan kombucha root beer float…and 2 other Live Soda flavors, you might ask? I didn’t tell him he was drinking kombucha! Sneaky, right? And what do you know, he actually liked it. I honestly don’t think he ever tried kombucha anyway. So, note, if someone you know is not keen on trying kombucha, start them on a Live Soda instead. My Husband even uses the Cultured Cola and Sparkling Ginger as mixers for his adult beverages, one of which I’ll be sharing next week!

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Back to this vegan kombucha root beer float. It’s stupid simple, cool and refreshing, perfect for summer and provides you with a good dose of probiotics, thanks to Live Soda.

The tea we brew is Organic Fair Trade Certified™ and we use Organic Fair Trade Certified™ Evaporated Cane Juice to feed the kombucha SCOBY (‘Symbiotic Colony of Bacteria and Yeast,’ aka, the culture that makes kombucha a living drink). Once the fermentation process is complete, we sweeten the kombucha with organic stevia, a naturally calorie-free herbal sweetener, and flavor it with blends of natural flavors created by our founder and flavor chemist, Trevor Ross, to produce the delightfully familiar taste of your favorite sodas.

Pretty cool, right?!



  • Variety of flavors that match normal soda flavors: Cultured Soda (Coke or Pepsi); Root Beer; Dreamy Orange (Orange Soda – who loves orange soda?!) and more (I want to try that Blueberry soon!). Live Soda would be a great alternative for those that are trying to cut back on regular soda/diet soda. A 12 o.z. can of soda contains 140-165 calories and 39g of sugar. A12 oz. bottle of LIVE Soda contains only 60 calories and 14g of sugar! By replacing just one regular soda with LIVE Soda every day for a year, you’ll save around 30,000 calories and 6,600g of sugar! Say what?!
  • Contains a healthy dose of probiotics: Lactobacillus spp: 3.5 billion and Saccharomyces boulardii: 3.3 billion, respectively.


  • It was a bit hard to find, for me. My favorite Earthfare, that is about 25 minutes away, only carried the Cultured Soda, Sparkling Ginger and Root Beer. A closer one, only carried the Ginger. I was able to find the Living Limon and Dreamy Orange (would taste just like a creamsicle with ice cream!) at a Fresh Thyme that I happened to be near one day. So, when I found different flavors, I had to stock up!
  • If you are not a fan of soda, you might not love Live, to start. My very first experience was not the best, because I wasn’t used to drinking soda and it was just a different type of kombucha that I was expecting – a little more carbonated. So, if you try one and don’t love it, try another flavor!



  • Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream (I used cashew milk, but you can use almond milk, rice milk, coconut milk or soy milk.)
  • Live Root Beer Soda


  • Grab your glasses, straws and spoons.
  • Add desired amount of ice cream.
  • Pour Live Root Beer over the top.
  • Sip or spoon and enjoy.

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A Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Float is the perfect summer treat! | Burpees for Breakfast

Instagram Giveaway details:

Rather than a blog giveaway, we are taking things to INSTAGRAM!!! Today at 3pm, the Instagram photo will go live. The winner will receive 15 VIP Coupons! That means 15 FREE bottles of Live Soda. In order to be eligible to win, you will need to:

All details will be on the Instagram post, as well!

Disclaimer: I partnered with Live Soda for this post. I received product in exchange for an honest review and social shares. As always, all opinions are my own!

Vegan Kombucha Root Beer Floats, may they make an appearance at your next lounge in the sun! I’ll be sharing my favorite mocktail recipe with you next week, featuring Live Soda! You guys are gonna love it!

So, tell me:

Does a vegan kombucha root beer float sound good to you?
Have you ever tried Live Soda?
Do you have a favorite childhood summer dessert?