This Bosu Ball Workout Roundup shares my top 7 favorite Bosu Ball workouts. The Bosu is one of the most versatile (and one of my favorite) pieces of fitness equipment, making these workouts all ‘must-try’!

Bosu Ball Workout Roundup | Burpees for Breakfast

Bosu Ball Workout Roundup: My Top 7 Favorites

Good Morning and Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Inspired to be Fit! Because it’s summer and things are a little slower, Jill and I are not doing a specific theme for July…plus, we have some fun things in the works! Can’t wait to share!

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This Monday, you get a Bosu Ball Workout Roundup where I’m sharing my top 7 favorite workouts! I go through phases with using the Bosu in my workouts. I’ve been wanting to incorporate it much more lately, which got me thinking about some of my favorite Bosu Ball Workouts, some of which  I need to do in the coming weeks!

Around this time last year, I participated in the Bosu Strong Campaign with Fit Approach and gained a whole new appreciation for this versatile piece of equipment. Plus, it’s one of my most popular boards on Pinterest, which has me in the mood for creating more Bosu workouts in the near future, stay tuned! Hope you try out some of these workouts and enjoy them as much as I do!

Bosu Cardio Interval Workout via ME!

bosu ball cardio interval workout

Push Pull Bosu Workout via Bendiful Blog

Total Body Bosu HIIT Workout via Jill Conyers

25 Minute Bosu Burner via Muscles and Munchkins

20 Minute Bosu Interval Workout via Pumps & Iron

Bosu Ball Workout: 3 Cardio Conditioning Exercises via Kai Wheeler

Dynamic Balance Unilateral Bosu Ball Workout via ME

Dynamic Balance Unilateral Bosu Ball Workout | Burpees for Breakfast

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 Want even more Bosu? Search #BosuStrong or search the Bosu Ball archives!

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How does the weekend always go by so fast? I left work a little early on Friday and we hand all the sushi for dinner with a couple friends. I could seriously eat sushi 3 meals a day. I just love it. Saturday, I got up to walk the pup and started a little house cleaning. I cleaned, did laundry, walked the dog and caught up on about 2 weeks worth of Bloglovin’ posts throughout the day. As I’m getting older, cleaning is becoming more relaxing/a stress relief. Kind of crazy!

Sunday was church all morning, grocery shopping, writing this post and just general relaxing. The Hubs’ friend from high school was in town, so we hung out with her and her friends for a late lunch and were pretty much lazy the rest of the night. I did make How Sweet Eats Salmon with Thai Curry Peanut Sauce and Coconut Cilantro Rice for dinner. It was AH-AMAZING.

So, dog parents, Oscar is SUPER itchy and shedding alot. From what I’ve read, it could be food allergy. I got him some grain free food and I’ve been adding some oil to each bowl, as I read that can help with their coat. The vet told us we could give him benedryl, so he’s had that the past 2 nights. I’m going to be more consistent with brushing him too. Any other recommendations? He’s a basset/australian shepherd, so I know he’ll shed, but I’m worried about the constant itching and biting.

Enjoy your Monday friends. I’m glad the heat advisory is gone and it’s going to be high 80’s instead of 90’s this week.

So, tell me:

How do you like this Bosu Ball Workout Roundup?
What workouts would be on your list?



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