Choosing a Dietitian is definitely a bigger decision that picking out a pair of shoes. There are a few important things to consider when choosing a dietitian. I’m sharing a little bit about my experience working with an RD and some tips to help you as you choose one!

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4 Tips for Choosing a Dietitian & Why You Need One

Hi Y’all and Happy Wednesday!

In case you missed it last week, I shared over at Muscles and Munchkins a little bit about my experience working with an RD and gave some tips for choosing a dietitian. A couple weeks ago, I shared my nutrition journey and this is a supplemental piece! In the post, I talk about how you know if you should work with a dietitian, where to start and then offer 4 tips for choosing a dietitian.

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Because I like you all so much, here is a sneak peek of the some of tips:

Tips for Choosing a Dietitian

  1. Do Your Research (regarding their Nutrition Philosophy): There are so many different RD’s, with so many different approaches to food, nutrition and wellness. The most important thing I can tell you is to find a practitioner that shares your same food philosophy.
  2. Be Detailed With The Information You Provide: Before I had my appointment, I filled out something like an 11 page guide of paperwork, including a 3 day food diary. I was as detailed as possible with all this paperwork, sent over previous tests and went through my entire gut issue saga with her on my first session. This is key! Give all as many details as possible – down to the consistency of your poo!

Find out the other tips by visiting Muscles and Munchkins.

And, join the conversation:

Have you ever worked with a Dietitian?
If so, what are you tips for choosing a dietitian?