If we were having a coffee date this morning, I’d tell you all kinds of things and I’d be so bloody excited to hear what is going on in your life. Grab a warm bevvy and let’s get started!

If we were having a coffee date this morning | Burpees for Breakfast

If We Were Having A Coffee Date…

Hi! Happy Monday! How are you? Like, really? How are you? I’ve been missing the blog and YOU way much the past few days and yesterday (Sunday), I realized I had so many updates to share. So, what better way to do that then with a coffee date.

Now, I’d obviously ask you how your life is going before blabbing on about myself, but since we technically are not having a coffee date face to face, I’ll just go first and you can share your life update in the comments? Sound like a plan?!

If we were having a coffee date, I’d tell you…

Instead of just a black coffee, I ordered a latte. Too often, I just go for black or iced coffee because I like it and it’s cheap. AND not every place always carries non-dairy milk. But, I was craving a latte, so I ordered it. A non-dairy English Toffee Latte, a little extra foam, like I did on Sunday (and they made 2 on accident, so I had 1.5 tall latte’s!).

I just don’t know if I can ever really give up coffee. I know with a history of adrenal fatigue and such, I should probbaly limit my consumption, but the comfort that coffee brings is just so good. Since the adrenal fatigue, I’ve been taking my coffee like a lightweight: half coffee, half water. In the end, even if I have 2 mugs at work, it only equals out to 1 cup, really.

The weekend was jam packed! On Friday, I met with a local studio owner that I met earlier this year to talk about a class I’m going to be doing. We met a couple weeks ago just to catch up and she mentioned she wanted me to be a part of the studio in some capacity. I’d been wanting to teach a mind-body HIIT class for a while now and she agreed it was a great idea. In December, we are holding a few free classes on the weekend, offering a holiday discount and the starting up in January. People can choose from a 4, 8 or 12 week package. It’s going to be a 45 minute class that combines” mobility, mindset work and a 20-25 minute HIIT workout. I’m pretty pumped. If you are local, make sure to come out!

Saturday, I subbed a class (taught the format above), grabbed a quick breakfast with the In-Laws and the Hubs, then went to my mom’s house to help her set up for a photoshoot. I’ve mentioned before that she has an Etsy shop, where she makes RIDICULOUSLY amazing home decor. In the past few weeks, I’ve been helping her with business and social media things. She has a craft show on Saturday and needed to take some shots of her new pieces for the Etsy shop. So, I helped set up and then stayed to help the photographer. She just added some of the photos to her shop. Be sure to check it out!

After helping her out, I ran by Target, Home Goods and TJ Maxx. I’ve been on a bit of a decorating spree, so I picked up a few things for the house. Then I redecorated and cleaned for a few hours, before settling in for a couple episodes of Gilmore Girls. The evening ended with not 1, but 2 games of LASER TAG! Y’all, I’d never been before and it was so freaking fun. Except for this not cool kid that just came to find me throughout the game and kill me. Like, I would recharge at base and he was there to kill me. I did NOT like him.

Sunday, we slept in a bit and then had a brunch date with a friend at our local coffee shop. I organized the house a little more and cleaned up. Just before heading to the grocery store, the In-Laws called us. They are going on a 2 week train trip to AZ and the Grand Canyon, but they left all their travel papers at home. So, the Hubs and I drove the papers to them in Indy and they took us for dinner at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. I’d never been before and it was SERIOUSLY one of the best meals I’ve ever had. I didn’t get the steak, but I tried a bit of the Hubs. All the food was just so good! We got home around 8:30 and after getting ready for work today, I started in on this post! Whew!

I miss the blog. A few months ago, I decided I needed to take a break from the blog. This year has just been so much more interesting than I would have imagined. So, I took some time off, cut back on some posts, reevaluated my reasons for blogging and what I wanted for the future. About a month and a half ago, I thought up a new blog name. If you caught my Instagram stories, you saw a few photos. The name came to me as I was trying to fall asleep and the Hubs and Mom approved. I moved forward with picking out new colors and such. I got so far as to buy the domain name, set up WP and start adding some posts from this blog, to the new one. About 3 weeks ago now, I was doing work on the new site, reading through some old posts, when I realized, I DON’T WANT A NEW BLOG! I brushed it off a bit, thinking I was just nervous or something, but Monday morning, I popped in my headphones to listen to a podcast and I had ANOTHER freakout. I realized right there, that I wasn’t ready to give up Burpees for Breakfast.

So, I decided it was time for a rebranding refresh, which is what I’m curretly in the middle of. I’m hoping to be done in a couple weeks and share a post to reveal what’s been updated. Nothing major, so don’t worry!

I’m excited to start blogging again. I’ve had post ideas written down for months and I just haven’t moved forward with anything. But, I’m ready. Even though not everything is done for the update, I’m ready to start writing again. I’m planning on 2 posts per week for now, then moving back to 3 in 2017!

Uh, it’s almost 2017. Life seriously goes by so much faster the older you get. Two weeks ago on Wednesday, it was a little gloomy and blah outside, so I listened to Christmas music on the way to work. Just one album. Then I listed on Thursday…and Friday…and a couple days last week! Yak! I know. I used to be so strict with my Christmas music listening, but I just needed it! However, since Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away, I’m attempting to hold out until Black Friday.

Gilmore Girls Revival. Friends, I can’t even wait for Black Friday because it means the new Gilmore Girls! I’ve been watching the old episodes for a few months and I’m up to season 6, which means, I should be finished and ready for the new episodes!

Speaking of shows, are you watching This Is Us? I LOVE it! It reminds me of Parenthood, a little bit. It’s got the same ‘this-show-is-so-good-it-makes-me-want-to-cry-at-some-point-in-almost-every-episode’ thing going on. It’s the only show I look forward to watching every week. It’s just so good. Can’t wait for the holiday episodes!

We’ve been doing some decorating over the past few weeks. The apartment is starting to feel like home for the first time in almost 2 years. I’m not one to spend money on home decor – I never really saw the point and I don’t love spending money. However, it’s the home decor that makes it feel like home! Hah. We built a small half wall in our big office. The Hubs moved is computer and desk into the smaller office, so our living room is now an actual living room with shelves and a couch and a TV. Now, I just need my mama to make me some wall decor and to help me finish up decorating!

I’m back to the workout grind…and enjoying it. Remember when I took some time off working out? Well, lately, my body HASbeen feeling it. I usually get in 3 days each week, pretty well and then Friday – Sunday are a big iffy. I don’t really have any big goals right now, other than to just enjoy working out.

The Hubs said he is going to start working out WITH ME. He’s been taking a workout break for months! He goes though big stretches where he either likes to workout or just doesn’t do anything at all. He mentioned wanting to start back up again and agreed to start with me, since I don’t usually spent more than 30 minutes in the gym these days. Today is supposed to be the first day, so be sure to check Instagram to see if he made it!

Speaking of Instagram, my handle changed, AGAIN. I know, I know. Changing that handle affects so many things. A couple months ago. I switched from burpeesforbreakfast to jen.lauren.elliott. It was during the time that I was sure I wanted a blog name change and just needed a break from burpeesforbreakfast. The Hubs told me I was crazy for switching and within a day, the handle was taken (by a great gal, though). So, I kept the jen.lauren.elliott handle. Then when I decided to keep the blog name, I knew I needed to change Insta back soon or just stick with what I had. Since I’m burpees4bfast on Pinterest and Twitter, I just went with that. Then it’s fairly consistent across all social platforms. So, if you aren’t already, follow on Insta at burpees4bfast! I’m excited to get back into posting more frequently!

Oscar is just the best. When we first met him, I honestly wasn’t so sure he’d be a good fit for us. Now, I don’t know what we would do without him. If The Hubs and I leave the house together, even if we are gone 10 minutes getting coffee, he acts like he hasn’t seen us in months when we walk in the door. He loves walks, still doesnt’ bark (unless The Hubs gets him too excited), is obessed with peanut butter and is so chill. He does shed like it’s his job though. He’s broken the habit of sleeping on our bed all night and usually moves to the couch. I got him a bed over the weekend, in hopes that he would start laying on it, instead of the furniture. He did lay in it a few times over the weekend, but he’s on the bed while writing this post, even though the bed is next to me on the floor! Either way, we love his pup! And, the Hubs loves him SO much. Like cradles him and spoils him more than me! Hah.

I’ve been journalling alot and I love it. I have a blog post in the works about journalling.

I’ve also been hand lettering and I love it! I’m still practicing with brush pens, but it’s so relaxing and fun.

I’m working on a capsule wardrobe still, slowly picking out pieces. I got these wide leg, high waisted jeans from Target this weekend and I’m still debating whether or not to keep them. The Hubs hates them, because they are wide leg, but what does he know?!

The Hubs told me I made the best soup ever last week – and it was a soup I tossed together, hoping it would taste okay! I’ve been on a soup/chili kick for the past 2 weeks and I just can’t quit. Dinner has been SO EASY and stress free and I love it. I’m hoping to share my chili and the ‘best soup ever’ recipe in the next couple weeks! Any good recipes I should be trying?

Speaking of recipes, I got bananas on sale and have 2 bunches that needed to be used up like, 2 days ago. Do I make bread? Muffins? What? I’ve been making a batch of Kat’s Blueberry Banana Muffins for the past few weeks, adding carrot/apple instead of blubs and freezing them to have for work lunches/snacks. Maybe I should just make like 5 batches?!

What do you want to see on the blog? Any posts or topics you want me to cover?

Finally, tell me of YOUR LIFE! What is going on? How are you doing? Any good pumpkin recipes I need to try?

So, tell me:

Have you listened to Christmas music yet?
How did your weekend go?