This Summer Arms and Abs Stacked Workout is a perfect ‘do-anywhere’ workout. These moves will get your arms and abs sculpted AND strong. With only a couple pieces of equipment, you’ll want to do this quicke stacked workout every week!

This Summer Arms and Abs Stacked Workout is a perfect 'do-anywhere' workout. | Burpees for Breakfast

Summer Arms and Abs Stacked Workout

Hi Ya’ll and Happy Monday!

Welcome to another week of Inspired To Be Fit! We have some exciting news to share! Lauren from The Bikini Experiment has joined the team! Lauren is awesome. She shares the vision and purpose Jill and I have of inspiring others through our passion for health and fitness. We want to guide and help women build self love and confidence AND experience how mentally and physically transformative fitness and active living can be!

We’re also broadening the focus of the ITBF community to all things health and fitness. Share your wonderful workouts, recent accomplishments, healthy recipes that fuel your fitness and motivation to push through when life is busy or the workout is a challenge with a community that shares a passion for fitness.

Today, I’m bringing you a Summer Arms and Abs Stacked Workout, although, you can really do this year round. I’ve shared a few stacked workouts on the blog before, so this format isn’t anything new. Since I took my full-time job back in late April, I’ve taught maybe 1 or 2 classes. Well, a couple weeks ago, the owner of the gym just down the street from my house asked if I could sub over the next month or so, every other Saturday for one of their instructors.

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I was a little hesitant, because honestly, I like doing nothing these days! But, I decided to go for it. And I’m glad I did. I forgot how much I enjoy teaching! It was pretty fun! I dug up one of my old workouts from last year to do for the class and again, forgot how good of a workout it was. So, I decided to share part of it with you today! There is an upper body circuit, which is below and a lower body circuit. If you are a newsletter subscriber, you will get the FULL workout on Thursday. If you aren’t a subscriber, sign up today and you’ll get the workout on Thursday as well!

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At the end of class, we did a super quick core workout. However, if you want to include a core circuit to this arms and abs stacked workout, the ‘related’ one is great. Or you can try this Oblique Burner Stacked Pyramid Workout.

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  • Interval Timer (I don’t go anywhere without my MiniMax)
  • Mat
  • Set of Dumbbells
  • Step/Box


You will set your timer for :30 sec work and :30 sec work, for 13 rounds. You will complete 1 round working from the first move to the 6th move.

Here is a breakdown of how the workout will flow:

  • Complete exercise 1 for :30 sec. Rest for :30 sec.
  • Go back to exercise 1, complete for :30 sec, followed immediately by exercise 2 for :30 sec, then rest.
  • Move through workout adding on 1 new move after each :30 sec rest.
    • Ex. :30 sec SL RDL, :30 sec REST; :30 sec SL RDL, :30 sec HIP THRUSTS, :30 sec rest; REPEAT through entire circuit

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This Summer Arms and Abs Stacked Workout is a perfect 'do-anywhere' workout. | Burpees for Breakfast …


  • BICEP CURL & OBLIQUE CRUNCH: Stand upright with shoulders back and down, pelvis tucked, core engaged and weights in left hand, held down at your side. Curl left arm up into a bicep curl. Using obliques, crunch down to the left. No need to go down too far on the left side. Use obliques to stand. Repeat.
  • LATERAL SHUFFLE OVERS: In an athletic position, with one foot on the box, shuffle back and forth, keeping on foot on the box/step at all times.
  • BICEP CURL TO SHOULDER PRESS: Stand upright, shoulders back and down, with pelvis slightly tucked, weights in both hands at your sides. Curl weight, focusing on biceps. At the top, rotate wrists, so palms face away from you. Engage shoulder muscles and press weights overhead. Squeeze glutes, contract core and lock out shoulders at the top. Repeat.
  • PLANK SHOULDER TAPS: Assume plank position with legs wide. Lift right hand to left shoulder, left hand to right shoulder. Repeat. Keep glutes, quads and lower abs contracted. Press through feet to keep body from moving back and forth.
  • BOAT POSE PUNCHES: Assume boat pose, pelvis slightly tucked, core engaged. With weights in hand (go for slightly less weight), twist, using the obliques, from side to side, ‘punching’ the weights out with each turn.
  • MT. CLIMBERS: Assume hand plank position, core tight, pelvis tucked, glutes & quads engaged. Drive knees up, alternating, towards your elbows. Keep butt down and pelvis tucked.

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Linking up for Wild Workout Wednesday!

How was your weekend?! Mine was super busy, but really good. Friday, I worked from home in the afternoon, after a morning of not feeling good. My allergies are crazy lately, resulting in a headache and overall ‘blah’ feeling. I cut out of work a little early and The Hubs, Oscar and I went to his parents house for dinner, where we ate such tasty food and watched the 3rd Divergent movie. It was surprisingly good, after a not so great second movie. And because The Hubs hadn’t seen the last Hunger Games, we watched that too!

Saturday, I walked the dog, taught my class, made a smoothie, showered and drove an hour south to meet my cousin for coffee. After coffee, I made a Trader Joe’s run, came home to make lunch, changed clothes, walked the dog while talking to a gal more about being a personal trainer, followed a call with a gal interested in doing Precision. I had about 30 minutes, in which I showered, straightened my hair and went on a small walk with Oscar. Then, we left for dinner with one of The Hubs’ friends. Took the pup on another walk when we got home, made brownies, watched a little bit of TV and then feel asleep! It was a long day! Sunday was a morning walk, food prep, walk/run on a trail park near our place, dinner, another dog walk, nail painting and relaxing!

To say it was busy is an understatement! Luckily, my week isn’t too crazy. And this coming weekend is our last ‘free’/no real plans weekend for a little over a month! The week after starts Oscar training, subbing more classes, girls weekends, town events and husband’s birthday! The Hubs and I are planning on savoring every minute!

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So, tell me:

What is your favorite move in this arms and abs stacked workout?
What did you do this weekend?!



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