Homemade chili made pretty! Last week, I shared one of my favorite Beer Chili Recipes with 7 Simple Ingredients. Today, we are talking toppings! Check out these 3 creative ways to dress up your homemade chili!

Homemade chili made pretty!  | Burpees for Breakfast

3 Creative Ways to Dress Up Homemade Chili


Happy Wednesday (happy last day of going into the office this week!)! How the heck are you? Second post of the week and I’m so pumped! Today, we are talking 3 of my favorite ways to dress up homemade chili. Last week, I shared one of my favorites – Beer Chili with 7 Simple Ingredients, which is the PERFECT homemade chili to use!

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Now, my absolute favorite favorite favorite way to eat chili is with a big spoonful of peanut butter. I honestly don’t remember how I started eating my chili this way, but it’s seriously, amazing. Everyone turns up their nose at me when I suggest it and The Hubby has been the only one that actually tried it. He then proceeded to tell me that it was, in fact, amazing. Wives are always right. Remember that.

So, let’s start with that one. I’m not even going to put a recipe card in for this one. All you need is a bowl of chili and a scoop of peanut butter. Personally, I like a creamy. Almond butter works okay, but it’s just not the same as a creamy peanut butter. The PB melts and swirls into the homemade chili. It’s like heaven!

Homemade chili made pretty!  | Burpees for BreakfastAVOCADO & EGG

Next up, egg and avocado. There are a few foods that make everything taste amazing. Bacon is one, nut butter is another, as well as egg and avocado. Amiright or amiright? Again, no recipe card. Crack an egg (or two) into a pan with a little oil. Scramble up and add to a warm bowl of homemade chili. Half an avocado, slice, scoop out and top.

Homemade chili made pretty!  | Burpees for BreakfastCORNBREAD & HONEY

The final option is a classic and a favorite of The Hubs. A huge slice of gluten-free/dairy-free corn bread with a little too much honey. If the cornbread is warm, it soaks up the honey and delivers this salty sweet combo that is perfection, along with the spice from the homemade chili.

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Plantain Fries: It was just too tough to photograph a bowl with plantain fries and I mostly blame it on the light and when it gets dark outside. Adding plantains is definitely on my Top 5 list. Take a green plantain, peel, season and pop in a 400 degree oven for 15 – 20 minutes, flipping halfway through. Once soft and slightly browned, add to the bowl of chili. Use in place of crackers.

White Rice: At one point, I’d layer a bowl with a little white rice and a few spoonfuls of chili. Warm it up, then top with an egg and avocado. Talk about filling! This is still a tasty way to enjoy chili and makes it last a big longer as well!

Hope you all get to try this chili out, along with one of these creative toppings. Now, keep in mind, it also works with store bought chili, but homemade chili just has a special place in my heart. So warm and cozy and perfect for fall/winter.

So, tell me:

What are your favorite chili toppings?
Have you tried chili + peanut butter?