Get ready to try a Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail – a simple and refreshing summer drink you are sure to love. I’ve combined two of my favorite drinks into one tasty beverage you can enjoy any time of day!

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Simple and Refreshing Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail

How is it that crushed ice makes every beverage taste a thousand times better? Anyone else agree? It sure makes this Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail even better.

Back in March, The Husband and I headed out to Boston for a wedding reception for his best friend – a guy no one thought would ever get married. Thank goodness he did because the inspiration for this Moscow Mojito Mocktail came from that weekend! They hosted a cocktail reception, at a restaurant in Harvard Square I’d been dying to try for years, where in addition to an open bar (!!), they selected a few signature drinks.

After a vodka cran – my favorite – I ordered a take on the Moscow Mule. It didn’t come in the cool copper mug, rather a short cocktail glass filled with crushed ice, vodka, ginger beer, champagne and muddled lime. Guys, it was so good. All the flavors meshed together so well and created this smooth, tangy, slightly sweet beverage that kept myself, and The Husband, going back for more. No Moscow Mule since then has compared.

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I’d like to say that this Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail is better than the one from Boston, but let’s be real: it’s a good substitute and great if you want a non-alcoholic bevvy to sip poolside on a hot summer day.

Rather than sugary ginger beer, the ginger flavor comes from Sparkling Ginger Live Soda. If you remember, Live Kombucha is packed with healthy probiotics and is a great alternative to regular soda. It’s ALSO a great alternative to sugar laden ginger beer. Now, in all honesty, the Sparkling Ginger flavor is not my favorite, BY ITSELF. However, I found if I did a half and half with Sparkling Ginger and sparkling water, I enjoyed it much more. And that’s exactly what I did with the Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail.

This bevvy is so refreshing, super simple to make, all the flavors complement each other very well and it’s perfect for any time drink. Enjoy it morning, noon or night. Plus, if you wanted to add a little vodka or rum, for a special treat, feel free to add a few ounces!



  • 1 bottle Live Soda Sparkling Ginger
  • Sparkling Water (I used Lime flavor)
  • Crushed Ice
  • Few sprigs of mint leaves (3 – 5 leaves per glass)
  • 1-2 limes


  1. If you don’t have crushed ice, crush some ice cubes – enough to fill your glass nearly to the brim.
  2. Juice half a lime into each of your empty glasses. Then, add the lime half and 2 – 3 mint leaves to the glass. Using the end of a wooden spoon (or muddler, if you are that fancy!), muddle the lime, lime juice and mint leaves. Add half the ice and muddle/mix a bit more.
  3. Add the remaining ice to your glasses. Top each glass with half a bottle of Sparkling Ginger Live Soda. Top with sparkling water.
  4. Using a regular/fancy straw, give the glass a few stirs. Top with mint leaves.

Enjoy poolside, beach side or outside with a good book.

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Get ready to try a Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail | Burpees for Breakfast

We are going to be enjoying drinks like this all weekend! We leave for Orlando tomorrow after work, then head to the cruise ship on Friday!

So, tell me:

Would you try this Moscow Mojito Kombucha Mocktail?
Do you have a favorite cocktail?
Have you tried Live Kombucha yet?!