Today, I’m sharing 10 Full Body HIIT Workouts with Minimal Equipment. These workouts will have you sweating in no time. And since most call for 1 piece of equipment, you can do these workouts anywhere!

10 Full Body HIIT Workouts with Minimal Equipment | Burpees for Breakfast

10 Full Body HIIT Workouts with Minimal Equipment Under 20 Minutes

Good Morning and Happy Monday! Can you guys believe it’s the second week of July?! Where is the time going? I need to stop getting older because it flies by SO much faster!

Welcome to another week of Inspired to be Fit! Because it’s summer and things are a little slower, Jill and I are not doing a specific theme for July…plus, we have some fun things in the works! Can’t wait to share!

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This Monday, you get 10 Full Body HIIT Workouts with Minimal Equipment, you can do (just about) anywhere, all under 20 minutes. I went through some of my favorite blog workouts and picked 10 that are perfect for this round up. Be sure to check the WORKOUT archives or browse the top menu bar by Equipment, Body Part and Type.

20 Minute Inspired To Be Fit Upper Body Blast

Get ready for this combine Upper Body Blast straight from your Inspired To Be Fit Trainers, Jen and Jill! | Burpees for Breakfast

13 Minute Stability Ball Ab Workout For All Fitness Levels

This Stability Ball Ab Workout targets the entire core musculature, though foundational moves, kicked up a notch, thanks to the stability ball. | Burpees for Breakfat

My Favorite 17 Minute Barbell Complex & Jump Rope Quickie

barbell complex

20 Minute stability Ball & Bosu HIIT Circuit

Ready to try this 20 Minute Stability & Bosu Ball HIIT Circuit? Two great pieces of equipment deliver a solid workout with strength and cardio moves! The best of both world's.

Upper Body Every Minute On the Minute Dumbbell Workout


16 Minute Vacation Bodyweight Workout


Full Body Medicine Ball AMRAP

medicine ball amrap

Bosu Ball Cardio Interval Workout

bosu ball cardio interval workout

5 For Fat Loss Workout: Kettlebell Style


17 Minute Ninja HIIT Workout


Taking it way back with this one! Still a favorite!

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How was your weekend?! On Friday, the Hubs and I decided to drive south to check out this cool dog we were interested in. After leaving late and hitting traffic, the trip ended up taking 2 hours. When we got there, we got to play with the dog in this little fenced in area. He pretty much sniffed the perimeter for a good 10 minutes and barely came to us when we called him. They let us hang out with him in an indoor room, with less smells, where he seemed more agreeable and we decided to take him home!! We made the 2 hour drive home, stopped at my parents house so they could see him, stopped by The In-Laws house to get a bed for him to sleep on, then finally made it home around 10pm! We put him in our laundry room, but he barked a bit more than the Hubs wanted. Then I put in to sleep on the couch in the living room, which lasted from 11 – 2am. After barking and a walk, The Hubs caved and let him sleep at the foot of our bed. Where he stayed, quietly, until the morning. He’s now a bed sleeper…

oscarSaturday, he went on all the walks in the morning. The Hubs is playing this Pokemon game where he has to walk around town, catching Pokemon on his phone, so he actually wanted to go on a walk. I hit my 11,000 step goal early afternoon! We took Oscar for a trip to the Vet and to get a new leash. After, we gave him a bath, because no groomer was available! I vacuumed the house, cleaned out my car, did the dishes, made dinner and then crashed on the bed. Luckily, Oscar was tired from the day and likely, his shots, so he slept, while I watched Jane The Virgin & Hart of Dixie, doing a little blogging!

Sunday, I spent the morning at church, got groceries and came home to my boys. The Hubs had been playing his Pokemon game and walking with Oscar for 2 hours, when I got home. We let the pup rest and got brunch. I spent the afternoon in the kitchen, shooting a blog recipe and making a few other things. The Hubs and I played a little tennis, had a little dinner, went on a couple walks with the pup and then I went to bed. It was the LONGEST weekend!

But, so worth it. Oscar is just seriously the best. Yesterday at church, I just wanted The Hubs to send me pictures of him…even though I knew they would all be the same. Hah, it will be such a long day without him! #dogmomproblems

P.S. StitchFix is sharing my review on their Review Site today! Be sure to check it out!

So, tell me:

Do you have any full body HIIT workouts with minimal equipment that you love doing?
What did you do this weekend?



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