prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! Check out some of my favorite pieces that are perfect for just about any wardrobe.

prAna Fall Style pieces are now available | Burpees for Breakfast

prAna Fall Style Favorites for any Wardrobe

Disclaimer:  I was provided two pieces from prAna, through my partnership with Fit Approach, in exchange for an honest review. All opinions, as always, are my own!

Hi Y’all!

Happy (Fashion) Friday!

If I had to pick, fall is hands-down my absolute favorite season of the year – and my birthday is in December. I love the weather. I love the drinks (I’m not the biggest fan of PSL, sorry) and food…and candy corn. I love the smells and feelings. I love the fashion. I want fall to be here, now! I was even more ready when my package from prAna in the mail last week.  I’ve been gushing over some of the new prAna Fall Style piece and dreaming of fall.

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thumb_IMG_2023_1024 (1) prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! | Burpees for BreakfastI wanted to make this more of a ‘fashion blogger’ post, as opposed to a simple, here is what I got and here is how I liked it post. Posing for photos is way harder than most fashion bloggers make it look, amiright? Maybe you just need the right photographer to capture the right shots, at the right angles? I know she isn’t technically a fashion blogger, but I try to channel my inner Julie Bauer from PaleOMG when I do a fashion photo for the blog or insta. Thanks to The Hubs for playing for photographer. Oscar did pretty well during this shoot, but it’s clear he pretty much hates having his picture taken. Which is not good, because his mom is a blogger and instagrammer!!

Okay, let’s see the prAna Fall Style Picks…

The Lucia Sweater

As soon as I saw The Lucia Sweater, I was IN LOVE. This looked like the perfect, warm fall sweater. Plus, funnel neck AND buttons! I chose gray because as much as I love color, sometimes neutral basics are needed. This sweater is SO warm. It’s made from recycled wool blend with brushed polyester back.

thumb_IMG_2036_1024 (1)It is slightly itchy, but as to be expected with wool; it’s nothing too outrageous. If I had to choose a size again, I’d probably go for a medium. The sweater fits pretty perfectly, but with chunky fall sweaters, I like them to be a bit more over-sized. I do love that the sweater will pair nicely with leggings or skinny jeans. Or, even as a pull over for weekends at home, when my husband doesn’t turn the heat on very high. Yesterday, I worked from home and wore this baby ALL DAY, it was so cold in our office! It also goes quite well with the Kara Jean.

prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! | Burpees for BreakfastThe Kara Jean

It’s been a hot minute since I owned a pair of colored denim. Probably not since my days of working at LOFT. I decided it was high time to add some to my wardrobe. I knew The Kara Jean would be perfect for my long sleeve chambray and grey tanks. I definitely have a more minimalistic style, the older I get. I still like funky pieces and I’m not afraid of pattern, but I also love simple.

thumb_IMG_2059_1024 (1) prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! | Burpees for Breakfast

As with most bottoms, these did not fit as well as I’d hoped. I’ve said it before, pants will be super tight on my quads and calves, but huge around the waist #quadzilla! The Kara Jean is low cut, so there was much less material, which means I just need a belt. I wasn’t a fan when I put them on the first time, but after some wiggling, squats and lunges, they felt better. Honestly, the fit isn’t my favorite and I don’t necessarily think sizing up would have helped much. They do stretch out just a bit after a some time. I’m actually wearing them today, Friday, so be sure to check out Insta Stories to see how I styled them! The fabric is great – super light and breathable, made from 79% Organic Cotton / 19% Polyester / 2% Spandex. And the color is so versatile and perfect for fall!

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What I do love about these pieces is that they can fit in with nearly every wardrobe, unless you happen to live in a very hot climate, then I probably would not recommend the Lucia Sweater. The Kara Jean will be great! I’m working on creating a capsule wardrobe for fall/winter and they pieces fit in perfectly! They are great versatile pieces, that are quality made and so cute.

thumb_IMG_2048_1024 (1) prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! | Burpees for Breakfast

prAna Fall Style Discounts

Want to try out these items or other pieces from the prAna Fall Style Look Book? prAna is giving a 15% discount to Burpees for Breakfast readers by using code: PFS16BFB. Enter this code at checkout!

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prAna Fall Style pieces are now available! | Burpees for BreakfastLOOK AT THAT FACE!
Anyone else pumped for the weekend? I always am, but tomorrow, we have a a fun 5 course meal on the causeway just down the street from our apartment. I get to wear a cute dress from Stitch Fix (<– affiliate link) and enjoy the night! Can’t wait. It is however, supposed to rain, so we will see how that goes. Check out Instragram (and, especially Stories) to see how it goes!

So, tell me:

Have you checked out the new prAna Fall Style pieces yet? Do you have a favorite?
What are your weekend plans?!