Find it tough to stay dedicated to fitness? A routine, a workout program, a class? Today, for Fierce Female Friday, Beverly Cheng of Born to Sweat, shares her one simple rule for staying dedicated to fitness!

Find it tough to stay dedicated to fitness? | Burpees for Breakfast

One Simple Rule for Staying Dedicated to Fitness

Hi guys and Happy (Fierce Female) Friday!

I’ve been enjoying this series so much so far, hopefully you have too. Today, I’m introducing you to one Fierce Fitness Lady, Beverly Cheng. I’m pretty sure I found Beverly via Instragm. She is crazy strong and shares awesome workout videos and posts on the reg. Her blog is so beautiful and she is constantly sharing fun health tips, great workouts and tasty recipes. She is sharing with us her not-so-secret simple rule for staying dedicated to fitness. Enjoy!

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Hi guys,

Thank you to Jen for featuring me on her beautiful and inspiring blog! I love to check out the creative and educational new workouts that she posts, so I was honored to be asked.

My name is Beverley, and I am the founder/blogger over at Born to Sweat. I live in Toronto, Canada (centre of the universe, some might say?) and live with my boyfriend and fat cat Winston. I’m a marine underwriter by day (in the sexy world of insurance), and a fitness aficionado by night.

Growing up I had always been involved in sports, and I played rugby at a fairly high level for several years. Getting serious about rugby was the initial stepping stone for my fitness journey, and taught me so much of what I know today.

I love creating workouts, coming up with new exercises, figuring out how to challenge my body and challenge my clients. To me, one of the best feelings in the world is building the strength to be able to do something that you couldn’t do 5 months earlier. The second best feeling is being able to do several pull ups at the gym, and having a bunch of men watch you, wishing they could do the same 😉

I want to continually inspire and push women to know that they have the strength to perform any exercise if they put their mind to it. It isn’t men that hold the floor in the weight room anymore – its women too. If you set a goal to completing 20 push-ups, 10 chin ups, a 200 lb squat – whatever it is, it is achievable.

My favorite kind of workout is… basically any workout that will make me sweat. HIIT, resistance training, hill sprints, hot yoga – I love it all. If I’m not sweating, I feel like I’m doing something half-assed. Even on my recovery days, I’ll make sure I start off on the spin bike and keep pumping up the resistance till I’m dripping.

Find it tough to stay dedicated to fitness? | Burpees for BreakfastOne of the things I find most challenging about living a healthy lifestyle is being able to balance it with all the things I love – I do enjoy to drink with my friends on the weekends and I am a pretty pathetic excuse of a human the next day – You can be assured I won’t be working out.

However, I tell myself that in the long run, my overall lifestyle is healthy, active, and balanced. Enjoying yourself should never give you anxiety or make you feel guilty, because what is life without having fun?

On the topic of motivation and balance, I’m going to share with you guys my favorite ‘rule’ for achieving your fitness goals and how I apply this to my everyday life.

1 (Super Simple) Rule to Staying Dedicated to Fitness

I often get asked about how I stay so motivated or how I have the energy to consistently go to the gym. If you work full-time, go to school, or have children, by the end of the day your motivation to workout has pretty much dwindled.

Like many of you, I’m in the exact same boat – I work full time, personal train on the side, am a cat mom, a girlfriend, and a friend. I’d be lying if I said I was always motivated to workout, because I definitely am not. More realistically, I’d say 50% of the time I actually want to go to the gym after work.

Luckily for me, I endured 7 years of rugby practice and conditioning without a choice in the matter, and that completely shaped my mindset and commitment to fitness.

As cliché as this might sound, my tip for staying dedicated to fitness is this – don’t think about it, and just do it.

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What Exactly Does That Mean?

Since leaving University and retiring from rugby (thus no more practice or conditioning sessions), I created a set schedule every week for when I plan to workout (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday). Rather than mulling it over and humming and hawing about it, I leave work every day and go straight to the gym. No questions asked.

If I sat there at the end of the day and kept coming up with excuses as to WHY I shouldn’t go to the gym – I’d never go. There are tons of valid reasons; you have to study, you need to meet a friend, you didn’t sleep well the night before, etc. But the point of this rule is to ignore all those excuses and just go.

Once you are changed, warming up, and even exercising, all those unmotivated thoughts completely disappear. Before you know it, you’re 100% into the workout, and hella glad you came.

One Additional Piece of Advice

To make this method even more effective, I would suggest coming up with the workout before you head for the gym. This way you are armed and ready for when you arrive, and there is no procrastinating on the treadmill, trying to figure out what to do.

Each day I train, I come up with a workout around lunch time. That way I still have energy from my coffee, I’m still inspired and committed to going to the gym, and I have all afternoon to tweak the workout.

If you have trouble coming up with your own workouts, be sure to check out my Workouts tab on my site to see tons of different ones you can try!

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WEEKEND! So glad it’s here because that means NEXT weekend, the Hubs and I will be cruising in the Bahamas!! This weekend, though, is jam packed. Because we are leaving next Thursday night, I’m planning on getting ahead on blog posts for next Friday and 4th of July. Next week, I have a doctors appointment AND teach a class – not sure why I scheduled that the week we leave, but… – which means anything I can get ahead on will only make the week run more smoothly.

I need to find another bathing suit and pick up a few things for the trip. We have a birthday party about an hour away on Saturday afternoon. Sunday, I volunteer at church all morning. We are hoping to go look for a dog at an adoption event nearby…and I want to relax! All the things the weekend!

So, tell me:

How do you stay dedicated to fitness?
What is your rule (s)?
What are you doing this weekend?