Get your sweat on with this HIIT Dumbbell Quickie. With only 4 moves and 1 set of dumbbells, you can really do this workout anywhere! 

Get your sweat on with this HIIT Dumbbell Quickie. | Burpees for Breakfast

4 Move HIIT Dumbbell Quickie

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Inspired To Be Fit! Remember, since things are a bit slower this month, Jill and I are keeping things low key, with some exciting things coming soon! Today, I’m sharing this fun and simple 4 Move HIIT Dumbbell Quickie. I did this workout at the gym a couple weeks ago and loved it. Getting in a solid workout, in 15 minutes is what I’m all about these days.

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  • Set of Dumbbells


Complete 3 set of all 4 moves, with RX reps. Rest ~0:30 sec between sets.

Get your sweat on with this HIIT Dumbbell Quickie. | Burpees for Breakfast …


  • WEIGHTED SQUAT: With weight near shoulders, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked. Spread feet a little wider than hip width apart, toes turned out slightly. Keeping elbows lifted, lower down as low as you can into a squat. Drive through heels to stand.
  • BICEP CURL to SHOULDER PRESS: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, weights in both hands at your sides. Curl weight, focusing on biceps. At the top, rotate wrists, so palms face away from you. Engage shoulder muscles and press weights overhead. Squeeze glutes, contract core and lock out shoulders at the top. Repeat.
  • REVERSE LUNGES: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, weights in both hands at your sides. Drive through left heel as right foot steps behind into a lunge, both knees at 90 degrees. Lean slightly forward for greater glute activation. Drive through left heel to stand.
  • BENT ROW w/REVERSE FLY: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, weights in both hands at your sides. Hinge at the hips. Back should be flat, knees slightly bent and butt back. Lead with elbows and row weights, contracting upper back muscles. Return to start. This time, engage the lats and draw shoulder blades together on your back and you fly the weights to the side. Imagine you have a card or coin in between your shoulder blades that you are trying to squeeze together, at the top of the fly.

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Your weekend! Tell me about it!! On Friday, The Hubs and I went on a shopping date. We hit up Lulu and a few other spots, got dinner, ran by Trader Joe’s and Petsmart and headed home to our pup. He started limping and had a red, swollen toe all afternoon. After showing a picture of it to the vet, the recommended we bring him in. So, Saturday morning, I made it to the vet at 7:30am. Forget sleeping in!

I ended up hanging out at my favorite coffee shop, doing a little work and hitting up the farmer’s market while I waited. The vet said he has an abscess that could either be drained, costing $250 or take antibiotics for $72. We opted for antibiotics. He was pretty lazy most the afternoon, which was great because The Hubs and I went to his parents house for an early dinner.

Sunday, I just need to sleep in, so we did. I had a lunch date with my mom planned for 11:30am and since The Hubs is slightly obsessed with Pokemon Go, he went with me a little early, with Oscar and we walked around catching Pokemon and looking at houses. His plan was to go home for a while and come back to pick me up…however, I forgot to give him the keys, so he and Oscar walked around for an hour! The pup crashed as soon as we got home! I did a ton of food prep for a couple hours, then I crashed and watched Netflix for a bit.

And, now it’s Monday. Another week ahead. I’m looking forward to it!! How about you?

So, tell me:

Favorite moves to add to a HIIT dumbbell quickie workout?
What did you do this weekend?!



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