When priorities shift, you must adjust. Check out this life update and find what priorities shifted and what I’m doing about it.

When priorities shift, you must adjust. | Burpees for Breakfast

Priority Shifts & Seasons of Life

Hi Friends! Happy Friday! We have THE WHOLE WEEKEND OFF, with nothing to do! I can’t wait!!

Grab your coffee and settle in for a longer post/life update.

I’m taking a break from blogging.

This has been a couple weeks coming. I planned to share last week, but work was crazy and I honestly didn’t feel like finishing my post. Earlier in the week, I started typing it as a ‘If We Were Having Coffee…’ post, but I realized it’s probably better to just start it off with big news and then explain. That’s what I would want.

Then I wrote most of it out on Monday…only to have Word crash on me and my work go unsaved. I absolutely loathe PC’s and Windows. Mac user all the way.  So, I am writing (hopefully) safely from Evernote, attempting to remember all the good stuff I had written out.


Priorities have been on the brain alot lately. If you remember, back in late February, I realized I wasn’t fulfilled in my fitness business. I took a deep look into what I really wanted and came back to the passion I’d had all along: nutrition. Priorities shifted from hustling and girlboss-ing to looking for a full-time job. When I landed one, the Type-A in me thought that I could continue to train a few clients, teach a couple classes, maybe take on a nutrition client and keep up with blogging. My body thought different, as a bout of adrenal fatigue had me saying ‘NO’ without my fight.

I’ve said it before, I tend do think I can do all the things, all the time, fairly easily. I’d done it before in the past…sometimes, without much issue. It’s what I ‘used to’ do. Why not now? First, the classes went, then I told my 2 clients I couldn’t train them anymore because I wanted to recover from adrenal fatigue (not lying here). Plus, I wan’t giving them the 100% they deserved. My nights became more relaxed. I felt less stress and pressure to BE all the things.

In early July, I spent 4 days without access to the Internet…and it was glorious. I as a bit nervous, mind you, but to be disconnected brought so much clarity. When I got back, my push to post on social media slowly went away. Last week, I only posted on Instagram 3 times. 3 TIMES!! At one point, I was posting 3 times A DAY! I also slacked a little bit with blogging too. One week, I only posted twice and last week, once. Once!!!

The thing is, I like it. I like not doing things. I like not being busy. I like not hustling. I like not caring if my Instagram followers are growing. I like not worrying if my blog views are going up. I like not worrying if this post is SEO friendly or easy to read. I like not having to come up with new blog ideas or get posts written, when I’d rather be doing other things, like binge watching How I Met Your Mother with my Hubs for the second time this year!

On Sunday, I spent an hour talking with The Hubs and his dad, at our local coffee shop. Then spent an hour walking/running with The Hubs and Oscar. Yes, I had to finish my Monday post, but it wasn’t like I had to cut my time short, in order to get other work done. I was able to be present and enjoy my time.


Seasons of life have been on my brain alot lately as well. I firmly believe in embracing the season. My different one’s have all taught me so much. I feel like I’m supposed to be in a season of not doing things. Like, not matter how hard I tried to do an extra thing, in addition to my full-time job, I ended up cutting it out or cutting back. I know now, more than ever, that going back to school to study nutrition is where I want to be. And, obviously, part of me wants to do it all NOW. I’ve thought of starting a side hustle back up on more than one occasion. Then I’m realize – UH, YOU JUST TOOK A FULL-TIME JOB SO YOU DIDN’T HAVE TO HUSTLE. ANNNND, YOU ARE CUTTING OUT ALL YOUR EXTRA THINGS BECAUSE YOU WANT MORE FREEDOM! Jeez. The overachiever in me just won’t quit sometimes!

I know that in the future, I might not be able to just have 1 job and nothing else. That, life could be so busy that I won’t be able to enjoy random long walk/runs with my Hubs and our pup. That I might not be able to sip on iced coffee and talk to my father in law for a random hour. So, I want to enjoy it now.

Admittedly, I was a little nervous to fully accept that I was going to scale back the blog. I’ve been working for a while to grow it and to cut back might not mean that growth that I want. But along with my priority shift came a desire to do more with the blog. To share different things. To rebrand. I love sharing workouts, don’t get me wrong. And recipes, even though I think I have a long way to go before I can be a legit ‘food blogger‘…mostly in terms of my photography. But I want more. I like writing about self-care and listening to your body. About stress management and wellness. I feel a little boxed in by the name Burpees for Breakfast, to be honest. To be labeled a ‘fitness blogger’. I just want to add more to this space and I feel that I need to take a bit of a break, in order to make it into what I want it to be, ya know. Fresh eyes.

Moving Forward.

What will this mean then, moving forward? Well, you will still get your burpees for breakfast fix every Monday for the Inspired To Be Fit link-up. Now, I did just say that I don’t love always sharing workouts, but for the purpose of keeping with the link-up, updating some old posts AND not putting a ton of pressure on myself to come up with new and exciting workouts each week, I’ll be digging back into the archives. I have a list of older workouts that were originally posted with not-so pretty graphics…and all lower case letters. Those will get a fresh look, thanks to my seester, as my photographer. Promise time with her #furnephew and she will do just about anything. heh.

So, you’ll get either workouts or fitness related things from me every Monday. Other posts will be sporadic, so keep your eyes peeled.

I’ve been enjoying sharing some ‘real talk’ on Instagram and my newsletter lately, so when the mood strikes, I’ll likely share some thoughts via those channels. I’m not going to promise consistency, here, because I don’t want to feel guilty if I don’t follow through. If you want to make sure you don’t miss anything, follow me on Instagram and subscribe to the newsletter.

I’ll still be ‘present’ on social channels, sharing past posts, pinning new things. I’m not going away completely, just less frequently and less strict.

So, we have a totally free weekend. And we are going to take advantage of it and relax! We have a few fun things planned – walk the canal, make homemade sushi and pizza…and pancakes. I want to paint my nails too. Eekkk, just can’t wait!

So, tell me:

How do you deal with priority shifts and changes in seasons?
What are you up to this weekend?