My leg bodyweight HIIT workout will help you get sleek and strong legs! This high intensity interval workout is meant to be completed as quickly as possible, with good form. With only 4 moves and 4 rounds, your legs will be sleek and strong in no time!

My leg bodyweight HIIT workout will help you get sleek and strong legs! | Burpees for Breakfast

Sleek & Strong Leg Bodyweight HIIT Workout

Hi and Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Inspired To Be Fit! It’s our last week of focusing on lower body! This month, we’ve been talking lower body. So far, you’ve gotten a lower body giant set workout,  6 exercises to build a better butt, a thighs & butt EMOM Bodyweight Workout and today, a Leg Bodyweight HIIT Workout. This one is going to have your legs BURNING!

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I was inspired to create this leg bodyweight hiit workout thanks to the bridge/causeway in town that I walk nearly every day. It’s slightly too long to do walking lunges down and back, but perfect for a fun little stop & go workout combining a few different leg moves. I counted down and back as my entire workout and my legs were on fiiiya! This workout contains 4 different moves, with a set rep range (or time, for the sprints). If you don’t have a giant bridge/causeway, try to find a long strip of area OR just do it in the space you have!

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax), optional
  • Dumbbells, optional


Complete RX reps or RX time for each of the 4 moves. You will complete 4 sets  of each. Try to move through each set as quickly as possible, with little rest. Rest :30s – 1min between sets or as needed throughout the workout.

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My leg bodyweight HIIT workout will help you get sleek and strong legs! | Burpees for Breakfast


  • WALKING LUNGES: Standing upright, roll shoulders back and down and engage lats. Tuck pelvis slightly to engage core. Perform walking lunge by driving through heels, keeping pelvis tucked and not letting knees go past foot. Weight is optional for this move. For more of a booty burn, lean forward slightly with each lunge forward, still keeping core engaged.
  • SPRINTS: self explanatory move, right?
  • BROAD JUMPS: Assume squat position, crouch down a little further, drive through heels and take a big jump forward, landing with weight in heels, in a squat position.
  • A-SKIPS: Keeping body tight and muscle engaged, you will perform a skip. Power through the standing leg, drive other knee high, towards your chest, like you are running.

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So…how was your weekend?! Friday, I got most of the stuff I needed for the cruise. We leave THURSDAY! The Hubs and I hung out and did a little shopping. Saturday, I had a slow morning, did some cleaning, we went to look for a dog at this giant pet adoption, headed to a birthday party for my cousin and ended the night with pizza! It was a good day, but it was so so so so so so hottttt! Sunday, after helping out at church in the morning, I can home for lunch/brunch after getting a second swimsuit from Target. The Hubs decided he wanted to run this week to ‘get ready for the cruise’ and he picked Sunday as his start day.

The gym, of course, was closed, so after a mini photoshoot for this post, we went on a run. And it was so bloody hot and we took lots of walk breaks. Then we went to go get me a tennis racquet and proceeded to play tennis for 1 hour. And by tennis, I mean that he spent nearly the entire time teaching me how to hit the ball properly. He was very patient, which was good. I haven’t played tennis since I was in elementary school, so I was a biiiiiit rusty. Came home to clean our bedroom closet, do a bit of  work, eat dinner and watch a little TV. We started watching The Strain and it’s so good. Anyone else seen it?!

Such a busy week of work and home life and then CRUISING!! Can’t wait! P.S. I mentioned Stacey London from What Not To Wear in one of my Instagram comments, because I freaking LOVE her. And guys, she RESPONDED BACK! Ahhhhh!!! Fan girl moment! I freaked out a little bit!!

So, tell me:

What moves would you add to a leg bodyweight hiit workout?
What did you do this weekend?!



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