A 3 day Bahamas’ vacation calls for a little blog recap. Find out what drinks I brought with to help me stay healthy and hydrated. Plus, learn to big takeaways from the trip!

Cruise Recap | Burpees for Breakfast

Cruise Recap: Drinks, Unplugging and Bikini Bodies

Hi Y’all and Happy Friday!

It came a little bit quicker this week because of the 4 day weekend! Life has been a little busy this week, catching up, so I thought I’d do a little recap of my cruise for you!

So, we left on Thursday right after work. This was the first time we both had flown Southwest and we were eager to see the difference in airline from Delta and America. The past 2 trips we took with Delta resulted in significant delays each time. Plus, I took Delta home from BlogFest last year. If you don’t remember the saga, I was basically stuck at an airport for nearly 24 hours. Oye  vey!

We I totally didn’t realize that Southwest was pick your own seating. Other than getting a not so great seat since our boarding spot wasn’t that great, it was a decent flight. Our connecting flight was delayed slightly, but because the flight was so quick, we ended up not paying for a little cocktail we each decided to order. AND we got into the Atlanta airport after that first flight so early, that for once, I wasn’t running/power-walking through the airport to catch my next plane!

We arrived in Orlando around 10pm. It’s a really nice airport and the Hyatt, where we stayed for the night, was just up the stairs. We shared a room with our besties and played Euchre until I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. Friday was brunch at the hotel and off to the cruise ship. When we got on board, we pretty much made a beeline for the pool. Hung out until dinner and then relaxed for the rest of the night.

Cruise Recap 2016Saturday, we docked in Nassau around noon. Rather than do an excursion, we decided to go to one of the top rated spots on TripAdvisor, The Tiki Bikini Hut. For $45, we got 2 beach chairs, 1 umbrella, 6 drinks and 6 shots. Seemed like a good deal. I think we spent more time in line waiting for drinks and our chairs than we actually did relaxing. It was a small section of the beach that housed what felt like 250 people. It was packed. At least 15 minutes in line for a drink with no rhyme or reason to whom was up next in line. And, to top it off…or not top it off, at least half the drinks came without any alcohol. So sugar water…which is not what you wanna drink in the blazing sun.

Which is why, I packed a few SOS Sticks with me. I slammed a few throughout our time outside and they kept me well hydrated and feeling good. We ended up making the most of our afternoon in Nassau, took a few photos by the water and headed back to the ship. Rather than sit down dinner, we went for the buffet and more time outside. At the request of Kyle, we went to a Juggler Show that night (hah! I searched Juggler Chuck on Google and he came up!).

Let that sink in a minute. Luckily, the guy threw in quite a lot of adult humor. A few times the humor and awkwardness was a bit too much, but apparently it was enough to keep us entertained, because we stayed for the entire show. He had on hot pink pants and a bedazzled black shirt…

Sunday we started the day at Coco Cay, the Royal Caribbean private island. I didn’t get sick on the smaller boat tender ride to the island, so yay me. The Hubs and the Martin’s wanted to start the day with snorkeling before we did our kayak adventure. I’ve never snorkeled before and I’m not the best swimmer. I tried it out in closer to the shore, before heading out too far, and decided to opt out. Instead, I walked the edge of the island a bit and ended up just sitting in the water. It was perfect.

Cruise Recap 2016 | Burpees for BreakfastWe signed up for a kayak tour, instead of just being able to kayak on our own. Sports lover and competitive guy my husband is wanted the kayak all to himself. It took a bit of convincing to let me ride with him. And I did a stellar job, thankyouverymuch. We were always ahead of the group and my hanger didn’t kick in until the last leg of the trip. We got to see some conchs, sea cucumbers, fish eggs. I got to hold a jelly fish and a fatter, slug like sea cucumber. It was a really fun 2 hours and our guide was awesome.

Buffet BBQ lunch, a giant water slide and more relaxing by the water was the better part of our afternoon. It took a hot minute to get back to the boat because EVERYONE decided to leave at the same time. Now, my husband got an alcohol package and even though he had been sharing with us, it seem like he and Kyle were having all the fun. So, Kara and I decided it was our night. We all finished the alcohol we brought on the ship and had many a laughs. Of course, being the lightweight that I am, crashed around 7pm. However, I did rally again around 10 or 11 and we all enjoyed some pizza before calling it a night.

Monday morning, we were up bright and early. I managed a couple bites of eggs, but my tater tots were the only food item I managed to enjoy. Apparently, I crave grease when I’m hungover. My greens powder didn’t even taste good.

I brought 4 servings of Arbonne Greens Balance with me as well. I knew that I would be hard pressed to find a good amount of quality food on the cruise AND I knew I’d want to eat some foods that my tummy might not like so much. Bringing greens was such a good plan. And, on the second night, I realized that lemon wedges were out for the taking, so I downed a good couple mugs of warm lemon water.

Overall, the cruise was great. While I watched the foods I consumed to make sure I didn’t eat too much gluten/dairy and the like, I wasn’t overly obsessive and I enjoyed chocolate cake and pizza. My days after weren’t the best, but, when on a cruise, sometimes you just need to let loose.

Cruise Recap 2016 | Burpees for Breakfast

Two big takeaways from the trip:

  1. From Friday at 5pm to Monday at 7am, I didn’t have access to the internet. I couldn’t post anything to Instagram, check to see how my blog posts were fairing or respond to any emails. IT.WAS.GLORIOUS! I thought I’d miss it, to be honest. But, it was just the opposite, in fact. So much so, that it took me until yesterday to get back into the swing of things. And has me thinking about more areas of my life to cut back on. No decisions have been made yet, but I’ll keep you posted.
  2. There were A LOT of ladies on the boat in bikini’s. A LOT. Coming off of the Bikini Rebellion, I was more aware of the ratio of bikini’s and one-piece swimsuit. Most of the bikini girls seemed to be fairly confident rocking their two piece. Not many were ‘skinny’ by society’s standards either. It was awesome to see so many ladies embracing their body, even if it was just for the weekend of the cruise.

See the full album here!

What are you weekend plans!? I’m looking forward to a more relaxed weekend. The weekend before the cruise was busy, getting everything ready and then we had the cruise. Nothing much planned this weekend, other than catching up on a few things. AND, maybe getting a dog! On Wednesday, after weeks of searching, I finally found an adoptable English Bulldog. The Hubs and I put in an application yesterday, that way, if we this she is a good fit when we go see her tomorrow, we can get her right away! Be sure to check Insta to find out!

So, tell me:

Have you ever been on a cruise? Any tips for next time to stay healthy and hydrated?
What are your weekend plans?